We suppose Kanibal Kratom’s caught your attention too. Isn’t it? You can’t help but wonder if there’s a new killer strain in town? Perhaps, the Ketum industry got blessed with the strongest strain of all? Our brain cells ran through the same path, did the same somersault, and got faced with the same questions. We’re through, and so we’re here to help you.

Before we dive any deeper, let us give you a fair warning beforehand: the entire story is a lot different than what you might have in your head.
 Let’s dive in!

What Is Kanibal Kratom?

Kanibal Kratom is a Ketum vendor that likes living in the shadows. They’re there in the ground, but you will have to go and find them, unlike most other vendors of the present day.

They do not have much data about their services and products online. Some sources claim that they do have a website, which runs now and then. But currently, it seems to be under construction or taken down.

When it’s life, you will be able to see a few of their products listed. And the company itself claims to import Ketum directly from Borneo. Hence, related kratom strains stand as their forte.

After importing, they claim to be selling top-notch quality mitragyna speciosa throughout the USA (except the states where it’s illegal to do so). Kratom is illegal in the following conditions:

  • Alabama
  • Wisconsin
  • Tennessee
  • Indiana
  • Vermont
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Other than that, it supplies to all.

Although that’s what they say on the website, we believe otherwise. Kanibal Ketum doesn’t seem to be doing a great business online with zero virtual presence. Whatever company they’re generating is via the locals, which concludes that they do offer shipment across the US. But they do not have much clientele outside their local area.

Note: It’s just a guess! (based on facts)

Other than that, the company supposedly has a contact page. It’s supposed to ensure smooth communication between potential customers and the company. But again, the company refuses to show up!

Product Range

As for the products, Kanibal Kratom mainly offers Kratom from two strains:

  • Bali
  • Maeng Da

Further options within each strain are available, such as Green Maeng Da, White Maeng Da, Red Bali, etc.

As for the consumption forms, Ketum is available in powdered form as well as capsule form. This choice of product delivery conveys that Kanibal Kratom likes to play it safe. They did not introduce or resell anything strong like kratom extracts or vapes.

The quantity, however, is satisfactory. You can get these Kratom products in the following amounts:

We’ll discuss the pricing of these in the next section.


In terms of pricing, the Kanibal Ketum is more or less the same as other vendors. The brand offers about 70 capsules for only $24.50, while others offer 350 capsules for $99.99.

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Although their pricing may appear nominal at a glance, we suggest you do the maths. They charge about 35 cents per capsule, and most others charge 28 cents per capsule.

They also offer a generous $10 discount on their Maeng Da capsules, which usually cost about $34.99.

Powdered Kratom costs around $20 for every 30 grams and $25 for 60 grams. Hence, we’ll recommend buying Kratom in bulk from this vendor.

Placing An Order At Kanibal Kratom

Primarily, there are two ways of placing an order at Kanibal Kratom. Methodology one is to place an order directly to them. And methodology two is to order Kanibal Kratom via a reseller.

You can put the first method into practice by logging onto their website and placing an order via the order section. If you happen to be entirely new and want to look at their price list, you may send in a query via their contact form. You may have to wait a bit before putting this in action until their website is back live in action.

As for resellers, these operate both online and physically. You only have to get in touch with a reliable name and get your Kanibal Kratom from them.

 Kanibal Kratom Coupon Codes

Currently, there are no records for coupon codes offered by Kanibal Ketum. They do not provide additional discounts.

However, the case may be different in headshops and smoke shops, where Kanibal Kratom is conveniently available. The retailers may offer discounts and coupon codes at their convenience.

Should You Try Kanibal Kratom?

By now, we know Kanibal Ketum is off the scene. They have been operating since 2016, but with little to no success.

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Their clientele repeatedly has issues with them in terms of product quality and pricing. And they do not even seem to be catering to them!

If you’re a beginner seeking an amazing Kratom experience, you shouldn’t try Kanibal Kratom. But if you’re a seasoned user looking forward to exploring anything and everything, then go ahead. Testing doesn’t harm!


Is Kanibal Kratom Worth Trying?

Yes and no! We’ve answered this question above. But let’s get through it again.

Kannibal Kratom isn’t a highly reliable brand in terms of quality and services. Hence, only highly curious and experienced Ketum users are suggested to go ahead and give it a try.

Is Kanibal Kratom Registered?

Yes, every business must be registered before operating. Hence, it’s registered.

What’s The Strongest Kratom Strain?

It depends on what kinds of effects you seek. Generally, the Santai Red Vein and Red Vein Bali rank at the top as the strongest strains of Kratom.

Final Words

All in all, Kanibal Kratom is an old but unreliable name in the Ketum industry. The company refuses to compensate for its clienteles disappointments and continues to sell the same products repeatedly.