While the list of Kratom uses alongside the commendable benefits runs long, Kratom does not come without its fair share of side effects. The side effects can get unpleasant especially when Kratom is ingested in high doses. Side effects are bound to occur so that’s beside the point, however, one unique side effect is the eye wobbles. Wobbles are no fun. They consist of discomfort, brain fog, and difficulty in focusing one’s vision. It’s worth noting that Kratom vision problems are not associated with it being an opiate.
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What exactly are Kratom eye wobbles?

Kratom eye wobble is the term used to describe Nystagmus. At higher doses, the muscles controlling the eye movement; both medial and lateral rectus, begin to twitch involuntarily. If nothing else, this can cause an insurmountable amount of discomfort followed by pain due to fatigued muscles. This will make your eyes involuntarily move around your eye socket.

When this happens it’s referred to as the Kratom eye wobbles.

  • The Kratom wobbles make focusing on difficult and mundane tasks such as writing and reading that require focus impossible.
  • Impeded nervous control for the brain causes other effects such as dizziness, motion sickness or vertigo, nausea just to mention a few.

Kratom Blurry Vision and Migraine: Effects

Due to the spamming movement of the eye muscles, blurry vision occurs. Continuous strain to the eyes leads to a headache whose effects are felt along the periphery of the eye. That headache is generally referred to as an ‘eye ache’. According to some informants, taking over the counter pain relief drugs help in relieving the eye wriggles.

How Long Does Kratom Withdrawal Last?

Migraines, one of the worst side effects associated with Kratom is the other Kratom eye wobbles effect. The migraines are known to occur without corresponding spamming eye muscles. Other significant effects arising from wobbly vision include.

Some people experience the Kratom eye wobbles when they move or when driving, once they stop the scope of vision returns to normal. Other experience the wobbles after taking Kratom then setting their heads to a certain position. Others experience Kratom vision problems when sitting still and aggravate the condition when moving.

Kratom eye Wobbles: Prevention and treatment

Eye wobbles are associated with extremely high intake of Kratom. Intuitively, you can avoid the eye wriggles by consumption of small to moderate amounts of Kratom. The guidelines for the correct amount of Kratom intake are sketchy nonetheless 5 g drastically reduces the chances of getting eye wobbles.

Different Kratom strains have varying degrees to the effect caused to eye muscles. Strains such as Indo and Bali are relatively more associated with the eye wriggles. Changing the strain after an episode of eye wobbles is known to help. This effect is annoying and uncomfortable, but that does not mean you have to be left out of the Kratom experience, some of the popular strains known to cause eye strain are:

Kratom tea has been closely linked with diminishing if not preventing eye wobbles. The reason behind this is because boiling water does not eliminate the fat-soluble extract alkaloids, these alkaloids are responsible for inducing eye wriggles. Although Kratom tea is not substantiated with reliable information, users with wobbles prefer switching to different varieties of Kratom.

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Simple Kratom Tea recipe

  • Use 50 grams of crushed leaves. Place the crushed leaves in a pot with one liter of water.
  • Boil the mixture at a constant temperature for 15 minutes. After boiling pour it into a different container, squeeze the leaves in the strainer to get the most out of them.
  • Put the leaves back into the pot add one liter of water and repeat the process. Once the leaves have been boiled and squeezed two times you can discard them.
  • Put all the collected liquid back into the pot and boil until you level down to 100ml. The liquid can be stored in the fridge for up to five days.
  • Adding alcohol increases the longevity by one month. One part of alcohol is equal to three parts of Kratom when adding alcohol.

How do you cure Kratom Wobbles?

Once they have started how do you stop them? Well, Kratom wobbles are incurable, they can only be prevented. Once the onset of the wobbles begins you can only use over the counter medicine such as Advil to relieve the symptoms. Other than waiting for the eye muscle spasms to subside, there isn’t much you can do to stop them. Sleeping, as opposed to staying awake will increase the span of the wobbles. When you sleep the body’s metabolic processes are slowed down hence Kratom dissipation for the body will be sower. Some users claim that closing your eyes helps in mitigating the wobbles.

Use of activated charcoal is also linked with mitigating Kratom induced wobbles. The charcoal absorbs the alkaloids before they are absorbed by the body. The wobbling effect can be controlled and even stopped, however, activated charcoal has two main setbacks:

  • You lose all other Kratom properties once the alkaloids are absorbed.
  • It’s only applicable when the activated charcoal comes into contact with the stomach contents.
  • Charcoal intake is limited to only the first two hours.
  • Since the stomach takes two hours to effectively perform its functions in the digestive tract, the charcoal should be taken within the first two hours of Kratom ingestion.
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How long do the Wobbles last?

Since the Kratom wobbles are incurable, this begs the question; how long do the wobbles last? According to informants, it takes 2-6 hours to fully subside. Some suggest eating which absorbs the remaining alkaloids. Ultimately, the time it takes for the wobbles to completely dissipate depends on the amount of Kratom taken.

It’s important to abstain from the use of Kratom for a few hours after an episode of wobbles. If taken again too soon the wobbles are likely to reoccur. In some cases, Kratom use might activate conditions linked with nystagmus, for such cases, medicines such as

  • Ampyra,
  • Lioseral,
  • Tegretol,
  • Klonopin,
  • and Namenda helps immensely.

Remember to always consult a credible physician before taking any medicines to counter the wobbling.