The regular 9 to 5 job along with the work stress can leave you completely drained out at the end of the day. Kratom and 5-HTP come handy here. These amazing mood lifters are the ones you will be looking forward to getting a relaxed sound sleep.

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Both kratom and 5 HTP have a similar effect. However, they have fundamental differences too. If you are looking to know which one’s the right choice for you, the answer is simple – it depends entirely on you to choose the one according to your taste.

Take a look to know how they compare.

How Are They Similar to Each Other?

  • Kratom and 5 HTP are both mood lifters. Whatever be their chemical differences, they will similarly lift your mood.
  • None are addictive. Unlike marijuana or tobacco products, none of these is addictive. You can skip the days when you don’t need them: no withdrawal symptoms and no de-addiction drives.
  • Both will give you instant relief from your stress and anxiety. After a hectic day, you can use any of them to calm down.
  • Both act on the CNS. So, they are neural medications.
  • Both are sold as OTC drugs for depression and anxiety disorders. So, if you feel that they are not safe enough, know that OTC drugs are very safe.
  • Both have limited side effects — lower than the popular anti-depression drugs.
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How Are They Different to Each Other?

However, these both have got several counter-points too. It is always better to know about them also. Just have a look over the points where these two drugs differ:

a. Impact:

Kratom acts on the opioid receptors. The human body has the natural ability to synthesize opioid. It relieves you of pain and anxiety and depression. But they are not produced in quantity too less or worth overdose. Kratom binds to these receptors of brains. It sends signals similar to that of opioids. So, you feel you lifted mood and diminished anxiety. Kratom enhances production of dopamine which brings out kratom effects. So, it is a narcotic.
Physicians strictly advise against its use in high dosage.
5 HTP is an intermediary between the tryptophan and serotonin. So, when ingested, it directly gets converted into serotonin. The serotonin acts on the brain. 5 HTP does not induce any effect on the opioid center of the brain. So, it is not a narcotic. The effects are all natural. You feel relieved and happy because of the increased levels of serotonin.

b. Side –effects:

We have already mentioned that kratom acts similar to the narcotic drugs. Due to this, when used regularly in high doses, it can lead to addiction. It needs to be mentioned here that kratom’s mode of action is exactly like marijuana or cannabis. It will create a dependency on it. This gives rise to a lot of side effects. If you miss the dose for even one day, you will feel restlessness, increased breathing, perspiration and so on. You might also experience withdrawal symptoms.
5 HTP not being a narcotic drug is free from any addiction chances. You have the freedom to stop its use after you get rid of your stress and anxiety.

c. Source:

Kratom is derived from the kratom leaves. The leaves are indigenous to Malaysia, Thailand, Papua new guinea and Indonesia.
5 HTP is derived from the seeds of an African plant, Griffonia simplicifolia. The seeds have 20% of 5 HTP. So, it is very economical to extract from them.

d. Usage:

Kratom is suggested for use in mild to severe depression. Only the dose differs according to the severity of the condition. Do note that 5 HTP is used in mild to moderate depression.

Combination of Kratom supplements with other substances

Kratom supplement should never combine with psychedelics, stimulants, prescription opiates, CNS depressants, SSRIs, and MAOIs. These combinations can have unpleasant, sometimes even dangerous implications.

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However, kratom can safely supplement with little alcohol, black tea, ginger, sugar, tobacco, and red poppy flower tea or blue lily flower tea.

Combination of 5-HTP supplements with other substances

5 HTP is directly associated with the level of serotonin. So, patients taking medications for low BP should avoid it. Those taking melatonin drugs reportedly get nightmares and dreams. So, they need to reduce the dose of 5 HTP. Also, you don’t need to take vitamin B supplements with it.
5 HTP already contains vitamin B. HTP and SSRI should not take together. It can lead to the serotonin syndrome with too much of it in the body. When combined with passionflower, it elevates mood better.

Side effects and Precautions Before Taking Kratom & 5-HTP

Here are some of the things you should know before going in for any of these.


Kratom strains act as a narcotic in high dosage. Its prolonged use can lead to increased nervousness, irregular bowel movements, tremors, headaches, loss of libido, increased melanin production, hallucination, and dermatitis.
It is unfit for:
  •  Expecting Mothers
  •  Schizophrenic patients
  • People with low BP
  • People with renal and liver issues
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The most side effects include irregular bowel movements, decreased libido, vomiting, nausea, and drowsiness. When overdosed, it can cause severe muscle cramps accompanied by a stomach ache.
It is not meant for nursing and expecting mothers. Also, those hoping some surgery need to stop it at least two weeks before the surgery schedule.

How Much Should You Take?

Wondering what is the recommended dose of Kratom & 5-HTP for mood enhancement?

You should better consult a physician for getting the perfect dose of these mood enhancers. However, for self-help, here is the list:

Quantity in grams Mild condition Moderate condition Severe condition
Kratom 1-2 gm 3-5 gm 6-10 gm
5-HTP 50 mg capsule 4-5 times a day  100 mg capsule three times a day 600-900 mg distributed over the day
It needs to note here that 5-HTP is not a regulated drug. You need to start from 50gm per dose and then titrate according to your purpose. Also, it is better to take it on an empty stomach.