Salvia divinorum is a herb with psychoactive properties which helps in the induction of visions and other hallucinatory practices. The origin of the plant is the cloud forest in Oaxaca, Mexico, where the conditions are moist and shady. The height of the plant is about one meter, and its leaves are enormous, bearing white flowers. The stem of this plant is square and hollow. Salvia divinorum is known to be a less toxic and less addictive herb.

Popularity Of The Plant

The plant is gaining the attraction of many people, and its use is also increasing due to its easy availability these days. The Internet is the primary source that has played a vital role in making the Salvia plant known to the public, and it is also the place of business for those who sell its products in various forms, for example:

  • Live plant
  • Dried leaves
  • Extracts

Researchers have been focusing on developing more methods for the consumption of this plant.

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Strains Of The Salvia Plant

Salvia divinorum plant has its two main strains named as the Bunnell strain and the Blosser or Palatable strain. These two strains are distinct from others and well documented with known effects, while there are more strains as well including the Luna strain, which will probably be part of the Bunnel strain as well.

The propagation of the Salvia plant is done through the vegetative reproduction. Cutting is done in small sizes from the length of two to eight inches. Below the node, it is isolated from the mother plant.

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Is The Plant Safe?

No one has put their finger on the safety of the plant, but there are no reports from anyone which shows that there are any health issues that are caused due to its use, including all the medical experts. Therefore, neither police nor any agency has put any allegation on the plant or reported it for any issues that have occurred regarding public order offenses because of the Salvia plant.

Experiments have done on one of its active components, Salvinorin A, which has shown the potential to be useful as a medicine. If any restriction is tried to put on the use of the plant, then it will be a loss for the people as researchers are finding new benefits that can obtain from it, and such regulations would stop the research.

Negative Attention From The Media

Unfortunately, the salvia plant has not been able to get a positive response from the media despite it not causing any major harm to the public. The media along with the lawmakers are creating stories against it and making people cautious by relating it to other psychoactive substances that are harmful to the health, such as LSD. These stories can put the legal status of Salvia divinorum in danger, and it has also become a concern for parents who aim to keep their teenage children away from such things.