The Kratom ban has always been a hot debate, and people have discussed it for hundreds of years. As far as the consumption of this plant is concerned, it has been serving humanity for thousands of years as per many published studies. True, this herb was not well-known at first. However, it grew in popularity later on. Notably, the Kratom industry has experienced a significant boom in the last ten years.

A wide variety of Speciosa items are already on the market, and the inventory is growing by the day. This indicates that more people are getting attracted to this magical tree leaf. The number of manufacturers is increasing in tandem with the increase in demand for this plant. As a result, the market is becoming saturated every day.

Therefore, the chances of being duped are also rising. Newcomers, in particular, face significant challenges when it comes to purchasing their favorite Kratom strains.

Some market scammers have caused extensive damage to the Kratom industry by selling outdated and impure strains that can result in health complications. Similarly, negative media attention has a much more negative impact on Speciosa’s reputation. Such misleading information always leads to the Kratom ban in different parts of the world.

This guide is designed to provide you with the background of the Kratom ban, what factors contribute to these legal proceedings, and how some official bodies play their part. Let’s dive right in.

History Of Kratom Ban

Speciosa has always been a controversial herbal product. Many such regions have initially banned the use of this plant but uplifted the ban later on. Before getting into the specifics of Mitragyna criminalization, let’s take a look at its historical past.

US Kratom Ban

Around a decade ago, Mitragyna entered the US market and started promoting wellness for every citizen. But, some individuals and official authorities were not in favor of this tree leaf being consumed by human beings. Therefore, they started putting efforts to outlaw this herb somehow.

In October 2016, DEA declared Kratom a controlled medication, and they further claimed that this herb has no therapeutic benefits. In addition, this organization was willing to add Speciosa to the family of Schedule-I substances. The public was given a fair chance to comment on this initiative, and many individuals were against this decision. This is why Speciosa was not criminalized at that time.

Kratom Criminalization In Thailand

Thailand, without a doubt, is one of the biggest producers of Kratom throughout the world, and this land is blessed with the natural growth of Mitragyna trees. The government was involved in collecting huge taxes on the consumption of kratom products.

As far as the use of Korth in Thailand is concerned, it resulted in a decrease in overall taxes, and it was one of the significant reasons why Speciosa got banned over there in 1943. The public was not happy with this decision because they benefited from this plant for centuries. Despite introducing this criminalization, the Korth consumption has not entirely ended yet.

Has Indonesia Outlawed Speciosa?

As of now, there is no restriction imposed on the use of Mitragyna in Indonesia. This country alone captures more than 95% of the total global shares of the Kratom industry. Some sources reported in 2019 that Speciosa may get banned in 2022, but it did not happen and made the users happy.

Ten months later, in August 2020, the reclassification of this plant allowed cultivation and export for medicinal purposes only. The next deadline to criminalize this herb was extended to 2024. For now, in 2022, you can consume Korth. Further updates are expected somewhere in 2024 or come before this year.

Speciosa Criminalization In Other Regions

Apart from Thailand and a few states of the US, there are many other countries where you can’t take Speciosa legally. The countries including Australia, Germany, Ireland, Finland, Malaysia, New Zealand, and Portugal have a complete ban on Mitragyna consumption. The list goes on with many other regions.

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What Role Are DEA And FDA Playing?

Both FDA and DEA are official US bodies to keep an eye on every single activity associated with the use of herbal supplements and substances. Mitragyna is a substance with the most extensive consumption network in the United States, and this is why it is on target of DEA and FDA.

Korth carries a list of around 40 different alkaloids to showcase the overall properties of this herb. 7-hydroxy-mitragynine and mitragynine are top of the list that contribute to the overall potency and influence you feel. Keeping in mind the responsibility of these two alkaloids, DEA and FDA think that Korth is an unsafe medication to be consumed.

These authorities have attempted to outlaw Speciosa, but the public jumped in and saved this tree leaf from getting banned.

Recent Updates On Kratom Ban

As you know, the World Health Organization (WHO) is the largest global body concerned with maintaining the good health of everyone. WHO called a meeting in October 2021 to discuss the future of Kratom.

FDA and DEA presented their material, whereas AKA had also gone the extra mile to collect the views of Speciosa advocates and the whole community. The findings of this meeting will make things clear about the future of Korth.

How Do Mitragyna Users Respond To Kratom Ban?

Not even a single user wants a Kratom ban. Instead, they favour promoting awareness of this magical plant. Huge Speciosa communities always claim that this tree leaf has promoted their natural wellness and well-being, and they are pretty happy with the outcomes.

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Is There Any Official Body Working For Protecting Kratom?

It is miserable to have a minimal number of organizations that support human Mitragyna consumption. You will find none other than the American Kratom Association (AKA) if you explore. It is a leading official advocate that is spreading Speciosa awareness and setting standards to regulate this industry so that everyone can get safe items.

Will Kratom Be Banned Shortly?

Well, research is the biggest hurdle in this domain. To determine the future of Kratom and its online vendors, it is a must to conduct significant research and perform clinical studies. This is the only way to get authentic information in this regard. Mitragyna advocates are playing their part to support this plant and hoping to gain fruitful results.

Final Words

The kratom ban has become the trendiest discussion these days. The significant parameters causing this discussion are the controversial nature of the plant and negative media coverage. The US has no federal restriction on Korth consumption, but six states have introduced a ban because they are free.

Similarly, other countries, including but not limited to Australia, New Zealand, Germany, and Malaysia, don’t allow you to ingest this tree leaf within their premises.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions: Korth is banned in my state, but I want to take this herb. What should I do?

Answer: Well, if your state has outlawed this herb, don’t try to take it in your region. Otherwise, you may be exposed to different challenges, including but not limited to jail and heavy fines. The best option for you is to move to another land where Korth is not considered a controlled substance.

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Questions: Can I travel with Kratom to the United States?

Answer: Yes, you can travel with this herb to the US but don’t forget to check the legal laws of Mitragyna in the state you are about to land in. It will provide you with clear stuff on what you should do and what not.

Questions: Is it safe to consume Speciosa at public places where this herb is not criminalized?

Answer: If you are living in a place where Mitragyna consumption is legally allowed for human beings, you can take this plant to public places. People enjoy more when they ingest Speciosa with their friends, family, and colleagues in open areas. You should read through the state laws before you start taking this tree leaf in public.