This article will answer everything related to the laws of Kratom in Alabama. Since this herb is not federally regulated, the states have particular rules. It can be challenging to wrap your head around. But as a United States resident, you should be aware of what your state or city dictates regarding the botanical herb.

The Legal Status Of Kratom In Alabama

What is the legality of the herb Kratom in Alabama? Currently, it is illegal in the state as it’s been listed as a Schedule I-drug Controlled Substance. It is not allowed to sell, use, produce, or distribute Mitragyna Speciosa in this state. Let’s learn more about this matter below. In the 44 states of America, it is legal excluding,


Since Mitragyna is not allowed, no online vendors can deliver the herb in this state, nor can it be discovered in any local store there. The other states that have joined Alabama to ban Kratom are Rhode Island, Arkansas, Wisconsin, and Vermont.

Much to the disappointment of Mitragyna users, it is illegal to consume Mitragyna in the state. This includes the prominent cities within the state – Mobile, Huntsville, Auburn, Birmingham, and Montgomery.

If anyone is caught with Kratom in Alabama, they will face criminal charges. Since no one wants to end up on the scary side of the law, it is better to be updated on the legalities in your respective state.

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Legalities Of Kratom In Alabama

In 2016, it was decided by the Alabama Senate to ban the two active alkaloids in Mitragyna Speciosa – 7-hydroxy Mitragynine and Mitragynine. As per the bill passed, these principal alkaloids belonged under the synthetic substances list.

This ban offered 48 hours to the store owners to remove all Mitragyna Speciosa from their shelves, and the stores that failed to do so faced felony charges. Therefore, today, no one can buy Kratom in Alabama. Moreover, no one can have Mitragyna shipped to Alabama.

You should know that law enforcement officials are very aggressive in enforcing the ban. California officers raided an Alabama citizen’s home in one instance. This is only because the user bought a kg of crushed leaves, and the courts sentenced her to some years in jail.

Keep in mind that this person did not even buy Kratom, nor did she deliver it to Alabama. Instead, she wrote Florida in the shipping address. But the authorities still found out about this order and executed a search warrant.

However, this is incorrect information because Speciosa is a natural herb that has been used for centuries. The actual reason why they added Mitragyna to the list of Controlled Substances is that it remains untested, and there is still a lot to learn about its properties.

The American Kratom Association strives to force all states to adopt the Kratom Consumer Protection Act. The Mitragyna industry will be regulated and safer for the consumers once this Act is passed.

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Moreover, the Act will dissolve the worries of lawmakers. However, Alabama has made no intention or movement to adopt this Act, so it is illegal to have Kratom in Alabama.

In 2016, a petition was signed that prodded the lawmakers to vote against the ban. Fast forward to 2017, another petition hoped for an appeal. Both of these petitions were very unsuccessful in their efforts, and to this day, no one is allowed to possess Mitragyna in this state.

The advocates are trying to reverse the decision made by the Senate. But until then, you should forget your dream to consume or start a business in this market because no business venture is worth more than your freedom. Furthermore, each instance of going against the ban will destroy the industry’s reputation.

Classification Of Kratom In Alabama

Mitragyna Speciosa itself is not on the list of Controlled Substances. But the two main alkaloids present in Kratom are thought to be Schedule-I Substances. This means that if any individual possesses Kratom in Alabama, they will suffer from criminal charges.

This is because Mitragyna is treated like any other drug on this list. The fact that the herb itself is not present in this list might confuse some. However, it is outlawed in Alabama.

Fighting The Good Fight

Since Alabama continues to look at Kratom as a Controlled Substance, the AKA is working hard to restore the product’s legitimacy. The advocates accumulated around 800 signatures in 2016. Today, there is no pending legislation to revert the ban. But the AKA is still lobbying the Alabama legislators to unveil a repeal bill.

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This organization has also published an advocacy toolkit for the Southeast Asian herb. It offers the supporters all the required information to communicate with the local representatives. To support the legalization of the herb in Alabama, you are encouraged to join this advocacy group. With their support, you will persuade more Alabama residents to convince lawmakers to lift the ban.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1) Can Alabama Residents Buy Kratom Locally?

As Kratom in Alabama is banned, there are automatically no local stores that sell this herb. Furthermore, no online vendors can deliver to areas where it is forbidden.

This means that all Mitragyna enthusiasts should move out of Alabama and find a state to reside where it is embraced. Living in Alabama can cause you a lot of trouble regarding this.

2) What Has The AKA Done Successfully?

Advocacy efforts have shown miracles in the past. For example, advocates have successfully persuaded the United States Drug Enforcement Agency not to impose a nationwide ban. This was accomplished by the advocates urging citizens to write and call legislators and sign petitions to gain this victory.

The advocacy group hopes to repeat this feat in Alabama and all the other states where the ban is imposed. Until then, those dreaming of entrepreneurship will have to think of a different plan to sell this herb.

3) Can We Grow Kratom in Alabama?

As the main alkaloids in Mitragyna products have been outlawed since 2021, no resident is allowed to plant or grow Kratom. If any person residing in Alabama is caught with the plant seedlings, legal issues will be waiting.

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4) Can I Take Kratom To Alabama Airport?

Kratom in this state is illegal, which means that if you take it to the Birmingham International Airport, it will be confiscated by the TSA agents and local police officers.