Most kratom strains which are most preferred for their high potency are in most cases addictive when used in a large amount and for a long time. Users of kratom are generally advised to start taking kratom at in small quantities as they develop in their ability to take more. However, some people take this instruction lightly. They end up taking much of kratom to feel ‘high’ yet at the same time affecting their ability to use it for long. They end up becoming addicted to kratom. The rate at which people get addicted differs from one person to another based on how they choose to use it.
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Sighs of kratom addiction

Once a person is addicted to kratom, some of these signs and symptoms may be evident.

 1-Frequency in the use of kratom

  • Addicted people tend to find their joy only in using kratom. They end up using it like daily. Some even go to the extent of taking their dose severally during the day. Ideally, kratom dose should have a time interval of at least six hours. This never works for those who have been addicted.
  • To them, they feel comfortable with short time intervals. If this happens severally, it may show that the person in question is already addicted to kratom.
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2-The desire to take a larger dose

  • Whoever the kratom strain you choose to take; there is always an amount, usually 2grams to 10 grams, which one should be taking. Any dose beyond 10 grams is considered as an overdose.
  • People who are addicted to kratom do not care about the right amount to take. Their motivation is usually the effect which they want.
  • After using the kratom for a while, the user may have to increase the dosage to get the desired effect. When this increment gets beyond 10 grams, it indicated that the person is operating under addiction.

3. Isolation

  • People who are addicted to kratom tend to distance themselves from friends and family members who are not users of kratom. They feel better when they are just alone.
  • If they have to associate with other people, then it would be better for them to associate with fellow kratom addicts.
  • At this level, the addiction has taken root, and so medical attention should be considered. However, when they get here, they do not realize if they have a problem.

4. A sense of no hope

  • When a person gets to addiction level, he or she tends to care about the condition for some time when it all starts. In most cases, they try to stop it on their own.
  • Whatever they do, however, they find themselves going back to it. After some several attempts to stop, they give up. At this point, they see no hope of stopping. They no longer worry about their health conditions.
  • Some even go to the extent of concluding that they are ready to die because of kratom. This shows that the person is strongly addicted.
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5. Being defensive about kratom

  • People who are addicted to kratom tend to be too defensive about kratom. They usually feel that somebody is doing an investigation about them. So if you ask them any question, they will be very fast to rise against you and probably draw your attention to other things.
  • This is not the case for those who are not addicted and so are always happy about the fact that they are kratom users. They have mood swings as a defense mechanism against addiction.

What causes kratom addiction?

If you study about kratom, you will realize that it has several health benefits which users enjoy. For instance, different strains of kratom are used as an energy boost and to relieve various kinds of pain. Therefore, kratom may not be avoided at some point for its natural solution to health issues. Addiction to some extent cannot be prevented entirely. Here are the two familiar sources of the addiction:

1. Regular use

  • As much as kratom is used for some health reasons, if you use it regularly, it may lead to addiction. The frequent use of kratom has a way of changing the mental operation of an individual.
  • The level of its effects gets to change, and so you end up taking for to get the desired pleasure. Therefore, it leads to addiction.

2. Social upbringing

  • The environment where you live may contribute to addiction. The people you interact with may motivate you to use kratom more and more due to peer pressure because they are also using it.
  • At times, people end up competing to prove that they can manage a large amount of dose. With time, a person can get addicted.
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3. Genetic composition

  • The dosage for kratom is never definite. People are generally advised to take it in small amounts as they test what can work for them. Unfortunately, some people do not feel any effect when they take a small amount.
  • They end up taking much of it to experience its effects. This may lead to addiction since the person may be forced to take much of it at a short time interval hence he gets addicted.

Possible solutions for kratom addiction

If you become addicted or know a friend who is addicted, you should not give up. It is not the end of life. Here are some of the treatment options which you can go for:

1. Kratom withdrawal

2. Cognitive therapy

  • This is a psychological test which is usually done on a person based on his or her state of mental function.
  • When one is significantly addicted, this therapy may be done to bring the person back to the original cognitive ability. It is associated with denial of kratom or giving it at a minimal amount.

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3. Relapse prevention therapy

  • This is usually done in a rehab center. The therapist makes the addict know that he or she is undergoing a health problem because of kratom use.
  • The addict is engaged in explaining how it all started that he or she ended in addiction. Out of this, the therapist explains the possible options the patient would have taken, which can still be considered to get back to normal.
  • Repeatedly, the person is made to do some activates which disrupt him or her from kratom. With time, addiction is done away with.