Irritable bowel syndrome consequently results into abdominal pains to a patient as well as occasional constipation and bloating. However, the use of kratom by the victims suffering from the syndrome without a doubt eliminates the immeasurable pain. Kratom, being a natural herb can be chewed or ground finely into a powder for consumption. In its use, kratom administration should be in dosages according to the patient’s preference. For instance, some patients prefer to have a dosage in multiple times a day. Moreover, to obtain the best results an individual requires to have the best quality of kratom.

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Being an herb that can either be consumed or chewed, kratom administration to the patients can be in different ways. When ground, individuals can consume it through;

  • Preparation tea with the powder
  • Swallowing the powder or licking it
  • Mixing the powder in flavored drinks

Despite the kratom powder being the most common mode of administration, it should never take through smoking. Instead, mixing the powder with drinking water would be recommended. However, in the course of mixing the powder with flavored drinks or water, it should be noted that kratom and alcohol must never be combined.

In the packaging of kratom after being ground into powder, there are no specific rules in dosage or amount of content consumption. Different individuals have different effects by the syndrome wherein different dosages are consumed. Therefore, experimentation during consumption is recommended, commencing from low dosages until the desired dosage is achieved. The testing is to ensure an intelligent consumption trend without adverse effects.

The effects recorded include:

  • NauseaSweating
  • Fatigue
  • Hallucinations
  • constipation
  • Addiction when used for a long time
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On the positive side, kratom energizes upon consumption as well as having a modulation of the immune system. The powder also ensures a soothing effect to the stomach disorders brought about by the syndrome. In the relaxation effect received from the consumptions, the consumers finally achieve a relief to stress as well as anxiety. To some successful users of kratom, a lowered blood pressure has is recorded. The density consumed thus have significant effects following the intake by the patient. Some individuals consume kratom to boost productivity and maintaining focus.

For best consumption habits, kratom administration is to be on empty stomachs. To individuals with tolerance to coffee, specific densities of the powder are added to the coffee. From the mixture, elevated energy levels during the day will be experienced therein increasing productivity. Kratom is not advised to be used on a full stomach since when administered on a full stomach, more of the powder would use. If consumed in the normal densities on an empty stomach to a full stomach, the same results will not have achieved. To some individuals suffering from the bowel syndrome, disastrous effects befall the consumer’s bowel. However, in administering kratom in the coffee mixture, the results are minimized.

In the course of the consumption of kratom, some measures to ensure quick recovery should put into consideration. The measures for a swift and long-term recovery include;

  • Avoiding laying on one’s back
  •  Changing the usual diet
  • Drinking warm water
  • Taking probiotics
  • Avoiding sugars

For quick recovery, taking upright postures and avoiding lying on the back would quicken the treatment of the syndrome. In the positions, rapid digestion is triggered therein releasing gases from the stomach. If an individual is accustomed to taking raw meals, a change in diet is a recommendation. The difference from usual foods should be towards well-cooked meals that are easily digested. Simple sugars and curbs further bring about stomach pains and gas-filled stomachs when eaten in plenty.

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Therefore, avoiding the simple sugars would result in a quick recovery. Having a glass of warm water gives immediate relief to stomach pains. The warm water reduces the gas already built up in the stomach therein avoiding cold beverages should be encouraged. Finally, taking probiotics without a doubt aid in the stomach digesting food efficiently. After a while of probiotics consumption, the digestive tract gets used to functioning correctly.

Despite kratom being successful in the provision of energy as well as a reduction in bowel movements and fighting depression, there are also side effects that may be experiencing to some users. For instance, to consumers who are constipated, densities of kratom consumption would worsen the condition. Moreover, the utilization of extracts has the effects of an increased risk of addiction.

The extracts which are usually purchased over the counter, result into addiction and further hallucinations to the users. Cases of addiction to the kratom powder consumers have also recorded. However, to reduce or prevent addiction, rotation of the consumption strains should be administered correctly. An individual is thus required to know the exact density of kratom administration that they consume. Failure to watching the dosage, a euphoric feeling rather than an energizing feeling would be obtained.

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In the course of consuming kratom, an individual should keep in mind the negative symptoms of the ground herb. Among the signs recorded, the most common one is the risk of reduced appetite. Therefore, after consumption of the kratom concoction, one has to ensure that they force themselves to eat more than they usually do. To individuals with weak appetites, they should seek appetite supplements to boost their appetites.

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Further, the lack of proper information on the administration and dosage proves to scare off most victims suffering from the bowel syndrome. In the excessive consumption of the herb, addiction leading to hallucination can be experienced. In the utilization in minimum quantities, the required results might not be achieved. Therefore, lack of a universal dosage but experimentation to know the exact density may be discouraging.

Besides kratom being a cure to the irritable bowel syndrome, it also cures disorders such as ulcerative colitis and Crohns. The kratom plant without a doubt has health properties that eliminate the abdominal pain symptoms to having energized individuals without depression. Therefore, an individual should ensure that they have the best quality of kratom as well as taking proper measures for quick recovery.