Can you use Kratom in Alaska? Is it legal there? Yes, currently, no laws are restricting Mitragyna Speciosa in Alaska. This means that Alaska residents can freely shop and sell this Southeast Asian herb.

On the other hand, the consumers residing in some states are not that lucky because so many cities throughout the United States have laws banning the usage. However, Alaska is not one of them.

Is Kratom In Alaska Legal?

There is presently no legislation that exists at the local or federal level for the usage of this herb. Writing this article, Mitragyna Speciosa is entirely legal in the state. This means all individuals are open to selling, purchasing, and consuming Kratom

A few states have legalized it, but some local restrictions are unfortunately pressing down on particular cities and towns. But Alaska is quite fortunate in this aspect as you can use the herb however you want in the whole state.

This includes significant metropolitan regions such as Fairbanks, Anchorage, Badger, Juneau, and Eagle River.

However, a few stores might demand that the person be 18 years old or older. The majority of local spots are smoke shops, which means these restrictions will not pose any complications and assist the shop to stay on the safe side. Even if this is not a law, it is nevertheless a safe practice. 

The Popularity Of Kratom In Alaska

Alaska happens to be the most significant state by area. However, it is not that densely populated as it falls at number 48. Maybe the number of citizens residing influences the interest that Mitragyna Speciosa receives.

It is no wonder that Kratom is not well-known in Alaska. But this has protected the state from negative press. Generally, the legislation inside a state depends on the citizen’s interest.

Hence, if the state is not typically interested in botanical herbs, then it can be concluded that there are not many people vocal regarding Speciosa, whether it is against or for it.

But remember that this will likely not always be the case. This all-natural herb is still comparatively new to the western world, and as the tree rises in popularity, it can be assumed that Alaska might begin to show interest in what this plant offers.

The Classification Of Kratom In Alaska

Due to high mountains and natural sights, Alaska is an excellent place to reside (wildlife, rivers, glaciers, animals, and waterways). Presently, Mitragyna Speciosa is not classified in the state. So, if you live in Alaska, you can thankfully purchase, possess, sell, use, and grow Mitragyna.

Likewise, online and local vendors face no restrictions regarding which areas they can sell to in majestic Alaska.

This lack of classification only exists due to the absence of regulation. Because it means that manufacturers can freely take advantage of this scenario and offer counterfeit products. Therefore, being a user, it is crucial to be aware of this unfortunate fact and purchase from credible dealers.

The Legislation Of Kratom In Alaska

Currently, no legislation exists in the state that concerns Kratom. But this has not always been the same. In August 2016, the DEA imposed a temporary ban on the usage of the whole nation.

Afterwards, the ban was revoked in October of the same year. But it is essential to know that the prohibition had zero influence on the state. This leads to us thinking that Kratom is not widely consumed in the form.

Alaska has not witnessed any strong movements regarding Mitragyna Speciosa. But it did make headlines back in 2018. The headlines reported that Salmonella was found in the herb throughout the 41 states.

The FDA confirmed that two cases of the Salmonella breakout were in Alaska. This outbreak occurred at the onset of 2017 and continued to the first half of 2018.

A consumer bought their herb from an online store, whereas the other person purchased from a local store in Anchorage. This incident did not result in any legislation. But there is hope that the event urged customers to practice caution and diligence before buying the herb.

Purchasing And Delivering Kratom In Alaska

Apart from the one report of contamination of Salmonella breakout, there have been no other reports or complications of users buying Mitragyna in this state. 

But it is a challenging task to access this botanical herb in Alaska. Therefore, most users typically purchase from online vendors and get them delivered to their homes.

There have been no incidents or reports regarding the delivery services in this state. This includes FedEx, UPS, and USPS. But other states have faced reports of delivery complications. At both the federal and state levels, Kratom in Alaska is legal. 

As carrier service staff must follow the federal-level laws, you will not be breaking any laws no matter where your packages go in the country. Only the final destination is important, not the regions it will travel to during the delivery process. 

