Kratom Crazy is the latest entrant in the market offering a range of good quality Kratom products. It is a purely online shop that provides buyers bulk and wholesale for quantities between 1-35 ounces. Their site is user-friendly and allows the buyer to buy any of their nine kratom products easily. They also provide useful information regarding each product to allow the buyer to buy the right product that they want. The profile on each product gives you its history, origin as well as alkaloid profile. The attention to detail on this particular site is impressive.

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Kratom Crazy Appearance and Ease of Purchase

To compare products first mark the products you would like to compare then on the top left of the screen click on “My account.” This will give you a drop-down menu with one of the preferences being “compare” Click on that option to view all the items you had marked for comparison.

That’s pretty much the hardest navigation tool on the site, other than that users can easily find their way around as everything else is basically self-explanatory and almost just the same as most online shopping sites. You add items to cart then click on the little cart icon to view your contents and to check out.

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Kratom Crazy

Shipping Information Of Kratom Crazy

  • There is free shipping on all orders starting from 49 bucks.
  • Kratom Crazy products are shipped to any part of the U.S at a charge of $2.99 for orders below $49 as long as you provide an address in the U.S.
  • The free shipping allows bulk shoppers to save a lot more. Their shipping charges are some of the best in the market right now; even better is the fact that orders shipped on the day of purchase, and they do offer next day upgraded shipping.

Kratom Crazy Contact information

You can easily contact kratom crazy if you want to place an order, have any questions or suggestions via their website Fill in the form on the right-hand side of the page and wait for a response in 2-4 working hours.

Kratom Crazy Discounts and coupons

Currently, the Kratom crazy discount club is not open as they are looking for a better way to reward their customers. At Kratom crazy, they have set lower prices for goods hence giving a discount to all the customers. Coupons are also available, and you can use the coupon code to buy products at Kratom crazy.

Kratom Crazy products

Kratom Crazy Product Reviews

Some online stores that sell kratom pride themselves in selling mixed blends and this often confuses the buyer who may want to achieve one result from their kratom. Kratom crazy offers you the original primary kratom strains.

This ensures they concentrate on making good quality products rather than a mixture of products with varied results. All their Kratom is bought from Indonesian farmers who carefully pick from mature plants that grow naturally in the forests. All these plants grow naturally and organically without the use of pesticides or chemicals hence the quality of kratom is not compromised.

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All orders from their experience arrive within two days, and the packaging has no marking and is long-lasting. The weight of the products as well is very accurate as indicated on the packs. The products are equally valid in their results; at least from my tests. Below is a review of each of the Kratom crazy products

Green Vein Borneo

The first striking quality of this product is its distinct smell that is associated with Borneo Kratom leaves. The result was awe-inspiring. It is meant to offer a minimal boost of energy and a noticeable analgesic effect. It was quite enjoyable and with no side effects.

Maeng Da

Maeng Da is said to be one of the most potent strains of Kratom and offers an unmatched result in pain relief, stimulation and mood enhancement. From my experience with this product, Kratom crazy offers one of the best. It completely is a worthy investment, and the results match the hype.

Red Vein Bali

Red Vein Bali

True Red Vein Bali has a high percentage of the 7-Hydroxymitragynine alkaloid, and this offers a nice analgesic effect. Additionally, Red Vein Bali is often used in kratom stacks. Kratom Crazy’s Red Vein Bali did not disappoint, and it offered a relatively smooth experience on its own and in a stack.

Red Vein Borneo

You will be very impressed with Kratom Crazy Borneo. This product has a unique Borneo aroma, and you will quickly achieve strength as promised. It is also very useful in stress relief and in fighting anxiety. Red vein Borneo will put everything behind you making you relaxed and energized.

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Red Vein Indonesian

Red Vein Indonesian is one of the favorite strains of Kratom crazy products. It is smooth and will offer the user several results including pain relief, enhancement of your mood as well as the required stimulation. This will be a favorite for anyone, and it does offer slight differences to the Red Vein Borneo.

Red Vein Thai

The Red vein Thai is not everybody’s product as is its counterpart Red Vein Indonesian. This strain of Kratom crazy products can be an epic fail or an epic hit. It offers a well-balanced result of stimulation, pain relief, and mood enhancement. Users who are accustomed to using the Red Vein Thain will be impressed by how the Kratom crazy product performs.

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Super Green Malaysian

This is a product that sourced from the largest most alkaloid rich leaves. Kratom crazy offers Super Green Malaysian strain that will give you stimulation, pain relief, increased concentration, mood enhancement and hence meets the demands of the Super on its label. Green Malaysian users will be far impressed by the performance of the Super from Kratom Crazy.

White Indonesian

The White Indonesian strain is unlike other White Kratom strains and compares more to the Red Vein Thai. It is a definite hit for an energy boost but a bit of a miss when it comes to analgesic properties that you might get from other Indonesian products. It is recommendable to people whose main aim is to achieve an energy boost and not so much of a good option for a person seeking pain relief.

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White Vein Borneo

White Vein Borneo

It is said to be non-blended, and it is quite uncommon to find this strain in its original form. It has a natural taste, and the experience will be quite impressive. It does the job if you are looking for a mood enhancer.

Final Thoughts

Kratom Crazy is a distinct retailer with a lot of unique qualities and options on its website. Here you can get the unblended version of White Vein Borneo, and the shipping is very affordable with the free shipping on large orders. This is the go-to site for any lover of Kratom seeking specific results. Besides, customers can get discount coupons if they join the Kratom Crazy club.