When you search for the top Speciosa dealer online, you will see hundreds of websites come up on your screen. Finding a dependable site to acquire Korth items does not appear to be a matter of chance.

Many users spend their first few years trying a dozen different Kratom strains from various Kratom vendors. However, you can get an advantage only if you locate a high-quality Kratom strain.

Who Are They?

Klover Releaf Botanical is a well-known Kratom supplier situated in the United States, founded four years ago in 2017. This company is regarded as one of the fastest-growing Mitragyna Speciosa firms. They get their Speciosa straight from Southeast Asia, where farmers handpick matured leaves to ensure purity, freshness, and strength.

They are extremely concerned about their clients’ convenience and always place a high value on their investment. They have been successful in building a large group of loyal clients as a result of this strategy. They claim that it makes them happy when all of their clients are happy.

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What Kinds Of Products Does It Offer?

1) Kratom Powder (Starting At $10.00 For 30 Grams)

Klover Releaf botanicals, like all the top names in the Ketum industry, sell three strains of Kratom: red, green, and white. There are strains for each vein color group.

When you click on a strain, the website will provide you with a brief description of its origins, effects, and characteristics.

Klover Releaf botanicals offer 30g, 60g, 100g, 250g, 500g, and even 1kg bags of Mitragyna powder. The strains listed below are currently available.

Green Strains

Green Jong Kong, Green Elephant, Maeng Da, Thai.

Red Strain

Red Bali, Red Jong Kong, Golden Bali, Red Maeng Da, Red Thai, Yellow Vietnam.

White Strain

White Jong Kong, White Maeng Da, White Hulu Kapuas, White Borneo, White Thai.

2) Kratom Capsules (Starting At $18.00 For 60 Capsules)

Kratom capsules are available in packs of 60, 120, and 182 capsules. These gelatin capsules are packaged using the Dry Pack technology to keep moisture and mold at bay. The tamper-resistant sealing adds to the freshness of the goods.

The majority of Kratom capsule vendors sell size 00 capsules containing 500mg of dry leaf powder. Klover Releaf botanicals, on the other hand, provide premium capsules containing over 700mg of dry Kratom powder per capsule. The following capsules are currently available.

Green strain, i.e., Green Maeng Da Kratom

Red strain, i.e., Red Bali Kratom

White strain, i.e., Borneo Kratom

3) Kratom Tincture (Prices Begin At $12.00)

Kratom tincture is also available from Klover Releaf botanicals. Their tincture bottle is 15 ml in size and is made from 11 grams of high-quality Ketum leaves. According to their website, the tincture recipe contains a triple-filtered extracted solution of the best Mitragyna leaves.

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Their ethanol-based goods are of excellent quality, organic, and non-GMO. There isn’t any harmful solvent in the mix. As a one-time order, each customer can add 1,2,4, or 10+ bottles of tinctures to their cart.

Because this is the only company that produces “flavored tinctures,” disagreeable Kratom scent is no longer an issue. The tinctures are derived from top sources with no artificial tastes added. For the time being, Klover Releaf botanicals offer the following two varieties of tinctures.

  • Mandarin Orange Maeng Da
  • Cafe Latte Maeng Da

Klover Releaf’s Presence On Social Media

They are not as engaged on the digital platform as their competitors. Only 173 people follow them on Facebook, and only nine people have offered feedback. Amazingly, everyone has given Klover Releaf Botanical a 5-star rating.

When it comes to Pinterest, they only have 48 followers and 30 monthly viewers. They’ve made numerous pins to increase traffic to their website or other platforms.

What About Shipping Policies

If you place your order during the week, you will receive a speedier shipment. If you purchase on the weekend, it will be shipped two days later, on Monday. If your purchase totals more than $20.00, you will receive free shipping to your home.

What Payment Methods Do Klover Releaf Botanicals Accept?

Zelle, CashApp, Venmo, and PayPal are among some payment options. They use your personal information to process orders.

If you wish to choose the priority shipping option, you’ll have to pay $5.00 for it. The cost of shipping will be determined by the location where the order must be delivered.

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If you have any questions or would want to learn more about their products, you can send them an email at or phone them at +1 601-980-1712.

What Do Their Clients Say?

Even though Klover Releaf Botanical is a new vendor, they have been fairly successful in giving their consumers exactly what they desire. There are fewer evaluations on their Facebook page, but they all show a high degree of satisfaction.

Similarly, you can find a few more customer reviews on their official website next to each product. They are well-known in today’s industry thanks to a dedicated consumer base.

Should You Rely On Klover Releaf Botanicals?

There are several factors to consider before choosing an online Ketum provider. To avoid falling into a scam offering inexpensive Speciosa items, you must first examine a vendor.

Don’t decide on a Korth merchant solely on the opinions of a single person.

On public forums, users usually criticize various Mitragyna Speciosa suppliers for unwanted publicity or compensation in the form of free Kratom.

It is always preferable to conduct a self-evaluation of the vendor. It only takes a comprehensive examination of their website.

This review has made it easy for you to analyze Klover Releaf botanicals. The following are a few things to think about for Klover Releaf botanicals.

Product Quality: There’s nearly no danger of contamination, so you’ll get the most out of your Korth. One of the many reasons clients have a strong bond with this merchant is because of this.

FDA Approved

Klover Releaf’s goods and facilities are FDA-approved. On top of that, it ensures that these items are subjected to third-party Mitragynine and seven hydroxy mitragynine level checks.

Is Kratom An Opiate?

Every batch of Kratom is thoroughly checked and tested for contaminants, pesticides, fungi, and bacteria, including salmonella.

Following the recent Kratom-salmonella contamination scare, all goods offered here are guaranteed to be salmonella-free.

Original Kratom Guaranteed

In the guise of Kratom, some vendors sell tainted or fraudulent green powder. As a result, the user experiences no effects and suspects that Kratom does not work on him.

Klover Releaf guarantees that the goods they supply are identical to what they advertise on their website. Their Kratom products include no additives.

Fast Shipment

On all orders submitted on weekdays only, Klover Releaf Kratom provides speedier delivery. Any orders placed over the weekend are processed the following Monday, the first business day of the week. All purchases of $20.00 or more qualify for free delivery.

Coupon Codes

Klover Releaf, like all major Kratom retailers, accepts coupon codes for all purchases. Before your check out, apply the coupon code. These coupons will give you a substantial discount on your entire order.

Is There Any Downside?

Although Klover Releaf has a lot of positive aspects that you might like, there are a few areas where it could be better.

They Should Increase Product Variety

Almost all of the most popular Kratom strains are available on the site. However, it would be wonderful if they added more.

Bundle Offers And Promotional Discounts Should Be Offered

The price range is reasonable, but it would be preferable to launch new things at a discounted rate. Customers cannot also buy tiny packets of multiple strains in a bundle.

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Sample Packs Should Be Included

All of the Kratom strains are available in whole packs, with the smallest weighing about 30g. It can be difficult for a beginner user to choose just one strain. The cost of trying multiple strains in a 30g bundle is prohibitive. Sample packages for all of these strains should be available from the vendor as well.

The Closing Thoughts

Despite the positive evaluations for Klover Releaf’s Kratom and its very promising services, it still requires an upgrade. Customers may be fewer for the time being due to the limited merchandise provided. They can only attract a significant number of individuals if they work on adding more strains.

There are no doubts regarding the product’s quality or timeliness. It will only become known among reliable Kratom dealers online if the selection is improved.

If your chosen strain is not listed in their product list, send them an email requesting it. Contact the customer service department Monday through Friday for further information on orders.