Advocacy Efforts

The American Kratom Association is a prominent advocacy group in Alaska and other states. This is a consumer group, which is not formed for corporate benefits. The AKA is responsible for supporting the regulation of Mitragyna Speciosa and stands against the banning. 

This organization has a history of lobbying for numerous states regarding the legislation. The AKA regulates the state, federal, city, and municipal laws against Mitragyna Speciosa. They are famous for overturning lots of rules with advocacy support.

The American Kratom Association visited Alaska in 2018. They met the local lawmakers and shared information on the properties of Speciosa. But it is unknown whether the legislators responded after the visit because no laws restrict the usage. 

The purpose of this visit was to cement a presence and offer education regarding the botanical herb. There is one thing for sure – in case the laws begin to change, this group will stay on top. 


Two Important Stipulations

Kratom in Alaska is legal, but so exceptions have to be remembered:

  • The United States Armed Forces has restricted or suppressed the herb for service members. Therefore, if you are a service member and are stationed in Alaska, you can not consume it. This is also confirmed irrespective of where you live since it is banned at the federal level for service members.
  • In the isolated local villages, there might be regulations against consuming supplements. Therefore, if you reside in these regions, you must follow the local rules. But this will not influence the visitors coming to Alaska.
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Where Can You Buy Kratom In Alaska?

Since Alaska residents can freely use this herb, it is essential to discover reliable sources. Even if Anchorage is the biggest city in Alaska, Fairbanks boasts many local dealers. But otherwise, Alaska does not have many vendors statewide.

1) Dab Lab AK

In the Google reviews, people have commented that this is the best store in Alaska, with a 4.6-star rating. Their customer service is top-notch, and their shelves display so many products. While they specialize in glassware, Kratom is available too.

Address: 3410 College Road, Fairbanks, Alaska 99709.

Business Hours: 10 AM to 9 PM, only on Thursdays. As for Fridays to Saturdays, they operate between 10 AM to 11 PM.

Phone number: (907) 3743263

2) Mr. Rock & Roll On S. Cushman

This supplier enjoys a 4.2-star rating, and its atmosphere is fun. Everything is stocked here, from glassware, tobacco, Mitragyna to t-shirts. People love their tie-dyed table covers and blacklight posters. Lots of kratom strains can be found here.

Address: 2301 S Cushman Street, Fairbanks, Alaska 99701.

Phone Number: (907) 4580090

Working Hours: Operating throughout the week from 11 AM to 12 PM.

3) Up-In-Smoke 2.0

Situated in Wasilla, customers rave about the relaxed vibe and vast array of tobacco and vaping supplies supplied in the store. It’s very near to Anchorage but still 45 minutes away.

Address: 951 S Hermon Road #4, Wasilla, AK 99654

Phone Number: (907) 3574545

Working Hours: Open from 10 AM to 10 PM, Mondays to Saturdays. On Sundays, they operate from 10 AM to 9 PM.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1) Is The Legal Status Of Kratom In Alaska Being Threatened?

Even though rumors suggest that Anchorage was considering the idea of a ban, there is no proof to support these claims. There are no bills that were presented to the ballot. Plus, there have been no insightful discussions on the ban.

So, fortunately, the future of Kratom in Alaska is bright. No talks about banning Kratom at the federal or state level are being held. Therefore, if you are a resident of this state, continue using Mitragyna.

2) Will Kratom In Alaska Be Banned?

Even if the situation shifts, which it does not appear to be, Alaska is determined to promote individual rights with almost no interference being made by the regulations, government, or other authorities. This means that there is very little probability that Kratom in Alaska will be banned.

3) Can We Fly With Kratom?

Since the herb is legal in the state, it means you can take it with you on flights from a legal perspective. But remember that some cities and states have restricted it. So, check the laws of the place where you are flying to, and if it is illegal there, you will face criminal charges.

Summing It Up

In short, Alaska is famous for being a libertarian and believes in individual rights. The philosophy of this state is reflected in the way they deal with Mitragyna, which is why people can easily use Kratom in AlaskaKratom in Alaska faces no restrictions in any region or city.

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But this could shift at any point in the future if the state ever sees problems with unregulated products. However, news regarding the all-natural herb is very minimal.