Unless you are new to the Kratom world, you already know the many advantages of using Kratom. But what seems to be bothering people is how they can store their Kratom.

  • No one loves to waste their money purchasing Kratom that can go bad after just a few days. Also, going to the shop now and then is quite of a hustle.
  • If you are a new Kratom user, you are probably wondering where and how you can begin storing Kratom. But don’t to worry.
  • If you prefer taking Kratom in tea form, here are some suggestions on how you can begin storing your pre-brewed Kratom tea the right way.

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Storing Pre-Brewed Tea

  • An essential factor to remember is that you can only store brewed Kratom for not more than seven days.
  • Nevertheless here are crucial tips for storing your Kratom tea.

Keep It Cool

  • To maintain its freshness, you should store Kratom in a cool place.
  • The alkaloids which are the active ingredients in Kratom degrades when exposed to heat. You can use your refrigerator to keep your Kratom fresh.
  • But in case you don’t have one, you should put it in places that are far away from heat. Like a drawer for instance. Another tip is to store in a place with no windows.
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Store Your Tea in a Sealed Container

  • Like any organically produced items, Kratom is affected by oxidation. Brew your tea and pour it into containers.
  • Ensure that you tightly seal your container regardless of the room that you choose to store it in.
  • Also, it is advisable that you use plastic containers for storage of your brewed tea because liquids expand when they freeze.
  • A plastic bottle can accommodate the expansion just fine. Ensure that you leave some space empty after pouring your brewed Kratom tea so that the container does not explode.

The above tips are for users who are storing their Kratom for a short period.

  • However, for long-term storage like three months or one year here is how to go about it.

• Use vacuumed sealed bags

  • Oxidation like earlier mentioned can cause Kratom tea to lose its effectiveness.
  • Just putting in a sealed container won’t do. The same should be done to prevent Kratom powder from going bad.
  • If you don’t have vacuum sealed bags, you can use your plastic bags.
  • Make sure that you remove all the air from each bag. You can use a vacuum sealing device or a straw to suck air from the bags.
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• Purchase a mini freezer

  • If you are serious about long-term storage of Kratom, then a mini freezer can go a long way. Why not use a refrigerator instead?
  • You store your food in your fridge and mixing Kratom with food is not such a good idea.
  • Plus, when freezing, you would not be forced to thaw out the powder before taking it.
  • As usual use freezing bags that have been vacuum sealed as it will provide double protection from mold.

Use the source to determine how long to store your Kratom

  • Even the manufacturers preserve Kratom to prevent the powder from going bad. Whether you are a supplier or a consumer you should find out the period with which the Kratom had stored before you purchased it, then you can determine how long you are going to store it.
  • Why is this necessary? Imagine that the Kratom powder has been stored for seven months then you store it another seven months, chances are it is likely to go bad no matter your storage efforts.

• Keep Kratom dry at all times

  • These tips are for Kratom powder users. You should not only keep Kratom out of places where it can get in contact with liquids but also all the damp and humid places such as the basements too.
  • This is because mold tends to grow in these areas.
Important Factors To Consider When Preserving Kratom

To benefit from the Kratom plant you need to ensure that you keep it fresh.

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  • Carefully selecting the right place for storage of the pre-brewed tea or powder can help prevent it from transforming into something else.
  • Another thing to remember is that oxidation and humidity are your Kratom’s worst enemy.
  • Keep the air as far from air and humid as possible. Also, long-term storage is equally important when it comes to discussing Kratom.
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