Kratoms are known for their excellent high as well as the legal status of kratoms in the majority of USA states, which has made it an instant hit among drug users. In the past, accessing drugs and using it required some levels of secrecy and shame were common feelings that were associated with the use, or misuse of drugs. The scandal is what instigated the confidentiality that was veiled by the use of drugs in private, away from the prying eyes.

However, currently, the US has legalized several drugs that many people consider to be harmful while at the same time, others have adopted the use of these new, legal types of drugs to offsets the urge of using hard drugs such as cocaine, heroin. Some people are considering this a form of rehabilitation because the victim is trying to overcome the use of narcotic drugs. But some staunch anti-drugs campaigners are still fighting the use of kratoms.

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Kratom’s Effects

Kratom is a plant whose leaves is manufactured into different by-products which offer its users several options of getting high. The availability of this herb has promoted its misuse so that it now has powerful effects on its users. The impact of using it is even severe than those that were associated with hard narcotic drugs. Among the most controversial results of using kratom has been its aggression of the hairline. Hence, this article is seeking to substantiate the allegations of kratoms causing loss of hair.

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The Relationship Between Kratom Use and Hair Loss

  • There is no tangible or science-based study to approve or disapprove the notion that kratoms directly contribute to the loss or shedding of hair among its chronic and acute users. However, there are strong personal testimonies from using and non-using kratom users who had branched into the use of kratoms as a soft-landing after stopping using other narcotic drugs.
  • There is a three-side faced argument to support or oppose the schools of thought that allude to the facts that, kratom when consumed by itself it can cause hair loss among its victims. There is another train of thought that asserts kratom cannot cause hair loss to its victims by itself, but the condition is contributed to by the use of other hard herbs or other pre-existing conditions. The last argument vouches for kratom as the best herb and opposes the concept that kratoms cause the loss of hair among its victims.

Arguments for And Against the Relationship Between Kratom And Hair Loss

Argument #1

  • The first argument has a tiny pool of information to back it. There are no scientific proofs to fully support the idea that consuming kratoms has a direct effect on the regressing of the hairline or the shedding of hair in bits.
  • However, there have been several testimonies from kratom users citing kratom to be the cause of their shedding of hair. The testaments came from both long-term and short-term kratom users. According to one addict of kratom, claimed that they only started to experience shedding off their hair after a certain period of using kratoms.
  • This argument could be supported by the fact that addiction to kratoms and its chronic use can be harmful. Furthermore, it’s long-term use certainly must-have effects, and according to the victim, he claims that the facts he experienced from using kratoms were losing hair.
  • This argument has one and significant downside to its validity. The victim who shared his experience had not visited a health facility so that doctors could give a full diagnosis of his condition.
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Argument #2

  • The second argument is anchored around the fact that abusing kratoms causes ill health to its victims. Furthermore, this argument adds a twist to its claims that kratoms cause hair loss. The case is that a kratom user can use the herb while they have a pre-existing hair condition that is triggered by using a lot of kratoms.
  • The use of kratoms has side effects, and it can be argued that abuse of kratoms as a cure herb can worsen some medical condition in the body which can cause hair loss. However, this claim cannot be fully substantiated because there is no documented proof that there is a Kratom and hair loss’ relationship with other preexistent conditions.
  • But there is a client who had a recurring autoimmune disorder which is activated by the consumption of products that triggers the immune system.

Argument #3

  • The third and final argument roots for kratom as a curative, therapeutic and lifestyle drug that enhances the quality of life rather than ruin life like it is claimed kratom does. This type of thinking is propagated by individuals or groups that have used kratoms as a herb and as a cure for some conditions.
  • The argument fronted by this group of kratom users or sympathizers is that kratom has health and lifestyle benefits which have helped transform a lot of people’s lives. It is no secret that kratom is among the most popular herb in the market.
  • The popularity comes from the drug’s addiction levels which makes its victims feel sick and unable to move a finger without having a dose of kratom to jumpstart their day. Furthermore, its legal status in many countries all over the world has only increased its stock as the biggest thing in the market which should be fully legalized.
  • The legalization of the use of kratom would only go ahead to suggest that kratoms are not harmful herb and its effects such as loss of hair could be an isolated case. The loss of hair could be attributed to specific people’s reaction to kratoms.
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Kratom is a new herb that people are only getting to understand, and it may take a while for people to understand this new herb that has split opinions. But it is wise to consider the amounts consumed because it has direct effects on health. The most important aspect of the relationships between hair loss and the use of kratom is that it is a matter that is still under a lot of considerations from scholars, users, and other stakeholders. Therefore, in the meantime to be safe, it is paramount that kratom users be very watchful of the amounts of kratoms they consume.