There has been an ongoing debate as to whether Kratom works differently for women and men. We already know that Kratom works for everyone, but this may differ significantly based on many factors one of which is sex of the user. Kratom being a powerful herb depends highly on dosage, which explains why it acts differently for male and female. This article provides the reason as to why Kratom is different for women and men.

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Why Kratom Works Differently in People

Kratom is renowned for the many health benefits that it offers. Its leaves are used as a recreation and as medicine. For instance, Kratom is used by people to manage a cough, anxiety, depression and to withdraw from an opiate. The benefits results from the effects of a chemical compound called mitragynine. This compound works in the same way as opioid drugs like codeine and morphine to relieve pain. Although men and women have the same organs like the lungs, liver, brain, heart, and stomach, the two genders have some distinct differences that explain how they respond to Kratom.

Are the Effects of Kratom different for Women and Men?

Generally, there exists a difference in how Kratom works for men and women. Although the overall effects are similar, the intensity, visibility, and duration may differ significantly between men and women. The results of Kratom emanate as a pleasing phase that makes users happy causes peace of mind and lowers pain and stress.

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Although no research has conducted on the effects of Kratom on women and men, evidence suggests that the efficacy of medicines is more dependent on sex as compared to the dose. This is mainly due to the differences in hormones and genes of women and men.

Another contributing factor is the difference in how male and female bodies metabolize drugs.

  • According to recent research, “A study of drug addiction between the genders,” gender affects how individuals respond to drugs and their likelihood of being addicted.
  • The study highlights that although males abuse drugs more frequently as compared to females, the latter achieves addiction more quickly upon introduction to drugs.
  • This quick response to drugs by women than men is attributed to the differences in brain chemistry and the influence of female sex hormones such as estrogen which accounts for their susceptibility to particular drugs as well as stimulants like Kratom.
  • Another reason for the difference in Kratom effects in men and women is the fact that women have higher incidences of mood disorders, eating disorders and anxiety disorders than men.
  • It tends to predispose women to get addicted to particular substances.
  • Evidence from the National Alliance on Mental Illness suggests that women tend to be more depressed than men.
  • People who suffer from mood disorders and anxiety tend to abuse prescription painkillers and tranquilizers to relieve them from pain and anxiety
  • Conditions like depression and anorexia which are common among women explain their vulnerability to dependence on chemicals and addiction.

A. Means of Dosage

Women require less dosage of Kratom as compared to their male counterparts.

A little dosage like 1.5 grams in women can work the same way as 3.0 grams in men.

While there exist general guidelines on Kratom usage in males, there exist none concerning females. This is mainly due to the metabolic and hormonal differences between men and women.

  • Kratom analysis for men is entirely base on a person’s age, medical conditions, the status of health and their prior usage of the strains of Kratom.
  • In the case of Women, another factor is usually take into account, sex. Apart from the difference in hormone, women tend to have more body fat, meaning stress relieving substances that are soluble in fat will act differently in women. This explains the high efficacy of antidepressants in women. As such, women do not require a high dosage of Kratom since more can lead to adverse effects.
  • The ideal dosage is thus that which produces maximum benefits. It is therefore vital that Kratom users experiment and establish the perfect dosage for themselves. Determination of Kratom dosage may depend on the following factors. These include the body weight, quality of Kratom to be taken, time to be considered, and any other medications used apart from Kratom.
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B. Means of Effects

The effects of Kratom in men and women are quite the same.

Notable differences may arise from the intensity of the effects as the early results are often experienced in females than males. It usually takes a little bit longer before males begin to experience the effects.

  • Kratom produces a strong effect on an individual’s mood, anxiety, and energy levels. People often confess its effect of bringing happiness, strength, and a strong desire to work. It also makes people act and keep their minds calm. The onset of effects range from five to ten to ten minutes upon use and may last for hours.
  • At lower doses, Kratom effects are usually stimulating and euphoric. These effects have an onset of ten minutes and may last for up to 90 minutes. The stimulant-like effects include increased energy and alertness, reduced appetite, increased libido, and increased sociability.
  • At moderate to kratom high doses, the effects are opioid-like and may last for hours. Some of the effects include analgesia, calmness, drowsiness, and reduction in symptoms of opiate withdrawal.
  • According to sources, Kratom tends to stimulate desire in women and lowers erectile problems in men. This is directly related to the effect mitragynine has on one’s level of anxiety.
  • Women who and how to use Kratom (opiate-like effects) may experience hindrance in their menstrual cycle since opiates tend to alter the menstrual cycle.
  • Kratom also works excellently in relieving symptoms of menopause. It helps in reducing hot flashes, night sweats, and mood swings.
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Final Words.

Finally, there are precautions that women need to observe while taking Kratom.

  • Pregnant women should not take kratom.
  • Women should desist from combining Kratom with hormonal supplements.
  • Lastly, Kratom should not be used by those on regular medicine.