To date, Kratom remains to be one of the ‘hot sellers’ amongst online platforms. Being a useful and beneficial supplement that it is, people are looking for it from all corners of the world. Online vendors have taken advantage of Kratom’s popularity, and day after day, more kratom vendors are popping up.

Have you recently heard about Kratom and wish to try it out? Or, are you sick and tired of buying low-quality strains from unreliable vendors? Well, the first place that might come to mind when looking to buy Kratom is on Amazon. After all, isn’t Amazon a universal online shop? If you could find the smallest of things on Amazon, could they not have Kratom on their ‘E-shelves’? Well, you could be surprised by the answer to this question.

Can I Buy Kratom from Amazon?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions online by kratom enthusiasts. Despite Amazon being the leading and the largest online store, it is highly unlikely for you to find Kratom on Amazon. When you perform a quick search about Kratom on Amazon, in the results, you won’t see anything close to kratom powder, capsules, or tinctures. The only things you will see are books and posters about Kratom and nothing more.

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Back in 2016, the DEA announced its intention to ban Kratom. This put this supplement under the national spotlight and similar to marijuana. It was criticized heavily. Some states even put in place motions to ban the supplement altogether. It is during this period that amazon put a strict warning on its vendors regarding the sale of Kratom. Bear in mind that Amazon is just a platform with lots of sellers.

After this warning, most vendors stopped selling Kratom on the site. But others continued but didn’t use the word Kratom in their product description. For instance, you could come across strains such as the Maeng Da and the Bali but without the word Kratom. This went on for a while up to 2017.

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Fast forward 2019, this is no longer the case. As mentioned earlier, if you key in the word Kratom in Amazon. You will only see books and posters but nothing else. Additionally, when you also key in strains such as the green Malaysian on Amazon’s search bar, you will only see other supplements such as Kava and Organifi Green Juices. Though they don’t fall under the kratom category, Kava and Organifi Juice are also psychoactive compounds, and it’s still a wonder why they are still being sold on Amazon.

On the Amazon platform, you will also see that Kratom is amongst the top searches. This is a clear indication that people are still looking for Kratom on Amazon despite it not being available.

The answer to the above question, can you buy Kratom on amazon is no. Although when you search for it on their website, you will get many results, they are nothing like Kratom. You will find a bunch of other nootropics that aren’t as effective, safe, and beneficial than Kratom.

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Reasons Why You Can’t Find Kratom on Amazon

  • FDA Ban

In 2017, the FDA failed to approve Kratom for therapeutic use. Although users weren’t prohibited from using it, it was under a temporary ban since 2014. Due to this move by the FDA, Amazon had no choice but to scrap Kratom off its shelves.

  • Amazons Worldwide Shipping Policy

Amazon also has a global shipping policy. And since Kratom is banned in some areas, Amazon saw it fit not to have it on their site to avoid lawsuits.

How to Buy Kratom Online Now that Amazon is Out of The Picture

Let’s face it. Amazon is amongst the leading vendors on the internet. For the years that they have been operating, they have amassed a lot of followers and are a reputable company. This is why most people look up to their site when looking for quality products. But since they do not sell Kratom, does that mean that you shouldn’t benefit from this potent supplement.

The fact that you have found this blog post is a clear indication that you are on the right track to finding quality Kratom. There are other options on how to buy Kratom online now that Amazon is out of the picture. There are lots of reliable vendors out there on the internet. All you have to do is look and research.

Buying Kratom online isn’t only convenient, but you get access to quality. It is better compared to buying it in weed shops that don’t a lab test the quality of Kratom before selling it to you. When looking for online vendors of Kratom. You will realize that there is a handful of them. This is why you need to be careful when choosing whom to buy from.

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Below is a quick list of the popular and reliable online kratom shops;

Factors to Consider When Buying Kratom Online

Here are some things to notice when buying Kratom online. For new users, we highly recommend that you do some research about Kratom first. The kratom guide books on Amazon can help you know the benefits of Kratom and how to use it. However, when looking to buy kratom powder, capsules, or tinctures, you can check out the vendors above or of your choice.

Another thing that we always advise our readers is to do their independent research when buying Kratom. This will help clear any doubts and will allow you to get your hands on strains that you are interested in.

Be on the lookout for detailed information always. Before you click on the buy now button, always take a look at the information about the kratom product. If the information isn’t well detailed or inaccurate, then chances are they are not a reputable vendor or company, and it is best if you stay clear of such a kratom vendor.

The Bottom Line

We can conclude by saying that you can’t buy Kratom from amazon. Ever since the FDA kratom ban, amazon discouraged vendors from selling Kratom on their platform. Therefore no matter what sellers are calling their products on Amazon, you can be assured it’s not Kratom. The only thing you can find there are other nootropics like kava, which are a whole lot different from Kratom. The good news is, you can buy quality kratom products from other reliable online vendors.