Once you have decided to get yourself some Kraton dosage, here is what you would be probably thinking – how do you use Kratom? Kratom capsules/powder is very bitter to consume. If you are not taking the supplement pills, then you do need to endure this bitterness. For newcomers, this can be a significant turnoff. However, if you cannot let yourself go through the regular and recurrent bitter taste, here is a solution. All you need to do is to mix kratom powder with cranberry juice.

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How to Mix Kratom and Cranberry Juice?

There are two ways in which you can mix kratom and cranberry juice. You can put the kratom powder in the assist, mix it well and drink. Now, like all herbal powders, even kratom is insoluble in liquid this means, you will leave with kratom all along the inside of your glass. Also, it renders a rather sandy texture to the mix which many hate. If you can manage that, this is a good option for you.

Method 1 – Pour The Juice into the Glass

You can get the leftover kratom by pouring some more juice into the glass, moving it circularly and then drinking it. Most importantly, you need to realize the exact amount of kratom that you need. Its under-consumption can aggravate the situation while an overdose can have its side-effects.

Method 2 – Consume the Kratom Powder Directly

In this second method, you need to take to powder directly into your mouth. Now, drink the cranberry juice in small sips swishing it each time. This way, you will be able to consume your complete dose without wasting it middle way. Here also, you should be thoroughly familiar with the fact that kratom extract can stick all over your buccal cavity. You need to be patient while consuming juice.

How Can You Get the Best Taste?

Now, you might wonder as to which of the two methods above is better. While mixing kratom in tea or juice first is a good way to go about it, in both cases, what matters most is the dose that you are taking. With trial and error, you will know what dose suits you. Please keep a separate measuring spoon for it.

Health Benefits of the Combination:

This combo is very beneficial for the body. Moreover, kratom goes quite well with cranberry juice without causing any unpleasant kratom effects. Here are the benefits of kratom.
1. Kratom relieves you of your mental stress and anxiety.
2. It is known to regulate blood sugar level in diabetics
3. It is an excellent aphrodisiac. In proper dose, it promotes conception rate and libido.
4. Being a painkiller, it helps patients with osteoarthritis, osteoporosis and also a post-surgery pain.
5. It can help in dealing with opioid de-addiction. As it acts on the opioid receptors of the brain, addicts can use it in moderate quantity. It will relieve them of the extreme withdrawal symptoms.
Cranberry juice is no less beneficial.
Here are some of it.
1. Prevents CVDs: Cranberry juice contains enough flavonoids to prevent atherosclerosis. This ensures that the heart vessels don’t get narrower, thus preventing heart attacks.
2. Prevents UTIs: Urinary tract infections are known to be one of the most pestering diseases. With today’s mobile and hectic lifestyle, t is tough searching for a clean toilet when outside. This is the point where most people contract UTIs. More men than women are known to be its patient. Cranberry juice is well-known for preventing UTIs.
3. Prevents cancer: Cranberries contain proanthocyanins that are anti-carcinogenic. So, its regular consumption is useful for preventing cancer.
4. Prevents osteoporosis: Being a rich source of calcium, it prevents osteoporosis in women. In young kids, it strengthens bones and teeth.
5. Prevents common cold: It is a rich source of vitamin C, a well-known agent for preventing the common cold.

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What do Users Say?

People who have this combination are all delighted. The bitter taste of kratom bothered them a lot. Pairing it with cranberry juice helped them ingest it smoothly. The health benefits of cranberry juice itself are overwhelming. However, most have admitted to the sandy look of the mixed juice. Nevertheless, who cares for the look when you get so many health benefits!