When you buy kratom online, you not only keenly check for the quality and purity of the product but also compare prices with other brands, and you also never forget to view the feedback of the customers.

Many top-notched kratom vendors, most of the time, fail to check all the boxes related to purity, quality, affordability, shipping, customer care, and satisfaction, and refund policy. But here is a kratom brand, which always tries to fulfill all the basic requirements to become a well reputed and best kratom brand amongst other vendors.

Kraoma kratom is Las Vegas-based brand, it was established in 2014. The brand worked well and hard to stand tall in the market. It is a renowned brand, the main reason for its popularity is its discount deals and mega offers with maximum money-saving.

Kraoma is an international kratom brand, it was founded by Maharavo Ranaivoson, a former accountant at Pan African Mining Corporation. He left his job when he found Mitragyna speciosa plant, he considered it as Red Diamond and started a small business with it.

Today, Kraoma kratom has evolved as one of the top kratom brands in the market. Now kraoma deals not only with Mitragyna but also Oasis kratom and viable solution too. One most undefeatable point of kraoma is that the brand developed a strong relationship with the most skillful farmers and landowners of Malaysia and Indonesia.

Salient Features Of Kraoma

Kraoma kratom brand has become a leading brand in the market. Initially, the company does not know more about online business, and they don’t have any experience of plantation in the past. They worked very hard and learned from trial and error. This is an inspirational success story of the brand.

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After many ups and downs, the kraoma made itself a trustworthy brand. The company worked with a third party for lab testing of the whole product to guarantee its potency and purity.

In the kraoma company, each kratom powder batch is triple-sifted, it is done to remove veins, stems, impurities, and contaminants. As a result, a fine-textured tea is obtained which is easy to brew. Kraoma kratom does not compromise with the quality. Their goal is honesty, ethics, incentives, management, and integrity.

Each step from the harvesting of leaves to the packaging of the product is strictly checked under the supervision of highly skilled staff members.

The golden words of the owner of the brand, make us joyful, he said, “ We just don’t say that our kratom is clean.. we test each shipment that is received at independent third-party laboratories. And we share the results on our website”

Further, he explained, “ We have high moral standards and will not compromise them to make a quick buck. We are in this for the long term. Thus, we don’t sell kratom that we would not buy ourselves. We test each batch that we receive and discard any kratom that is unsatisfactory”


  • Premium quality
  • Ethically sourced
  • Wide range of variety
  • Reasonable pricing
  • Sustainably harvested
  • Split kilos
  • Accept credit card
  • Accept bitcoins
  • Third-party lab sharing
  • Free shipping
  • Free samples


  • Outdated lab results
  • No AKA affiliation
  • No money-back guarantee

What Strains The Kraoma Offers

The vendor carries a large number of exotic kratom strains, with 100% unbroken alkaloid profile. These include,

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What Kraoma Costs

Kraoma Brand offers a flexible and affordable price range for all of their products, lets have a view,

  • $ 14.99 for 2 ounces
  • $ 24.99 for 120g
  • $ 42.99 for 250g
  • $ 129.00 for 1kilo

Price For Classic Bali:

  • $ 18.99 for 60g
  • $ 32.99 for 120g
  • $ 62.99 for 250g

Price For Mixed Strains:

  • $ 24.99 for 120g
  • $ 78.99 for 500g
  • $ 134.99 for a four-way split kilo

What Payment Methods Offered By Kraoma

The Kraoma brand offers various ways of payment; these are all for customer care and ease. Following are payment methods,

  • Credit cards
  • Bitcoins
  • Debit cards
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Green dot payments
  • E-check
  • Zelle

You can save 15% on the total when you pay through the following ways,

  • Dash
  • Bitcoins
  • Litecoin
  • Ripple
  • Etherereum
  • Monero

Coupon Code By Kraoma Kratom

Kraoma, as unique as its name, offers free samples with each order. The vendor serves up rewards and points to return customers and frequent codes for discounts.

Starting from signing up for the kramas email newsletter, you will get 10% off promo codes. You will get exclusive access to sales, special deals, and offers. You will become one of those who at first know about new kratom strains, re-stocked inventory, and many more.

The vendor provides its return customers reward points every time they shop. You have the choice to redeem these points for exclusive discounts.

Here is another exciting program by kraoma, the referral program; it enables the customer to get a 20% off coupon every time the customer succeeds in referring a friend of a 15% off promo code.

Kraoma Kratom Shipping And Return Policy

The vendor provides shipments worldwide, where the kratom status is legal. Countries and areas are mentioned on the official website of the brand. The shipment method used by the kraoma is United States Postal Service (USPS). If orders are less than $75, they receive First Class Mail, While orders of more than $75 receive an upgrade to Priority Mail.

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Express Mail is also available for customers who wish to pay an extra amount for expedited shipping. Keep in mind that delays can be here because of post office issues.

Customer Satisfaction By Kraoma

Being a reputable vendor, Kraoma provides satisfactory customer service. The website explained and everything regarding the product. There is an option of the contact form, and It is quick and easy to fill. The customer service staff is active and show response quickly during business hours. You can clear your queries and get answers to your questions within 24 hours.

Bottom Line

On one last note, we can conclude that Kraoma Kratom is one of the reliable and well-established kratom brands with unique properties of the product line. If you search for premium quality kratom, don’t wander here and there; go to the kraoma kratom website and choose the strain you desire. We assure you that you will feel different and unique.