Among the most common side effects that a Kratom user might suffer from include dizziness. If you’re a newbie in kratom usage, this might be a familiar experience on your side. As a result, many people will not love the product on their first days of exposure. But are there ways through which users can reduce on kratom dizziness? In this article, we present the reader with tips concerning the usage and how he or she can manage the feeling of dizziness. We shall also define kratom for those who still do not know the product. Consider reading through the whole text for a chance to understand the topic better.

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What is Kratom?

Kratom is a plant that originates from the Southeast of Asia and shares the same family of plants with gardenias and coffee. In this region, the plant finds its use as an herbal medicine for hundreds of years for treating a variety of ailments.

Kratom comes as a stimulant that is dose-dependent and its effects are similar to those of opiate drugs. However, kratom is not an opium drug, and most of its results are health beneficial. In most of the states, the drug is legal for use both for medicinal and recreational purposes.

How does Kratom Work?

Kratom contains in it more than 20 alkaloids, which triggers the opioid receptors the same way as the opiate drugs do. The difference between opioid and kratom is the fact that kratom is not an opiate. When the alkaloids reach the receptors, they block the neurotransmitters, and this is how one gets to express kratom effects such as relaxation, seductive and euphoric. The same way, the user gets to experience the side effects such as dizziness, nausea, and headache.

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What causes Kratom Dizziness?

Now that the user knows how kratom works, what causes kratom dizziness? The effect can result from taking high kratom doses that the user can withstand. A high dose will also create a foggy brain sensation. The user can also experience a lightheaded effect afterward.

  • Also, some kratom strains can contribute to kratom dizziness. These include Indo, Bali, and Borneo, which can further result in eye wobbles. These are the two leading causes of kratom dizziness on the user. The best advice for the user is to consider starting with a low dosage if he or she wishes to avoid kratom dizziness effects.
  • Low blood sugar levels in the body can also contribute to kratom dizziness. At most cases, this will happen when the user uses kratom products with an empty stomach. However, not many of the kratom users will tell when they’re hungry. Such can be as a result of kratom altering with the brain perception of hunger. The best way to cope with the situation is to eat food rich in sugars. In this way, the user boosts his or her blood sugar levels and therefore taking control of the feeling.

These are a few of the causes of kratom dizziness, a condition that can turn out very disturbing.

How does the user Avoid Kratom Dizziness?

Reduce the Dose: For users who experience kratom dizziness, the first step to cut on the feeling is by reducing the dose. The users should consider picking a prescription that is effective for their bodies. What seems too small for one user might be too much for another and the vice versa. Therefore, users should take doses based on their personal kratom use evaluation.

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Choose the best strain:

  • Every kratom strain comes with its unique effects. Some of the strains will cause much of the adverse effects than others. In this case, it’s recommendable for the user to pick a twist that offers the impact that he or she is looking out to experience. In this way, the user can attain the desired results at a low dose.

Also, users should check on the strength of the strains if they want to know the exact measure to take for each of the Kratoms. The best way is to start low and find the dosage work the case up. Also, if you are new to kratom products, consider refraining from strains that result in dizziness effects such as Bali and Indo Kratom.

Track your experience:

  • Another way that the user can avoid kratom dizziness is by tracking their kratom experiences. The best way to do this is by recording the dose amount and strain they take, as well as the effects they experience. By doing this, users can come up with the correct dose amount and brand they should consume. Such practices help them to avoid cases of experiencing kratom dizziness.

Try Different consumption Methods:

  • Kratom users can also try different methods of consuming kratom products to regulate dizziness effects. The way one consumes the kratom determines which of the 20 alkaloids reaches the neurotransmitters. As a result, different ways of taking kratom means that the user will experience different effects. Therefore, some of the consumption methods will work better in controlling kratom dizziness.
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Talk to a doctor:

  • Also, users can talk with a doctor if they want to come with the collect dose. Doctors are experts, and with a good explanation of why the user wants to use kratom, they’ll give a suitable recommendation. It’s always recommendable that, before a user starts using kratom, share his or her feeling with a doctor.

Kratom Extract Effects and Dosage

   Dosage   Threshold      Mild     Moderate    Strong Very Strong
   1 g    1-2 g       2-4 g      3-6 g      5-8 g


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Still wondering “why I’m feeling dizzy after using kratom products?” the above are the reasons. Users should consider understanding each of the kratom strain and understand their possibility of causing dizziness. The above ways on how to avoid kratom dizziness are also crucial for users.

If only kratom consumers would follow on their doses, the strains they consume and the way they take kratom, kratom dizziness cases would reduce. As a user, one should consider observing on his or her past kratom experience and in this way, it’ll be possible to avoid kratom dizziness.