How to Pronounce Kratom

  • There has been an ongoing debate on how to pronounce the word ‘Kratom.’ Some people say the ‘A’ sound should be pronounced in long-form as in “fake.” Others prefer the short sound as in “cat.”
  • There have been even new variations claiming to be the natural way of pronunciation. Anyway, you have to marvel at the beauty of our diversities.
  • The world is filled with so many languages and accents, making pronunciation a diverse and varying matter as you move from place to place. For instance, American and British English is just English.
  • People from the two countries communicate and understand each other correctly.

Therefore, pronunciation is usually a matter of debate and can be subject to alterations as you move from one region to another.

What is Kratom?

Its scientific name is Mitrgyna speciosa. It is an evergreen tropical tree belonging to the coffee family and grows natively in Southeast Asia.

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Kratom is indigenous to:

  • Malaysia
  • Thailand
  • Myanmar
  • Indonesia
  • Papua New Guinea

People in these countries have been using it since the nineteenth century as traditional medicine. It is famed for its stimulating effect and opioid characteristics. There has been limited research to prove these properties though lately, it has been attracting a lot of attention.

To date, the Food and Drug Administration is yet to approve Kratom as safe and effective. It seems we will have to wait for a while for the therapeutic properties to be authenticated. So far, the research has been uncoordinated and inconclusive.

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What Is the Most Acceptable Way to Pronounce Kratom?

  • As with every trending thing, Kratom was bound to attract significant attention once people came across it. The cause of disagreement centers on how to pronounce the A sounds, whether to stretch the alphabet sound or make it short.
  • Many people opt for the “Kray-tom,” while a few people use the “Kra-tom” pronunciation. When it comes to native pronunciation, you will notice a slight deviation. This is due in part to the influence of the local dialect.
  • When locals pronounce it, it sounds like the “R” sound is silenced. The word will look like ketum or key tum. The pronunciation varies according to the speed of an individual speech.

This way of pronunciation is commonly found among the Thai and Malaysian people. I have also come to notice that an individual’s speed of speech has an impact on how the word is pronounced.

The main ways of pronunciation narrow down to three main categories.

  • How those speaking American English pronounce it.
  • How British English speakers pronounce it.
  • How you will hear the natives and locals pronounce it.

American English tends to be influenced by a lot of slang. They also have relatively slower speech speed. Because of this reason, the kratom version is more common in the pronunciation of Kratom.

British English, on the other hand, is official with few slanging. They also have faster speech speeds. In this instance, Kra-tom is the more acceptable pronunciation. Interestingly, the local dialect favors the British pronunciation version. You are likely to come across Krah-tom and kra-tom versions.

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The bottom line

Kratom is a borrowed word. Only the native can claim the correct pronunciation. There is no “correct” pronunciation that will be suitable for everyone. We all have different accents and preferences when it comes to pronouncing words.

Kra-tom is the simplest way to pronounce the word Kratom since it is simple and straightforward. If you have already come across the word and you are already used to another form of pronunciation, do not fret. Kratom is not an English word, so kray-tom or Kra-tom, you are right whichever the case.