Joe Rogan is a stand-up comedian, a former actor and TV host, as well as a mixed martial arts color commentator and podcast host. He started using Kratom to see what exactly it would do to his body. Joe first heard of Kratom from his filmmaker friend Chris Bell back in 2016 when Bell was making his documentary titled “A leap of faith.” The literature was about the life-changing effects Kratom has.

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Kraton, A miracle opioid

Kratom is a plant scientifically known as mitragyna speciose. When the plant is ingested, it will help you escape opioids addiction and can keep you awake and attentive for long hours. At the time, Bell was taking Kratom in large doses because it helped alleviate his pains, making painkillers unnecessary. Matt Weise, Bell’s friend who wrestled in the WWE, also attributed his escape from opioid addiction to having a steady intake of Kratom pills.

The department of health and human services have recommended that the chemicals in Kratom be banned, basing their argument on the fact that the substances have a high potential for abuse, and they do not have accepted medical use. Bell and Weise are of the idea that the Food and Drug Administration is working towards criminalizing the sale and distribution of Kratom.

Unlike the two, Bell and Weise, Joe Rogan did not need to take Kratom; he was never in pain that warranted pain killers like Bell and neither was he an opioid addict like Weise. He was introduced to the herb by Urban Ice Organics, the people who underwrote the cost of A Leaf of faith when they sent him a six month supply of the medication.

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Joe Rogan Kratom Review

Once the stuff was in hand and given his prior excitement to take a taste of everything and see what it could do, he decided to give Kratom a try. He started it off as an experiment on himself just like he had been doing ever since he was young. Joe states that he was always curious about pills, powder, and even injections and had thus tried all performance enhancers he could get, and when Kratom came by, he needed to have a taste of it too.

Kratom intake

Joe consulted a Kratom expert with the hope of understanding the recommended dosage; however, Antony Roberts, a fitness journalist, told him that it all depended on what you needed it for. Joe, however, did not need it as he had no pain to relieve, and neither was he an opioid addict.

Robert thought it unwise to use something one did not need, notably an opioid but Joe decided to continue taking the pills. He spent the next three months making a 2-gram dose of Kratom in the morning as Robert had said it was a decent amount for one treatment. The dose was smaller than what a heavy user of Kratom would use in a single dose (6 to 7grams).

Joe started a routine where he would 64 ounces of cold coffee, mix with whey protein, and add some Kratom just before starting his work out sessions. Joe ended up using too many products that it was virtually impossible to tell which had what effects.

He did not note any extra vigor neither did it ease his pain; the only thing he thought that Kratom helped with was cutting on his post-workout soreness. He, however, continued taking the Kratom with the determination of understanding how kratom had changed other people’s lives.

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Impending ban

Kraton was set to be banned by the FDA. The former commissioner of FDA, Scott Gotlieb, was an antiKratom for a long time and stated that before his resignation in March, Kratom was associated with about 40 deaths, yet the herb has no known practical medical uses. The FDA and Drug Enforcement Agency have been able to outlaw supplements without having to go through congress. Supplement companies have been pushed off the market by sending warning letters resulting in the discontinuation of the supplement production.

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In his podcast notes, Joe states that people should have the ability to choose to do dangerous activities if they so wish. That it is not ok for adults to tell other adults what to do and what not to. Kratom has helped many people reduce their intake of more dangerous and addictive opioids as well as painkillers. Kratom is being used by different people to achieve different results. Joe also states that there are no medical benefits of scheduling herbs and that we should get rid of herb scheduling as it brings distrust towards law enforcement.

Joe used Kratom for three months, taking it exactly as he was instructed, but he did not observe any notable effects. Even after his stash was over, he had nothing to show for it, unlike Bell and Weise, who experienced their eureka moments with Kratom. Joe is currently using kratom for his knee pain taking six pills a day where each capsule contains 750mg, some people have used it as a pre-workout supplement, laborers in Thailand use it to be able to handle repetitive manual labor. The ideology by some people that a particular herb has to perform a specific function is not entirely true. Herbs have different effects depending on the setting of the user, culture, and mindset.

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When used in high doses, kratom is a relaxer, but in smaller doses, it is a stimulant Mark states that it helps him with creativity, giving him a sense of euphoria. He also says that it makes him happier; thus, he uses it before his work out sessions. When you are in a good mood (smiling), you can do whatever it is you are doing better in Mark’s case lifting.

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Besides helping people get rid of their opioid addictions and relieving pain in those having pain and could have otherwise been addicted to pain killers, there have been no adverse effects of kratom among the users. The plant has helped people, and it does not cause addictions. The FDA should change its view on Kratom as it is helping and think twice about the said ban. The society also needs to be liberated of its negative view towards anything that causes euphoria.