The pain that is usually experienced by many is not only uncomfortable but also very unpleasant. This can end up ruining your regular daily pattern, which has contributed significantly to the great adaptation of Kratom and Tramadol as one of the so many alternatives of taking care of this never-ending pain. This is why it is vital to know some of the most basic facts about Kratom and Tramadol, explaining why it is one of the most commonly used and very useful drugs.

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How to use Kratom and Tramadol

  • One of the most important fact that you should note is that it is not advisable to use Kratom and Tramadol at the same time. It has been seen that the two drugs do not complement each other when taken together.
  • When you want to have the best effect of the two drugs, it is suggested that you have them separately. Preferably use Kratom then if need be taken Tramadol after a few hours from taking Kratom. Because the two drugs have Serotonin effects taking them at this interval, produce not only the best result but also reduces the effects as mentioned above.
  • It has been witnessed that one of the significant differences between the two is the coming down effect. The use of tramadol has less come down effect than the usage of Kratom. It is nearly impossible to differentiate which of the two medication is far much better than the other. What you end up using depends on your sensitivity.
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Effects of Tramadol and Kratom


It can categorically state that if taking in the right amount and procedure, there is no issue whatsoever when taking both Kratom and Tramadol. It has seen most of the time that taking Kratom categorically, lowers the chances of having seizure although noted that it does not impact in such a huge way. A few individuals have witnessed saying that has said about the effect of taking Kratom to the extent of it is being linked to Alvis death. This is having no truth whatsoever, as both Kratom and Tramadol has been witnessed by a huge number to have no such effects as but the opposite.


Like any other pain relieving pharmaceutical drug when taken to a certain amount it has no negative effects. Kratom and tramadol have no documented death after use.


As previously mentioned it does not have any effect when one alternate between the two drugs but care has to take when doing so. This is because of the Serotonin effect. The best way to go about it is use of Kratom and wait for about 2 hours and maybe consume Tramadol. The reason behind all this is that Kratom tends to be much stronger to Tramadol for most users.


You will have to note that one can switch in between these two drugs, but it depends on your sensitivity level. Be very cautious when doing so unless you are pretty sure that they will not cause any minor changes to yourself. Be very well advised when you want to undertake that measure when comprehending your pain, as you have already noticed that Kratom can be considered a stronger dosage than Tramadol.

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Kratom vs. Tramadol

  • Despite the argument that Kratom can be stronger than Tramadol, you can as well potentiate the former for the later. This will not only be more effective but also work very well to take care of some of the pain that might have been there for a while. Care has to be considered though when doing that as it has to be done in the previously mentioned order.
  • Taking Tramadol when you want to withdraw from Kratom is another useful and most efficient method of cutting on your Kratom in the Long run. It is advisable to opt for Tramadol when you are in the process of withdrawing to a much easier drug.
  • It has mostly been witnessed that40mg of Tramadol at the same time with 10g of Kratom every day for as long as one week as you get used to the usage of tramadol

Withdrawal Symptoms and Opiate withdrawal.

  • Using either Tramadol or Kratom is the best way when one is suffering from withdrawal symptoms. As you will realize that most doctors use Tramadol when they are treating a huge number of patients that are considered to suffer from the withdrawal symptoms.
  • Tramadol has no component of opiate at all making it very efficient with withdrawal symptoms. They are considered as merely as an analgesic agent that has opium activity because of the only reason that it has relation with the source.
  • Kratom such as green Malay Kratom, Maeng Da Kratom, and ultra-enhanced has been considered more effective than using Tramadol is because of some of the side effects that have been witnessed by Tramadol use.
  •  You will realize that Kratom is not an opiate or a drug and in this case the best way since it has no addition associated with it.
  • The use of Opiate leaves one feel high because they bind the receptors which in the end stimulates the nervous system, of which this is not the case with Kratom. Unlike Opiate effect Kratom does not make one depend on the drug but rather give the feeling of relaxation to the user.
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There are so many reasons as to why you will want to use some of the Kratom, be it Malay, Red Thai or Maeng da or tramadol depending on the brands, examples are ConZip, Ultram or Ultram ER drugs.

As these are some available brands in the market. The best and very efficient way to go about this is identifying why you want to use them for, whether as a pain reliever or a withdrawal. As these medications give alternative and very effective solutions and one has to have the necessary information to have the best solution form these highly effective drugs.