If you have Ketum daily, kratom extracts will be a better choice for you, more effective, and convenient to ingest. Let’s dig into the kratom herb and learn about different kratom extracts, including Kratom 50x extract.

What Is Kratom Extract?

If you know the term “Kratom”, you should know that it is an effective and beneficial herb containing two important alkaloids, mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine. These alkaloids benefit in tension-free rest, reducing unease, and many more.

The line of new products of Ketum leads to kratom extracts, a powerful and highly demanded product. Kratom extracts are a mixture of boiled and evaporated kratom leaves. Kratom extracts contain more concentrated alkaloids, with extra efficient satisfaction. These extracts can be in many forms. For instance,

  1. Resins
  2. Tinctures
  3. Oils

Kratom extracts are preferable then Ketum itself due to their more effective and easy ingestion process, plus one can also prepare it at home.

These extracts are available in powder form and may look similar, but powder kratom & Ketum extracts are different. Kratom extracts are 15 times more powerful than kratom powder.

Types Of Kratom Extracts

There are three major types of Kratom extracts which include:

  • Water-based extract
  • Liquid extract
  • Resin extract
  • UEI extract

UEI is one of the only types of extract, uses full leaf for mitragyna speciosa extraction. It is a long and time taking procedure. That is why it is not considered a common extract but a superior and rare one.

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Kratom Grading  

Kratom extract comes in different grades based on their competency. For instance, these are the common grades available, 1x, 5x, 10x, 20x, etc. It is also available at higher rates, such as 50x or 100x.

We interpret the “X” wrong in this grading process; this “x” does not mean the competency of extract because the grading depends on the brands precisely.

That means 50x kratom doesn’t need to be powerful than 20x. It depends on the vendor.

This multiplication shows the concentration per volume in an extract.

Full-Spectrum Extracts 

An extract with a maximum number of alkaloids is known as a full-spectrum extract. 50x extract and 100x extracts have also come under the name of full-spectrum extract.

How Strong Is Kratom 50x Extract?

Kratom 50x extract is comparatively darker in color and comes with higher potential. That is why the effects are visible after 5 to 6 minutes of ingestion. Users of Ketum 50x extract are satisfied because of the presence of a higher percentage of alkaloids. Availability of 100% alkaloids is not possible because, during extraction, alkaloids lose some of their properties. 50x means extract with 50% active ingredients, alkaloids.

According to the consumers of Kratom 50x extract, the consequences of this extract last for five to six hours. Additionally, the consumption enhances work focus and a feeling of calmness.

The power of extract depends on the vendor because there is no fixed parameter of extraction universally. But the 50x section has a high concentration as compared to the low-grade quotes.

The choice of your Ketum extracts depends on your requirement and need, and every strain offers various benefits. Plus, how potent your extract is wholly dependent on the strain of your extract. Following are some best Kratom strains.

Green Vein Kratom Shot

Red Maeng Da 

Maeng da is one of the most popular among all the other strains. Maeng da extract has a benefit of high competency, due to which even a lesser dose of this extract is enough.

Red Maeng da extract is one of the powerful strains of all Maeng da Kratom strains. It is one of the best 50x extracts of kratom; Maeng da red is derived from Thailand.

Green Malay 

Green Malay extract is originated from the tropical trees of Maldives. This strain is known for its best energy-boosting outcomes. Green Malay is being used to treat withdrawal reactions for a long, because of its active alkaloids.

Red Borneo 

Borneo kratom is native from the plant on Borneo Island, Kalimantan. Of course, the name is adopted from the motherland. It is available in white, green, and red vein colors.

The red Borneo is best for dealing with rest issues.

How To Use Kratom 50x Extract?

If you have just started having it, try to start with a lesser dosage and then gradually increase it if it suits your body, but start with one teaspoon if you have it for any medical condition, concern a specialist before having it.

Besides, try to take a little gap from consumption now and then, preventing you from complete dependency.

Ketum extract comes in kratom powder and kratom capsule, both forms. If you want a correct measured dose, go for the powder option because the kratom weighs in capsules varies depending on the vendor. Additionally, do not infuse it with other supplements; otherwise, you will lose the desirable experience of 50x extract.

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Ingesting in powder form can be as creative as you want. You can brew it in your tea and have a typical taste, or you can add it to your yummy smoothie/shake and enjoy it, depending on you.

For durable storage, please keep it away from direct sunlight and put it somewhere with non-fluctuating temperature, possibly in a cupboard with a settled room temperature.


Hopefully, now you know that, How Strong is Kratom 50x Extract? And if it is the right choice for you.

Although it is easy to choose the right Ketum for yourself but not every grade suits every person. Additionally, different strains are available for other individuals. So, it is better to choose the strain according to your wish and then get the right Ketum extract for yourself.