Most people at one point of their lives have suffered sinus pain and most of those recovered without taking prescribed medicines. Sinus pain can be healed by various natural remedies including the use of Kratom. The natural medications can relieve the pain whether caused by sinus infection, allergies or cold.
Sinuses are defined as the empty pockets found in the bones which surround the nose. Sinuses are responsible for producing mucus which later drains then gets into the nose. When the nose either swells from inflammation, the sinuses can block as a result and lead to the pain of the sinuses, post-nasal drip and congestion or even at extremes cause facial and tooth pain.
Kratom has been known to heal inflammations as well has been used for killing the even chronic pain. Therefore, from its effects of dealing with pain, Kratom qualifies as one of the natural remedies to use to cure sinus pain.

How to use kratom properly for sinus pain relief

Anyone who has suffered sinus headaches and especially recurring ones know what it means to watch out for the natural and most effective form of treatment.
Among the symptoms that come with sinuses are intense pressure especially around the forehead, cheeks and eyes and this cause much discomfort. Kratom is a natural remedy highly recommended for use by patients suffering from recurring sinus pain.
However, there are guidelines on how to properly use kratom to get the benefit. The factors to consider include:

1. Know which strain is best for use

Every Kratom strain is a pain reliever, but then there are some which are more potent. When dealing with chronic pains, Maeng Da and Red Bali are the best strains to use. The two are analgesia hence create numbness hence the soothing effect that calms the discomfort and pain.

2. The right doses to use

When the right strain is taken as it should be, it can relieve the sinus pain even when severe. Always remember Kratom treatment should always begin with the small amount. The dosage is the increased gradually till the body dictates the best dosage to use.
There are the recommended strains to use for relieving sinus pain, and their dosages are as below:
  • White Maeng Da strain of Kratom – the strain should be taken 3 grams to 7 grams. With this strain, keep in mind that taken doses above 7 grams may lead to intense sedation.
  • Red Maeng Da strain of Kratom or Maeng Da strain – should be taken 1gram to 5 grams.
  • Red Bali strain of Kratom – it should be taken 2grams to 6grams.
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Use of kratom as a spray to decongest the nose

Nasal decongestant sprays use for easing the sinus swelling. The spray as well breaks the mucus clogging the passage alleviating the inflammation. Decongestant sprays also used in cases where the blood vessels inside your nose enlarge which also lead to sinus pain to get them back to standard size.
The enlargement of blood vessels results from increased blood flow which comes from the effort of the brain to deal with the irritation from the cold. The decongestant can also be made from home using natural ingredients. Kratom forms part of the homemade decongestant spray.
  • To make the homemade spray, you need 8 glasses of lukewarm sterilized water, ½ teaspoon kratom paste or powder.
  • Mix the two ingredients then spray that mixture inside the sharp nose for relief.
  • You can as well inhale the kratom by putting Kratom leaves in boiling water then inhaling it. Kratom has some menthol effects which drugs used for unblocking nostrils are equipped with.
  • As you inhale, ensure you inhale the correct dosage, and it should be done around 3 times daily.

How to make Kratom steam for use as sinus pain relief

Using warm steam with kratom added to it can bring some relaxation to that intense sinus pain. Kratom as earlier stated has the menthol effects which aid in unclogging nostrils. To make the steam, you can either use kratom paste, powder or those fresh leaves from the tree direct. To prepare the steam you will need:
  • A preferred form of Kratom either paste, powder or leaves
  • Boiling water
Put the preferred form of Kratom in a basin then add to it the boiling water. Afterward, mix the ingredients to form a mixture. Inhale the mixture’s steam and for best results use it three times daily.

Kratom Tea for Nose Decongestion

Kratom can be taken in various numbers of ways including making tea from the powder. The drink could be either pure Kratom tea or using it alongside other beverages. This is among the most aesthetically pleasing and soothing way to ease sinus pain.

When to seek medical advice with sinuses

Sinus pain can be treated using over-the-counter medications, but there are some symptoms once noted, there is a need to seek medical advice. Below are the significant signs that when noted medical advice should be sought immediately:
  • Fever – This though not among the typical sinus pain symptoms, it is possible to experience such which could be resulting from an underlying condition that is leading to chronic infection. Such as case calls for special treatment.
  • Facial pain
  • Congestion
  • Nasal discharge
  • Persistent vomiting and nausea
  • Weakness and numbness
  • Green or yellow mucus discharge
All the symptoms as mentioned above should have lasted for 10 days plus or a case where the signs go low for some time then come back after sometime.


Kratom is known for its many properties which help in naturally treating pain. The features in kratom plus the various methods mentioned above if used well and in the right dosage can be of great help to easing sinus pain while decongesting the noses. When used alongside other natural remedies, this is the best way to fight sinus pain. As previously said the key thing to keep in mind when using kratom is to maintain the right dosage for your body and to use the right strains recommended for the sinuses pain. With all that adhered to, you get back to breathing generally with no discomfort.