Many people are worried that Is kratom safe? the truth is Kratom, called the Mitragyna Speciosa, belongs to the coffee tree family. The plant grows in most parts of South East of Asia, in countries such as Malaysia, Thailand, and Myanmar. Most of the natives in the region have been using the Kratom leaves and their extract for medical purposes for an extended period.

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They find it useful in treating digestive complications, chronic pains, and withdrawal from opium dependence. However, due to lack of enough and conclusive research on the safety of kratom uses, there has been a lot of confusion about the product.

Considering the challenge, in this article, we look out to answer the question, is kratom safe for use? When is its use recommendable? Is it legal in the US and UK? Consider reading through the whole article for a chance to make an informed decision when purchasing and using the product.


How does Kratom Work?

Kratom works similarly as the opioids and stimulants. When one takes it, it interacts with the opioid receptors in the brain. With this interaction, the substance helps to produce sedation, decrease pleasure and pain.

It also interacts with several other brain receptors that produce the stimulant effect in the brain. There are a lot of health benefits that result in using kratom, and so are the negative impacts of the drug. But when is kratom safe for use.

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Kratom is Safe for Users under medical prescriptions

Kratom is safe for users under medical purposes only. Every medicinal drug comes with directions and using more than recommended results into related side effects. The same case applies to kratom dosage. If one wants to experience positive results, he or she needs to consume the recommended dosage.

Doctors will recommend users to use kratom at a high dose or low dose based on the condition the user is suffering. There are a variety of benefits that one can reap in using kratom, which includes;


Stimulant Effects

  • Kratom leaves work the same way as the coffee tree.
  • Taking a dose of fewer than 5 grams gives the user stimulant effects.
  • The effects take place within 10 minutes, and one can enjoy the new feeling for up to one and a half hour.
  • Some of these effects include increased mental alertness and therefore increasing user’s levels of productivity.
  • About productivity, kratom does also boost users’ body energy and thus keeping them enthusiastic.

Kratom does also make one feel free to socialize with new people and make more friends. If one has challenges in bed, he might find it useful to use kratom as it increases one’s sex drive. It, therefore, has a lot of benefits for the user at a low dosage.

Sedative Effects

At some times, doctors will recommend the user to consider taking a high dose that is above 5 grams. Under this case, kratom is useful in that; it helps to relieve pain, suppress coughs, and cause a euphoric feeling and a sense of calmness. Under these doses, the results are almost immediate and last for an extended period.

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Kratom is safe under regulation

When using kratom, one needs to regulate the intake. It’s advisable that users take breaks on using kratom based on doctor’s directions. In this way, it’s possible for the user to keep off adverse health conditions. It also keeps the user free of addition. When one takes the drug under regulation, there low chances of facing multiple side effects.

Kratom is not opioid

Some people confuse kratom into being an opioid, but that isn’t true. Despite functioning similarly, the effects are not the same. We use kratom as a treatment to opioid withdrawal effects. For these reasons, we do not classify kratom as an opiate.

Therefore, we can say that, under the doctor’s prescription, the drug is safe for the users. In addition to opioids, kratom does also treat alcohol withdrawal symptoms in the users. We also see its use in surgical rooms to act as an aesthetic to reduce pains on the users. That means, if physicians approve kratom use in the hospitals, there are higher chances that the drug is safe for use.

Legal effects

Kratom is legal

In the US and UK, kratom products get authorized to use. In the US, most of the states approve both medical and recreational uses of the product. However, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration unit is yet to support the claims. However, with many states allowing kratom use under doctor’s directions, it shows that the product is safe for users.

These are a few ways that one can consider to tell that kratom products are safe for use in the medical field. However, research is ongoing to proof that kratom is not an opioid.

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Possible side effects in using kratom

Every drug has its downside. Even at a low dosage, the user will show some adverse side effects. For example; decreased appetite, reduced coordination, quick to agitation, and tremors. One can also suffer from nausea, sweating, constipation, dry mouth, itching, seizures, psychosis, and hallucinations. These are the common side effects of using kratom products. Also, when one mixes kratom with other drugs, there are high chances of making the conditions even worse.

There is also an attempt to use an overdose. In this case, one might even fall unconscious. Also, as it is with other drugs, using kratom for an extended period without taking a break can result in an addiction. Addiction is hard to stop and requires intervention. Some of the ways to tell whether the user is an addict are to look at the presence of withdrawal symptoms. Such include irritability, hostility, nausea, diarrhea, runny nose, muscle aches, among many others. If the user experiences such symptoms, he or she should seek medical help to help manage the situation.

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Final Verdict

Is kratom safe for users? Yes, but only under doctor’s prescriptions. A doctor will help users take the correct dosage and educate them on when to take a break. In this way, users have a chance to avoid adverse health effects. The most advisable thing is for users to do small doses to keep off the harmful effects of using kratom.