Inland Botanicals is taking the Kratom community like no other. While it may not be well known, this company has gained positive notoriety amongst users. It is unquestionably challenging to satisfy experienced Kratom consumers. Nevertheless, reputable vendors, such as Inland Botanicals, understand how to sway the public.

This brand is not only committed to providing customers with high-quality Kratom. They also offer outstanding customer service that will make you feel like a VIP each time you buy a product. With a great product lineup, Inland Botanicals have developed a legendary fanbase. They now have tens of thousands of devoted consumers who love to purchase their proprietary concoctions.

Supplement users know what they will be purchasing and how much it will cost if you have the correct information. This Inland Botanicals review digs deep into their goods, quality, pricing, and general reputation. It will assist you in finding the answers to all of your questions. So, let’s get into it!


What Are Inland Botanicals?

The Inland Botanicals is a Texas-based firm with headquarters in Corpus Christi. They have a physical store, an internet retail store, and a wholesale kratom enterprise. According to their website, their primary goal is to provide low-cost, high-quality health and wellness goods to their client base, which they unquestionably do! The firm is committed to providing the freshest, highest-quality, and healthiest products to its consumers.

Inland Botanicals is a newcomer to the market. Even though they have only been around since 2017, they have already proved themselves by being a worthy rival. All of their items get sourced from Southeast Asian sources, according to the vendor. The majority of the business gets conducted over the internet.

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The Inland Botanicals kratom website is straightforward and convenient to navigate. However, some of the fonts are challenging to read. Other than that, the visuals they employ are bright and eye-catching. Older individuals and others who do not consider themselves technologically adept can walk around and choose what they want without any difficulty. Essentially, the website is simple to navigate, and you will discover all you need in only a few taps!

The company claims to use a stringent selection procedure to ensure that its items meet their high standards. They also give lab-test findings to assist consumers in making an educated decision. There are no additives or preservatives in any of their products. This vendor obtains every Kratom sample for contamination from a third-party lab after it gets shipped. The batches get tested thoroughly to guarantee customer safety from heavy metals and salmonella.

The ever-so-famous medicinal herb gets processed into goods after being tested. On the subject of items, their website has anything from Kratom powder blends to personal care soaps.

What Products Does This Vendor Offer?

As previously said, this merchant specialized in not just Kratom but also skincare goods. The Inland Botanicals webpage features a broad range of Mitragyna and its kratom strains, many of which seem intriguing, including the usuals as well as some unusual names to tempt you to explore.

Kratom Powders

They have labeled their merchandise packs with the names of the kratom vein colors, followed by the varieties found in each vein. The firm sells five unique Kratom powders. Within each category, there are numerous strains to select from.

Yellow kratom, red kratom, green kratom, and white vein strains for Hulu Kapuas kratom, Thai kratom, Borneo kratom, Bali kratom, Maeng Da kratom, and Indo kratom are all available. They also provide mixes and trial packages where you may add your favorite strains.

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Bundled Packets

Blends are the perfect way to bring about new effects because various varieties will have effects. The mixes of Inland Botanicals are one-of-a-kind and have unusual names. The Bulgarian, Yellow Brick Road, Green Lantern, Solar Flare, and Counting Sheep are the five different mixes available. The Yellow Brick Road blend, for example, incorporates green, yellow, and gold veins to help consumers relax and feel better.

Bundled packets from Inland Botanicals can be of different strains, meaning you can get a tiny sample of several varieties or pick different ones to build a mix. You will find packets of 50 and 100 grams, as well as kilograms packs too. The 50-gram Sampler can hold up to five different strains, each weighing 10 grams.

Meanwhile, the 100-grams Sampler brings you ten. You may test four different strains of up to 250 grams each with the Kilo Assortment. If you are looking for a unique way to mix things up, this vendor is your best bet!

Skincare Products

Additionally, they have tons of skincare items in the Body Bar area, including CBD products like Palm Balm and Undress the un comfort CBD 30 ml, and so on. Hand sanitizers, body lotions, and other skincare and CBD items are available at this vendor, such as Rejuvenating Sugar Scrub, Whipped Body Lotion, Whipped Facial Butter, Renewed Youth CBD Salve, and so much more. You may look them up on the website if you are interested; however, the selection is pretty restricted.


What Will These Cost You?

The pricing applies equally to every Kratom product on Inland Botanicals’ website. Customers may test out different strains without having to worry about the expense because of the standard price. 10g, 25g, 50g, 100g, 250g, 500g, and 1kg are some of the package weights available. Sizes range from 10 grams to one kilogram, with prices ranging from $3.50 to $110.

These are somewhat acceptable pricing, and it is convenient to buy in such little volumes. It allows consumers to experiment with different strains or combinations without having to spend a lot of money. According to the website, orders worth more than $500 must be confirmed with the company beforehand.

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How Safe Are The Brand’s Products?

