Many people wonder if Kratom, a type of Asian medicine made from leaves from the mitragyna speciose tree, is legal in the United States. The answer is yes. Kratom is legal in 46 states. Only Indiana, Tennessee, Vermont and Wisconsin bar people using and selling it. Indigenous to Southeast Asia, Kratom is available in stores throughout the United States as a liquid, powder, capsule or tablet. But there remains some misinformation and speculation about the efficacy and safety of Kratom in the minds of some people.

All over the U.S. people legally buy Kratom to use to improve their quality of life. The uninformed sometimes wonder if should be legal. State governments all across the United States have studied the all-natural, plant-derived supplement and deemed it safe and legal to use.

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Even the Drug Enforcement Administration has cleared Kratom to be sold legally in the U.S. after determining that it does not cause harm to humans when used as a supplement or a food product. This tree leaf has also been used by cultures throughout Asia for thousands of years and is widely used in Europe as well.

Some people mistakenly equate Kratom with bath salts and question its safety. This has led to unfounded fears and questions as to its legality. But the federal government has deemed Kratom safe and legal to use after doing a fair, balanced assessment of its effects.

However, there is still questions and confusion in some quarters about Kratom’s legal status in the U.S. The key is to get accurate information from state and local government about the legal status of Kratom and it will prove there is no prohibition against using the plant in most places in the country.

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Kratom isn’t some new substance that is being snuck into the country illegally. It is a legal dietary supplement that’s made by processing the large, oval leaves of the mitragyna speciose tree. Many people and programs legally use it to help break addictions to painkillers or end their dependence on anti-anxiety medications and anti-depressants without any negative side effects. Most say it leads to increased energy and other benefits. Kratom is widely and openly available at variety stores all over the country. It is not some product that is sold under the counter or surreptitiously under the cover of darkness.

It is entirely legal to buy, sell and use the pure, potent form of Kratom found in stores in communities nationwide. Kratom is often highly recommended as a natural pain reliever. It is a legal substance that is easily accessible and has been favorably reported on in many reputable mainstream publications and news reports.

In the United States there are no special controls on Kratom. It is legal to cultivate, possess, buy and distribute any part of the plant without a prescription or a license. When offered as a supplement, it is subject to U.S. supplement laws. The FDA regulates its consumption when used as a food or a drug.

The Mitragyna Speciosa tree grows in the Southeast Asian countries like Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia. The leaves of the tree, which are called kratom leaves, have some unique qualities to enhance the mood of the users by releasing them from anxiety and any pressure situation and keep the mind relaxed and allow them to sleep well. Kratom provides a number of benefits, but on the other hand, the effects of the kratom are like other drugs and its use tends to be increased as well. This has caused the authorities to reduce the use of the plant or even ban it.

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Among 196 countries in the world, 4 countries, Australia, Malaysia, Thailand and Burma have banned kratom, while arguments are running in a few other countries on whether it should be banned or not. So, it can be said that kratom is still legal in most parts of the world.

Many countries, including Denmark, Germany, Finland, Romania, and New Zealand consider  kratom to not be as dangerous as it is thought to be by its opponents. They say that it is a substance which can be controlled if used in a correct way, therefore, in these countries, kratom is legal. There are a few countries which are still unsure about the status of kratom. These countries include the United Kingdom,

Russia and South Korea, while Canada and Mexico and a few other countries have made it legal to purchase and import, but it is not allowed for human consumption.

Legality Status Of Kratom In USA:

In United States, kratom is not banned. It is legal and allowed for  human consumption but only in the states of Indiana and Tennessee have laws  been passed which forbade the use of kratom. But in the rest of the 48 states of USA, kratom is legal and it has been found by the Drug Enforcement Administration that it does not harm the users and that the effects of  kratom can be easily controlled.

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Online Purchase Of Kratom

  • Kratom can also be purchased online and there is no ban on it. It is legal and you can buy it online unless you are in the area where its sale and purchase is banned.
  • Kratom can be purchased easily without any prescription from your doctor.
  • You are not required to hide your purchase of kratom and there is nothing wrong in buying it according to the law.
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As of August 2016, most states in the U.S. don’t list Kratom as a controlled substance. Even in Indiana where some Kratom alkaloids are banned, unadulterated Kratom is legal. Laws governing herbal remedies and alternative medicines change from time to time. Some local jurisdictions may require Kratom to be labeled as an ethnobotanical for incense, collection or research in order to advertise, ship or sell it commercially. Still, buyers can freely purchase it legally in most states without fearing legal repercussions. The Federal Controlled Substances Act determines Kratom’s legal status. Kratom isn’t listed on any of its schedules meaning possessing it is legal.

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