Kats Botanicals Kratom has provided us with not only two but three different CBD oils to review today. This company is well-known for its high-quality CBD products and its reputation for producing hemp at an altitude of over 8,000 feet in Colorado! This permits CBD to retain several minerals and cannabinoids that aren’t seen in other hemp varieties.

Kat’s reputation as one of the top CBD products on the market has grown thanks to the combination of CBD and MCT oil in a single product. Today, we’ll be looking at their vanilla, blueberry, and naturally flavored tinctures. Let’s have a look at these right now.

What Makes Kats Botanicals Kratom So Special And Distinguished From Others?

Kats Botanicals Kratom is one of the few Kratom providers that has incorporated CBD into its product line. When choosing a CBD or Kratom vendor, there are a few factors to keep in mind. The majority of individuals search for the cheapest vendor.

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They Are Experienced In The Market

When evaluating your alternatives for a Kratom retailer, there are a few more things to consider. One of those things is experience. The length of time a Kratom vendor has been in business might reveal a lot about the quality of their products.

Their Customer Service Is Excellent

You could argue that being well received and kept informed by the customer care team is also a sign of a good provider. Most clients also want to know that they will be able to find anything they are looking for.

Customers rate Kratom merchants who offer a wide range of items highly in this category. Kats Botanicals Kratom’s customer service is excellent, and they answer every question which they are asked.

It Provides Discounts And Coupon Codes

Is it possible to save money while purchasing things from a specific vendor? Customers are always seeking methods to save money wherever they can. As a result, they would choose providers who offer periodic discounts and coupons.

Kats Botanicals occasionally disseminates discounts and coupon codes. They also provide sales which are bumper offers to their clients.

The Product Line At Kats Botanicals Kratom

All of the things that they sell are properly shown on their website. Kats Botanical’s CBD products are the newest addition to the store’s inventory.

CBD Products

The majority of suppliers will provide extensive reports on their hemp products, but this vendor does not. They happen to offer filtered information about all of the CBD products they sell. They even have a name for this portion, which they refer to as CBD Bible.

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Kat’s CBD Bible has everything you need to know about every CBD product they sell. They even go to great lengths to compare one product to another, so you know exactly what you’re looking for. CBD products come in a variety of forms, depending on their intended use.

If you’re not sure what you’re looking for in their CBD products, it’s a good idea to start with the CBD Bible. The articles about the use or purpose of all CBD products will be quite beneficial to you.

CBD Gummies

The CBD Gummies are one of the CBD products available at Kats Botanicals Kratom. If you have a strong preference for flavors, this is the product for you. The CBD Gummies were dosed correctly by this source. You can also see a list of all the ingredients in the CBD Gummies you just bought.

Many consumers have discovered gummies CBD to be the ideal source of rapid relief and delicious flavor. CBD Gummies from this merchant are THC-free and made from industrial hemp.

CBD Gummies are little squares that fit the choices if you’re seeking tiny supplements with all the strength that CBD has to offer. They contain no GMOs and are allergen-free.

CBD Oils

Kats Botanicals Kratom also sells CBD Oil in addition to CBD Gummies. This hemp oil comes in packs of 600mg or 1020mg and is naturally scented. Pesticides are not used in the production of Full Spectrum CBD Oil. The mature stems and stalks of the hemp tree are used to make this non-GMO product.

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On their website, they also have detailed instructions for utilizing CBD Oil. Before swallowing, place the desired amount of CBD oil under your tongue for 1 minute. Adults should use a full dropper, though dosage will vary from person to person.

