One of the primary reason why people opt to use Kratom as opposed to other opioids is that it does not show up on most drug tests. However, this has gone on to be transformed into a misconception where people believe Kratom does not show up on a drug test. It’s true, most drug tests like the SAMHSA-5 cannot detect Kratom in your system. There are some alkaloids present in Kratom that can still be detected by the Kratom 10 panel drug test. What is Kratom 10 panel drug test?
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Kratom 10-panel drug Test: How it Works

A Urine test

  • Is probably the most established form of testing for drugs. Urine is commonly used since it offers a larger window for the drugs to be detected in your system compared to other forms. The Kratom 10 panel is like the standard panel used for drug screening only it has ten membranes. The panel is flat and is loaded with ten test membranes into it. A cover that separates from the panel reveals the dip prongs which are dipped into the urine.
  • The prongs have a line indicating the level that must not be exceeded when dipping the prongs into the urine. The line is provided to prevent the urine from touching the panel. After the panel has been dipped into the urine, the dyes will starts rising each membrane testing a different alkaloid or drug.
  • Although there is intimidatingly limited research as to how long Kratom lasts in the blood, most users after ingesting the drug often have traces of Kratom in their urine for up to a week. For lower dosage and usage, the Kratom can still be detected in the urine after a week.
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Kratom blood test

  • Blood tests are carried out to determine the concentration of Kratom in your system. The Kratom alkaloids are easily detectable in the blood. Subsequently, the concentration can be established.
  • If a long-term user were to be screened for the presence of Kratom in their blood, there would probably be metabolites detected during the test for up to several days. Blood test offers a relatively shorter window for detection compared to urine test hence it’s considered more invasive.

Kratom Hair Follicle tests

  • While this is one of the common methods used, there is no evidence that shows Kratom tested using hair follicles. The accuracy of the test might be similar to other opioids; metabolites would be detected in the follicles. As the research to uncover more details about this opioid substance continue, more work should go into improving the accuracy of this type of test.

kratom 10 panel drug test

After how long does Kratom 10 panel detect Kratom metabolites?

  • There are several viable reasons why a person would want to know how long Kratom stays in their system after ingestion. One of the main reasons could be because they want to quit using the herbal substance or are uncertain of whether there will be withdrawal symptoms and how bad the symptoms will be.
  • Furthermore, a user could be wondering how long Kratom stays in the system due to standard drug tests. Once again, research is yet to conclude the half-life of the substance, however, Mitragynine, which is the dominant alkaloid in Kratom, I believed to have a half-life of 23 hours.
  • If this is anything to go by, it will take a full day to get rid of 50% of Kratom content in your system. It would take just over four days to completely clear Kratom from your body. The fastest alkaloid is cleared from the body in 1.6 days.
  • On the lower side of the spectrum where dominant alkaloids are found, it would take up to 9 days to completely clear them from the system. According to research, it is believed that habitual users are likely to have a harder time eliminating the substance from their body compared to new users or users who ingest lower amounts of Kratom.
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What determines how long Kratom stays in your System?

Like other substances often abused, there are several factors which determine how long the drug stays in your system. Some of these factors include:


  • Ideally, younger people tend to have a shorter half-life compared to older people. This is also the case with similar other substances like Kratom.
  • Age-related change in metabolism, renal function, use of other medication, and physical activity is liked with this half-life longevity. It’s practical to assume that if you are 65, Kratom will have a longer half-life than younger people.

•Body fat:

  • The other factors that play a major role in how long the half-life of the Kratom in an individual will be our body fat. The alkaloids in Kratom have a high affinity to fat or are highly soluble in fat.
  • This means if you have more fat content in your body, you are likely to harbor Kratom metabolites for longer. On the other hand, if you have low-fat content, you would easily get the metabolites out of your system courtesy of metabolic processes such as excretion.


  • It’s surprising how much this influences the half-life of Kratom in individuals. Certain enzymes and genetic makes play a role in the retention or elimination of metabolites in the body.

•Food and water intake:

  • Basing on the system of taking food before ingesting Kratom, it’s safe to assume that the peak concentration levels of Kratom will be achieved after eating. If you are hydrated. It could also influence how long you pass urine.
  • Other significant factors in the human system that influence the longevity of Kratom in your body include the urine pH, renal function, and the general metabolic rate. These factors are in most cases, not exclusive to Kratom.
  • Other substances behave similarly. The Kratom strain and the amount ingested also contribute to the span the Kratom will stay in your body.
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It’s only logical to explore and understand how Kratom stays in the system before use or even after use. It’s a relatively new drug, and most people have constructed misconceptions around its use. All the more reason why you should get your facts straight. Ultimately, Kratom alkaloids can be detected in urine for up to seven days and in blood for up to four days. Although Kratom 10-panels drug test is yet to catch on, there are DIY 10-panel kits available in the market.