As a busy worker who experiences massive chronic fibromyalgia pain during the day, I presumed that my days on earth were ticking off. But then how wrong I was when I figured out that this agony of mine could be drained away in days by Kratom of which I took and alas! Poof fibromyalgia went! I do not know of what remedies you use to treat fibromyalgia, but I can ferociously debate that kratom is best to treat fibromyalgia. If you’re raising your eyebrows of what I mean, then welcome aboard and let me tell you of Kratom for fibromyalgia. Shall we commence?

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Generally, kratom is available in multiple strains. However, it’s classified into three major types that are the green vein, red vein, and white vein.

  • White vein stimulates you
  • Green vein boost energy and relieve pain
  • The red vein is a muscle relaxant

People claim that should you stack several strains of kratom you’ll achieve analgesic kratom effects. Mixing green and red strains will be highly beneficial for fibromyalgia patients. Mixing red and white veins enhances stimulation as well as muscle relaxation. Mitragynine and 7- hydroxyl mitragynine are the active ingredients in kratom. They bind to mu-opioid receptors just as morphine does. The alkaloids work as anti-inflammatory agents and as muscle relaxants. The two qualities help to relieve pain associated with fibromyalgia. The alkaloids in these kratom strains bind to pain receptors in different parts of the body thus relieving you from depression linked to fibromyalgia. The white strains are not used for pain alleviate since they act as stimulants. Red and green strains work synergistically to help ease pain associated with fibromyalgia.

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If you want to relieve pain and healthy sleep, then the best kratom for fibromyalgia to use is a combination of Maeng Da kratom and red vein. Indonesia produces the best strains of kratom for fibromyalgia because they possess an excellent alkaloid mixture that aids in pain management and sedation. Other kratom, strains are:

Indo strains

They are inclusive of Bali kratom and Borneo that are perfect for managing pain and possess high alkaloid levels like 7-hydroxy mitragynine and mitragynine to relieve fibromyalgia associated pain. White Bali vein aids in the reduction of those alkaloids as well as releasing endorphins and enkephalins to suppress pain symptoms. Borneo strain when consumed in high doses like 7-10g resolves to analgesic effects. Often chronic pain patients utilize it.

Maeng Da Kratom

This strain is used in relieving pain which is fibromyalgia associated and is considered as the most potent and most robust strain. Its depends on how to use kratom?. Kratom strains that are essential from this family are known as White vein Maeng Da. White Indo kratom assists in the treatment of chronic pain and fatigue. This is considered the best strain of kratom for fibromyalgia.

Malaysian strains

The most common Malaysian strain variety is known as Green Malaysian strain that relieves mild pain and manages pain.

Red Bali Kratom

Each possesses typically different body chemistry that needs various kratom strains to become active. If you’re one who is frequently on the run the ideal kratom strain, then you probably should go for this Red Bali. It kills sleeping problems and pain that arose from fibromyalgia.

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Methods of taking Kratom Powder

Making in tea form: this method is prevalent amongst many. Here you boil the powder up for thirty minutes in water then let it rest after which you should decant the liquid off. It might be a time-consuming process but the kratom tea results it yields are beneficial and consistent. The aftermath taste is good, and you can take it either cold or hot.

Toss and Wash: being the quickest and most straightforward way in your system to obtain kratom you can use it if you are running on the time. Measure small amounts in a glass, tip kratom in your mouth then swirls the powder in your mouth. Others use spoons to split into several mouthfuls. Never take it all at once.

Capsule Form: This is the most convenient way to hatch it down without having a hint of kratom taste. A major setback of this approach is the fact that you will be required to take a few kratom capsules together to obtain a sufficient Kratom dosage. You must take the tablets with a lot of water. This method is for people on the run.

Kratom dosage for fibromyalgia

Practitioners recommend that you must commence with minimal dosages that are 3g to treat fibromyalgia in powder. It is possible to ingest kratom pills via mixing with tea, juice or water. If you are a newbie with kratom, it is advisable that you small measurable doses to adjust the body receptors to unite with kratom alkaloids. This helps in enhancing resistance to the kratom dosage slowly and gradually.

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Always stay hydrated! Kratom is like coffee; it is a dehydrating agent. You must often take plenty of water. Should you be feeling a little dizzy, then it could be as a result of high dosage. Remember kratom can make you high, but you can reduce the effect of drinking water. Carry water with you anywhere you go.

Every strain might require different doses, and it’s imperative to note. Take the dosage according to the physician’s or manufacturer’s instructions. Most of the rapid strains might hit you harder thus it is wise to commence on lows with such strains.

The Kratom strains I have discussed above fall in either red vein or green strains of kratom and a combination of red and green stains in known to be effective in relieving pain associated with fibromyalgia.

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Kratom for fibromyalgia is a fast method, practical, affordable and efficient to diminish discomfort and pain. Dependent on the manner, kratom quantity and kratom strain that was used by different individuals, kratom leads to varying results.

In overall kratom consumption aids in relieving pain, depression, sedation sensation, euphoria, dizziness, anxiety as well as enhance energy levels and metabolic rates. According to research which was done, practitioners concluded that even though one overdoses kratom, no respiratory depression will arise which is unlike in the case with overdosing morphine et al. fibromyalgia patients can utilize kratom effectively in their day to day lives due to its analgesic properties.

The decision to attempt strains of kratom is wholly dependent on an individual’s opinion. However, kratom for pain becomes the perfect alternative to these people because as earlier stated it relieves pain, increases their energy levels as well as sore muscles relaxant. Fibromyalgia leads to chronic pain which needs an ultimate treatment.

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On the other side, kratom comes with side effects that could be minor to life-threatening. Kratom is very dangerous if it is taken with other drugs such as alcohol. This is because kratom interferes with the medication metabolization of the liver thus leading to severe medical conditions such as liver damage and seizures. You can get drowsiness as a result of taking kratom and driving. Consuming it in high amounts can cause constipation and nausea. Then fibromyalgia causes some effects on an individual that at times renders kratom helpless however these drawbacks do not make kratom ineffective. The best-proven remedy for fibromyalgia is kratom and no other!

I hope you agree with me that kratom is the best remedy for fibromyalgia!