Their CBD oils come in three different flavors:

  1. Blueberry Flavor: Full-spectrum hemp extract, MCT coconut oil, natural flavoring with natural tocopherols, and ethyl alcohol make the blueberry CBD. The aroma of blueberry may be detected as the bottle is opened. It has a unique blueberry aroma, but it also has a subtle chemical scent from the full-spectrum CBD.
  2. Vanilla Flavor: Full-spectrum hemp oil, MCT coconut oil, freshly made sunflower oil, natural flavoring with natural tocopherols, and ethyl alcohol make up the vanilla flavor CBD Oil. The scent of this oil is a strong vanilla fragrance.
  3. Natural Flavor: The natural flavored CBD tincture includes pure hemp oil extract and MCT oil, unlike the other two tinctures, which feature many ingredients. The fragrances of the other two tinctures were quite faint and delicate. Don’t make the same mistake with the tincture with natural flavors. Unlike the other two, it has a strong hemp aroma. The taste is also extremely pleasant.

Kats Botanicals Kratom’ Kratom Products

Kats Botanicals Kratom is a seller that prides itself on selling a wide range of products rather than just one. Whether they do it on purpose to record sales or to keep their consumers satisfied, we can say they do an excellent job.

Their Kratom powder products are available in a range of strains and bundles. Varying pressures have diverse strengths and, as a result, serve different purposes.

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Kats Botanicals Kratom sells the following Kratom powders, organized by Kratom strains.

Maeng Da Kratom Strains

  1. Green Maeng Da Kratom
  2. White Maeng Da Kratom
  3. Red Maeng Da Kratom
  4. Plantation Maeng Da

Bali Kratom

  1. Red Bali Kratom
  2. Green Bali Kratom
  3. Golden Bali Kratom

Specialty Blends Kratom Powder

  1. Digital Buddha
  2. Above Waves
  3. Super Thai
  4. Spacebird

Gold Kratom Extract

  1. Premium Jong Kong

Kats Botanicals Kratom Prices:

The prices for the Kratom and CBD items sold by Kats Botanicals Kratom are listed below.

Green Maeng Da

$6.50 – $25.00

Green Sunda

$6.50 – $25.00

White Maeng Da

$6.50 – $25.00

Wild Red Bali

$6.50 – $25.00

Wild Red Vietnam

$6.50 – $25.00

CBD Vape-Oil (Hemp)

$31.99 – $64.99

CBD Gummies (Hemp)

$17.99 $15.99

CBD Oil (Hemp)

$34.99 – $61.99

What About Their Website Interface?

The company’s trustworthiness is at an all-time peak. Their homepage is jam-packed with important information from where they produce their CBD and Mitragyna Speciosa to their informative blog. If you’re looking for shilajit or turmeric, they also have these items available.

If you have any questions that aren’t answered in the site’s FAQs, you may use the chat button to contact a customer care representative right now. You may sign up for their newsletter to stay up to date on new goods and receive updates, or you can contact or email them.

What Are Their Customers Saying?

Kat’s Botanical’s products have received over 200 reviews, with the flavored tinctures receiving 4.5 stars on average. The number of reviews per product is extremely large, indicating just how many people have tried and enjoyed each tincture.

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The company’s Facebook page has a 4.8 out of 316 review rating. We can confidently state that all of the tinctures (along with the huge array of products they provide) have made their consumers extremely satisfied.

Do They Offer Any Special Offers And Coupon Codes?

Kats Botanicals Kratom has made a name for itself over the years because of the high-quality items they sell and the incentives they provide to customers to purchase with them.

If you thought buying Kratom was pricey, you haven’t seen Kats Botanicals Kratom. A free sample ounce is available from the merchant. This is only applicable to offers worth more than $100.

This merchant also offers an open-to-all VIP membership option. The VIP Plan allows you early access to new product launches, pricing changes, and special deals. On occasion, they will also issue coupons.

All you have to do is keep an eye out for coupon codes when they’re issued, and you’ll be able to save a lot of money at checkout.

Final Thoughts

Kats Botanicals Kratom outperforms the majority of them in a variety of ways. The vendor’s customer service representatives are highly personable. This simplifies and expedites the ordering process. Kats is a really attractive Kratom merchant. They give detailed explanations of their CBD products, as well as for instructions on how to utilize them.