Kratom preservation is a critical matter amidst Kratom users. Whether you are a newbie to Kratom or a pro, you should always ensure that your Kratom is preserved well. But, how do you preserve Kratom? Most manufacturers will always advise that you store it in a cool and dry place, but that won’t be enough. This article will bring to your attention, essential factors that you need to consider when preserving your Kratom. There is nothing that is as discouraging as losing your useful Kratom due to inadequate preservation methods.
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Can Kratom Containers be of Any Help?

Yes, they can significantly extend the shelf life of your Kratom and prevent it from contamination. Remember, you shouldn’t just store your Kratom in any container. The container should preferably be sealed at all times and made of glass or plastic.

Did you know that a single drop of water of water on your Kratom can ruin it? Water is the number one enemy of Kratom. Once it’s exposed to water and left unused for a while, mold begins growing inside the container. And that means that you can say bye bye to your stash. If you have always wondered if Kratom goes bad in water, then there you have it.

10 Ways to Preserve Your Kratom from Moisture.

Always ensure that before you place it in the container, the Kratom is dry. You can also put it in a Ziploc bag for utmost safety and then place it in an airtight jar. Don’t forget to label the container with the date of purchases. If you are the kind of person who fancies buying this great herb in bulk, then always keep track of the oldest strain in your stash. This way you can begin using the ones that you purchased first before they lose potency.

What Happens When Kratom Goes Bad?

This is a question that most people usually ask themselves whenever they think about Kratom preservation. First and foremost, Kratom only goes bad when it is preserved in the wrong environment. Because it contains mitragynine, if this alkaloid exposed to some unwanted substances, then it makes the Kratom lose its effectiveness. When the Kratom goes bad, you will be unable to enjoy its benefits fully. For instance, if the strain you use gives you euphoric or relaxation effects. Then the impact won’t be as it usually is depending on the extent unto which the Kratom has contaminated. There may be no effects at all.

How Can You Store Kratom?

If you intend on storing Kratom, then you need to kick your preservation tactics a notch higher. Because the longer Kratom is stored, the more likely it is to go bad or lose potency. Here are some tips on storing Kratom for both long and short term.

Invest in A set of Apothecary Bottles

Apothecary bottles are one of the best ways for you to preserve Kratom for the longest time possible. These bottles are excellent at locking away moisture and heat. Moreover, apothecary bottles are specifically designed for preservation.

Vacuum Sealing Can Do The Trick

Vacuum sealing can also store your Kratom for a long while. You will, however, need also to purchase a set of sealing bags. Vacuum sealers are good at preventing oxidation.

Oxygen Absorbers

These little packets are very efficient at keeping your storage bottles free from oxygen at all times. They are quite handy because you will be opening your jar from time to time. This is an additional tactic to the above storage methods.

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Freeze Your Kratom

Most Kratom users usually ask if one can freeze Kratom. Well, yes. Why not? If you have made up your mind to preserve Kratom on a long-term basis, then you are going to need a refrigerator. A refrigerator will ensure a cool, free from UV light and closed area for your Kratom. It’s also advisable that you invest in a separate freezer. This will help avoid any contamination or mix up. A small refrigerator can be adequate. It will also enable you to stock as many strains as possible. You can rest assured that not only will you prevent your stash from going bad, but you will also never run out of Kratom.

A Moisture free Cabinet

As mentioned earlier, moisture and Kratom do not work together. Moisture can cause a considerable amount of losses when exposed to Kratom. You can store your Kratom in a moisture-free locker. But, ensure that you place them in a sealed jar. And keep them away from children. A cabinet is also an excellent idea because it will keep your Kratom free from UV Light.

Keep Your Kratom Away from Strong Odors

Kratom has a unique smell of its own. During preservation, if it’s placed near things that have a strong odor, it could be contaminated. That’s why you should store your Kratom in a secluded area. It will ensure your Kratom smells fresh for the longest time possible.
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Does Kratom Lose Potency Over Time?

When preserving Kratom, it’s best that you find out, if Kratom does lose potency over time. The potency aspect is a critical factor because an ineffective Kratom strain is of no use to you. A lot of users are usually disturbed with a lot of questions like what’s the shelf life of Kratom powder, does it expire after a while? One thing that you have to know is that all organic plants, Kratom inclusive, is bound to lose potency and degrade with time as it is exposed to other elements.

However, this does not mean that you leave your Kratom laying around just anywhere. This is where the essence of preservation comes in. Maintenance plays a significant role in lengthening the shelf life of your Kratom. For example, by preventing oxidation, you are ensuring that the mitragynine does not lose its effectiveness as an analgesic/pain reliever. How good you store your Kratom determines how long its shelf life will be. If appropriately preserved, Kratom can last for a duration similar to your favorite chamomile tea powder/leaves.

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For starters, you need to keep your Kratom free from water, moisture, heat, UV rays and oxygen. These are elements that if not regulated can make your stash go bad. Buying Kratom in bulk is a great idea as long as you know how to preserve it. There are a lot of advantages that are associated with buying Kratom in large quantities such as saving up on discounts and never running out of your favorite strains. The above preservation factors can ensure that your Kratom remains fresh and potent for an extended period.