Arguably, Kratom is used for the treatment of mental illness. To be specific, some strains of Kratom known for their stimulating effects have always used in the treatment of

  • ailments
  • for instance
  • bipolar disorder
  • and depression

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Additionally, it’s for this reason that Kratom, a tropical tree in Southeast Asia with leaves that contain compounds with psychotropic effect, has been used for a long time in Southeast Asia. Kratom also has a sedative and stimulating effect.

Besides that, consumers of Kratom in North America have been on the rise. This can be attributed to the fact that the product is readily available because there are numerous online vendors are selling the Kratom. In this article, we explore the relation between Kratom and mental health.

How to use Kratom

The substance can use in a variety of ways. Most of the consumers take Kratom as a

Some people can also brew the dried or powdered leaves; some can even chew its leaves. Furthermore, you can smoke or eat in food as well.

Effects of Kratom on Mental Health

Kratom causes effects, which are similar to opioids and stimulants.

There are two compounds found in Kratom leaves:

  • mitragynine
  • 7-α-hydroxymitragynine.

These two compounds interact with the opioid receptors in the brain thus resulting in positive effects such as

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Furthermore, the Mitragynine interacts with receptors system in the human brain thus producing stimulant effects.

Small amount intake of Kratom can cause

  • Alertness
  • Sociability
  • increased energy

Benefits of Kratom on the Mental Health

Enhances the quality of your sleeping time

Known as the herb formula for scaling up the quality of sleep, consumption of Kratom improves the quality of your sleep because it relaxes your brain before sleeping. Kratom is capable of making you calm, and users report that a puff or sip of Kratom tea sweetens your dreams.

Boosts your mood

Consumption of Kratom boosts your mood. It also causes deep satisfaction as well as prosperity. One dosage per day erases negative thoughts in your mind and makes you optimistic. It can also bring happiness.

Enhances cognition

Arguably, Kratom can improve cognition. Many users of the product report increased mental capacity upon consumption of Kratom. The human brain is always considered as the most powerful organ in the body because it controls function, be it mental, physical, or sensory.

To do this, the brain gets energy from nutrients from the food and drinks you consume. The body after that metabolizes nutrients; the end-product act on different receptors inside the body.

However, for Kratom, its mitragynine naturally formed alkaloids, and 7-hydro mitragynine is the final products of the body metabolism. These alkaloids communicate to the opioid receptors in the brain thus affecting the cognitive performance.

Kratom as a sedative

Intake of Kratom diffuses mental and physical tension. It is also helpful as it reduces stress and nervousness.

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Kratom: Treatment for mental illness

Depression is a mental illness affecting millions of people globally. Its symptoms include

  • despair
  • hopelessness
  • and lack of interest

on things you previously found to be fun. In extreme cases, depression can lead to suicide.

With the use of strains of Kratom, your moods will elevate. Strains of Kratom such as white strain suppress symptoms of depression, as they provide stimulation instead of sedating feeling. Therefore, the use of a strain of Kratom may be the best treatment for depression.

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Bipolar disorder is also another mental illness known to create mood swings. There are prescribed medication given to patients; this medication aims to reduce the intensity of the moods swings. However, bipolar medication tends to cause adverse side effects such as drowsiness and nausea. With the right dosage and right strain of Kratom, you may get rid of a bipolar disorder.

When you feel you’re down, the best strain to use is either white or Thai strain because they have a stimulating effect which can boost your mood. However, when you feel high, the best strain is Indo or Bali strain as they have sedative properties that bring down your attitudes to a manageable level.


The effects of Kratom on mental health are dependent on the strain and the level of your consumption. As a safe estimate, 2 grams of Kratom is small to moderate dosage whereas 6 grams or over cause sedative effects.