Kratom products continue to gain popularity as more and more individuals learn of their immense benefits. New kratom vendors are surfacing now and then. As a consumer, you can find difficulties locating an ideal and reliable vendor. You can only realize the benefits of consuming kratom if you use quality products. On the other hand, you might experience side effects besides losing your cash by purchasing low-quality products.

Therefore, what is the solution of getting the best from kratom products and avoid any potential adverse effects? Locating a reputable vendor is the only pathways to getting the best from your kratom. I will look at one of the leading kratom vendors in the US by the name: Kratom Country. One main distinction between this vendor and the rest is their commitment to only offering kratom products. Let us look more in-depth at what kratom Country offers and why trust their products.
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Who is Kratom Country?

Kratom Country is an online vendor where can readily access different kratom products from their website. This vendor joined the kratom industry in the year 2010. Since then they have continually embarked on providing quality kratom products to their clients. The company is based in Carlsbad, California. This vendor offers different strains of kratom under one shop. Besides the strains, you can also access different kratom products such as kratom powder, capsules, and kratom leaves.

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Discounts, seasonal offers, excellent customer service, and free shipping are some benefits of shopping with Kratom Country. Besides, Kratom Country has also attracted many customers by making sure that their products are affordable.

Products available at Kratom Country

Each Kratom strain is produced for a specific purpose. Different kratom users will prefer certain strains due to its known effect. At kratom Country, you will find different strains of kratom in varying packaging.

Kratom Capsules

Kratom Country sources its kratom leaves from Southeast Asia. The leaves are made into a smooth powder before encapsulation. Capsules used for packaging the powder are the size ‘00’. They have sealed in airtight foil to preserves the quality. The kratom capsules available include; Bali, Maeng Da, Indo, Malay, Thai and Vietnam Kratom. These are the specific brands of kratom capsules available at Kratom Country;

  • Vietnam kratom capsules (28g-224g): $25.97- $158.97
  •  Premium Bali kratom capsules (28g-432g): $15.97- $189.97
  •  Premium Maeng Da capsules (28g-432g): $21.77- $284.77
  • Indonesian kratom capsules (28g-224g): $14.97-$93.97
  • Ultra blend kratom capsules (28g-112g): $22.97-$76.97
  • Green Malay kratom capsules (28g-224g): $16.97-$118.97
  • Premium Thai kratom capsules (28g-224g): $14.97-$94.97

Kratom Powder

Kratom Country stocks a variety of kratom powder strains. The leaves used to make the powder are sourced from South East Asia before they are ground into a smooth powder and later packed. The leaves are ground on a weekly basis to preserve the quality. They include;

  •  Premium Bali kratom powder (28g- 432g): $9.97-$124.97
  • Kali Maeng Da kratom powder (28g-224g): $13.97-$81.97
  • Premium Vietnam kratom powder (28g-224g): $20.97-$139.97
  • Premium Maeng Da kratom powder (28g- 432g): $17.97-$245.97
  • Premium Thai kratom powder (28g-432g): $11.97-$136.97
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Kratom leaf

Kraton leaves available at Kratom County include:

  • Bali kratom leaf (28g-224g): $10.97-$65.97
  • Thai kratom leaf (28g-224g): $11.97$74.97
  • Maeng Da kratom leaf (28g-224g):$17.97-$120.97

Variety packs

Kratom Country has two variety packs;

  •  Variety capsule pack (28g of Thai, 28g of Bali and 28g of Maeng Da): $49.97
  • Kratom powder variety pack (28g of Bali, Thai and Maeng Da each): $39.97

Kratom Country website

Customers are attracted to a user-friendly website. Such a site must have clear content, easy to navigate, fast to load among others. Kratom Country website is user-friendly; customers have testified of ease when browsing through the website, besides the pages are interrelated through links to different essential categories.


To remain relevant in the kratom industry, Kratom Country has majored on quality as its main strength. As pointed out earlier, you can only gain maximum benefits from kratom products if you source quality products from a reliable vendor. Weekly grinding of kratom leaves and excellent packaging are some measures Kratom Country has invested in, besides sourcing the leaves from reputable farms.

Kratom Country sources its leaves based on demand. This ensures they do not sell expired stock products. They always make sure they have adequate quantities of each strain to avoid frustrating their customers.


Kratom products are marketed based on quality and price. Kratom country is abreast of other vendors by providing quality kratom products at affordable rates. Also, they offer free shopping for every purchase made. This is a motivation to the customers since they don’t have to pay an extra coin as shipping cost.

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You can access customer reviews on each product from its page. Be on the lookout for special discounts and coupons by regularly visiting the website. For example, you can make savings of up to 10% if you buy the variety capsules or powders.

Shipping policy

Several shipping options are available at Kratom Country. Every time a customer purchases a product from the website, the order is processed and dispatched to the destination. Each order bears are unique tracking ID that the customer can use to follow the delivery. If you need faster delivery of your products, you will pay an extra charge. Normal shipments are made in 4-6 days. The shipments are made on weekdays from Monday to Friday.

Shipping options available at Kratom Country include;

  • Free shipping: 4-6 days
  • FedEx Saturday delivery: $41.99, for orders made on Friday
  • FedEx Standard Overnight: $24.99
  • FedEx 2-day: $15.99
  • FedEx Ground (4 days): $10.95

Remember Kratom Country only ships within the US. They do not ship to San Diego, DC, WI, AR, RI, AL, VT, and IN.

Coupons & discount & deals

Kratom Country offer discounts, coupons, and deals to attract and retain customers. Always check their websites regularly for new deals, discounts, and coupons. Mostly, variety packs attract a discount of 10-15% depending on the season.


Most customers are contented at the services offered by Kratom Country. This vendor has been rated highly in delivering strong kratom products on time. Some customers even testify of receiving their products earlier than indicated. You can search for customer testimonials online to gauge the services offered by Kratom Country.

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The customer service department has also attracted positive reviews from their clients as responsive and helpful. The major downside of Kratom country is a limited variety regarding kratom strains, but their quality and delivery services are superb.

How to place an order

As a new client, you are required to sign up and create an account. Subsequent visits allow you to gain aces to the products after logging in.

Once in the site, you can easily add your desired products to the shopping cart and check out once through. Your order will receive a unique tracking ID. This ID can be used to track the products. Their products are usually delivered as indicated.


You can reach Kratom Country by the following phone number

Telephone: 8773004668

Alternatively, you can consider filling in the contact form on their website if you have any concerns or queries.

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Final words

High-quality kratom products are mandatory if you are to enjoy the immense benefits of these products. Kratom Country is an emerging leader in the kratom industry in the US. They have grown over the years to offer fast and reliable delivery services besides potent kratom products. If you are in search for quality kratom products delivered in time, then consider Kratom Country.