Doctors and other medical professionals will combine two drugs towards the treatment of a particular physical illness. Examples include mixing kratom with benzos. The two drugs affect different receptors and therefore help the user to receive a feeling that he or she cannot achieve in using a single substance.

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There’s a variety of people who believe that the practice is safe on the user. However, this is not always the case. This article focuses on whether mixing kratom with benzos is healthy on the user. Are there any possible side effects in combining kratom and benzos? Or are there any benefits to the user on using this technique of receiving treatments?. Before that;

What is kratom?

Kratom or the Mitragyna Speciosa is a tree plant originating from the southeast region of Asia. For hundreds of year, the plant’s leaves continue to serve as a source of herbal medicine. Kratom works as a dose-dependent stimulant. It also functions similarly to the opiates.

However, most of its results are of benefit to the user’s health. Also, if used correctly, kratom will rarely result in an addiction. Therefore, we don’t classify the plant as an opiate. Kratom shares the same family of plants as the coffee tree. In the market, you’ll find kratom products in a variety of strains and brands, based on the country of origin.

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What are Benzos?

  • Benzo is the short form of Benzodiazepines which are a category of medication, also known as tranquilizers.
  • Among the most common drugs in this group include Xanax and Valium.
  • Benzos are among the most common prescriptions doctors will offer directions.
  • However, as a result of their sedative effects, most of the users will eventually abuse them.

Physicians will give benzos prescriptions for anxiety, insomnia, seizure control, and alcohol withdrawal, and muscle relaxation. Surgical rooms might also use benzos before anesthetic. Most of the benzos treat Generalized Anxiety Disorder, associated with panic and depression disorders. The drugs in this group are available in liquid, tablet, extended or disintegrating tablets.

Note that, benzos are available in a large variety consisting of more than 2000 brands. However, not more than 15 of them got FDA approval. Their classifications depend on how long the effects last. The drugs can make the user feel high and therefore the reason for their abuse.

  • Take an example of Xanax. In the year 2009, the drug was the reason behind most of the emergency rooms attendances that associated with the central nervous system.
  • If the user gets addicted to the substance for a long while, it can result in psychotic experiences, depression, and aggressiveness.

What does research say about kratom and benzos

From the experts, combining benzos with other drugs especially the opioids is dangerous. In fact, in the US, prescriptions that combine opioids and benzos are against the law. The combination is only possible if the patient is under a critical condition. Such directions carry with them a black box warning from the FDA. In combining benzos with opiates, it can result in advanced effects such as extreme sleepiness, a coma, breathing problems or worsen the situation to death.

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Until now, no enough evidence can support the claims that kratom is opioid or not. Kratom works similarly as the opioids, and therefore more research on the product is underway. However, if we find out that kratom is, in fact, an opioid, the results in combining benzos with kratom might be worse than scientist claims.

Is it safe to combine kratom and benzos?

As discussed, Kratoms works similarly as the opioids and therefore resulting in similar effects. With this in mind, it’s irresponsible of the user to consider a combination of the two as safe for his or her health. Finding the possible effects of even death, combining the two drugs is not good advice.

From research, there are more than 40 deaths that get associated with the use of kratom in combination with other sedatives. However, that doesn’t mean that kratom is dangerous. It’s an eye opener for the possible effects that might show up when you combine kratom with other drugs,

Also, the fact that there is not enough evidence that kratom is not an opioid set an alarm for possible threats. As said earlier in the article, there are a variety of kratom brands in the market the same as the benzos.

Not all of these brands are FDA certified, and some might be of low quality and not meet user’s specifications. If you happen to purchase either and combine for you, there is a possibility of undesirable effects from the treatment. It means that, in using the two, there is a chance the user is digging into his or her grave. Addition to the use of kratom and benzos together is worse enough to ruin your life completely if the results don’t lead to death.

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How does the user stop using kratom and benzos together?

When the user turns out addicted to polydrug addition, there is a need to make sure there is quick treatment on him or her. If left untreated, there is a possibility of facing death. However, stopping on drug abuse isn’t a simple task. It calls for help from professionals. The user can visit a rehab center and start on a recovery program.

Rehabilitation centers are excellent places in healing the broken spirits, bodies, and mind as a result of drugs. Self-treatment might not effective as rehabs can be, and therefore, there is a reason for addicted users to reach out for specialists help. They should take a step and seek assistance today for a chance to get back their life.

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Final Verdict

Combining benzos with any drugs is not a recommendation that doctors will entertain. The same applies to the kratom products especially now that it’s not conclusive on whether it’s an opioid or not. Therefore, it’s a call for all kratom and benzos users not to combine the two. By doing this, it can result in fatal side effects including death.