The firm claims that its products are additive-free and chemical-free. However, because the American Kratom Association’s GMP program has not validated the firm, we have no way of knowing if its production procedures are safe and up to code.

Rather than getting examined in a lab, each shipment of Kratom gets tested by five separate individuals. It is a less trustworthy and unethical means of determining safety and efficacy as these are two significant concerns.

Since the firm does not lab-test its goods – the merchant appears to be trustworthy. They have not made any kratom-related claims that are not true, and we can trust their word.

What Are Their Best-Sellers?

Solar Flare, White Maeng da, and the Bulgarian are among the most popular mixes and the best sellers of Inland Botanicals. All of these are available for $3.50 per ten grams and $110 for one kilo. Solar Flare is a combination of red, white, and gold Maeng Da and Elephant Kratom.

The Bulgarian is a comparable blend to Solar Flare, but it contains green Maeng Da instead of gold Maeng Da. All three of these are great individually due to their effects.

What Is Inland Botanicals’ Payment Policy?

Unless you become a frequent customer, Inland Botanicals will not take credit card payments. They provide the following options for receiving payment. eCheck, ACH, Cash, Money Order, and Cryptocurrency are just a few examples.

Similarly, clients who pay by ACH have to satisfy their debts before getting their purchase. It is because these payments take time. Otherwise, the brand appears to have the same level of faith in you as you have in it when it comes to your Kratom requirements!

Orders purchased with a credit or debit card have a $500 limit. If your order totals more than $500 and you want to pay with a credit or debit card, you can contact the company first to confirm. The costs are comparable to those found in other online stores, and the results are rather exciting, so when you weigh the cost against the benefits, it is a no-brainer!

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What Is This Vendor’s Shipping Policy?

Inland Botanicals is one of the most accommodating Kratom vendors out there when it comes to delivery. The business appears to recognize the diversity of its clients and the resulting demands. As a result, it provides you with a range of alternatives from which to pick. This vendor ships by USPS. They will let you choose from USPS’ three delivery options: First Class, Priority Mail, or Express.

They only ship to the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Even if you are not in one of these areas, it is still a good idea to double-check your local kratom regulations before purchasing it online.

Within a week after placing your order, you will receive it. Some consumers may perceive this time to be longer; however, this is also related to payment methods! If you pick a quick payment option, your item will be shipped right away!

What Is Their Return Policy?

The vendor does not have a defined return policy, and it appears that they are unwilling to accept returns. On the webpage, they state that ‘All sales are final.’ Customers can contact their returns department and demand a return owing to a change of heart or an error in ordering.

You will need to provide your order number and email address, and the online vendor will ask what you want to return. When you request an exchange or return, the shipping instructions will get mailed to you, and you may follow them to get your money back or a replacement product. Returns must get made within 30 days after purchase, and the package must be unopened and undamaged.

How Is The Customer Service Of This Brand?

Customer service gets frequently mentioned in Inland Botanicals’ favorable evaluations. The face of the company is its owners, who can be found on Facebook, Linked In, and Pinterest. The vendor engages on Reddit, where it has graciously responded to user discussions.

The company is rated 5/5 on Google Reviews; however, the rankings are because of only 12 reviews. One of them compliments Nathan, the owner, on his outstanding client care. Furthermore, the Facebook 5/5 rating is based solely on four opinions and says a lot about this vendor.

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Inland Botanicals is also known for having the best customer service of any Kratom supplier. It includes a separate website called Contact Us, where you may phone or email the firm. They guarantee that their active customer support will answer all calls and emails.

Furthermore, the firm provides on-site consulting, which is a fantastic benefit. You are welcome to visit their office and speak with a qualified herbalist and holistic health practitioner. The service only gets offered throughout the summer and spring.

Final Thoughts

Do yourself a favor and visit their website if you want to get treated like a royal. The product variety is high-quality and reasonably priced. Inland Botanical offers unique service elements that make the experience worthwhile.

All sorts of Kratom and CBD products are available at cheap rates. The firm is personable and pleasant when it comes to customer service. You will not be dissatisfied. So, head on over to their website and treat yourself with the best Kratom products!


1) Is The Brand Trustworthy?

When checking to see if the brand is trustworthy, you will have to see if the website and the payments are secure and encrypted. With Inland Botanicals, you will not have to worry about any of those. Their website is secure, and with so many payment options available, the encryption will never be of question.

2) Are The products Safe For Consumption?

The products of Inland Botanicals are not laboratory tested. Instead, five separate individuals examine them. So, the answer to this question is not as clear.

3) Why Does The Vendor Not Have Registration From AKA?

Inland Botanicals does not meet the requirements of the GMP regulations that AKA requires.

4) Are The Products Reasonably Priced?

Judging from the rates at this Kratom vendor, the products are reasonably priced and worth every buck. They also provide coupons and discounts to save you money.