Kratom in Jacksonville is available in so many stores that it overwhelms the residents. However, we have listed all the places you can buy Kratom in Jacksonville, along with their addresses.

Where Can You Buy Kratom In Jacksonville?

Jacksonville is a gorgeous city with many parks, beaches, entertainment facilities, and restaurants. Jacksonville is the biggest city in the United States by land area.

If you want to buy Kratom in Jacksonville, fine places are scarce. So we have curated a buyer’s guide of the best places to buy Kratom in Jacksonville to guide you in the right direction.

1) Natural Life CBD Kratom Kava

Location: 3503 Kernan Boulevard S Unit 7, Florida 32224.

This spot serves the city’s residents with CBD, mushrooms, Kava, Mitragyna Speciosa, and a few more items. Their Kratom is one of the finest in the city, and the variety is ideal for anyone who wants to stock different kratom strains. In addition, one can enjoy many options of Natural Life.

Their best-sellers are Red Vein Bali and White Vein Borneo. The customer service will make you happy too. Anyone who leaves the store is satisfied, and the employees guarantee this. The owner claims they believe in a healthy lifestyle and aims to achieve this for the whole community.

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2) SmokeBucks Smoke & Vape Shop

Locations: 9475 Philips Hwy Ste #13, Florida 32256.

11233 Beach Boulevard Ste #5, Florida 32246.

12569 Philips Hwy, Florida 32256.

This small shop fulfills all the vaping and smoking necessities. They aim to maximize the quality and minimize the pricing. All of their strains are pure and lab-tested.

They boast many strains of the highest quality. The staff knows the art of dealing with customers, and they share valuable information about their offerings. All the strains are sourced from Asian farms.

3) Smoke City

Locations: 4530 St Johns Ave #1, Florida 32217.

10150 Beach Boulevard #111, Florida 32246.

1312-B, 3rd Street S, Jacksonville Beach, Florida 32250.

10092 San Jose Boulevard #1, Florida 32257.

This is another local chain that sells great strains and never compromises quality. They are a bit overpriced, but the standards can make you forget about this downside.

The workers are knowledgeable about everything, and they treat shoppers with respect.

As they have various branches in the city, you will be close to one no matter where you reside. In addition, they source their Kratom strains from Southeast Asian farms, which speaks volumes about their standards.

4) Max Smoke Shop

Location: 5711 Bowden road #18, Florida 32216.

This is an ideal local seller of Mitragyna Speciosa. Even though they have other offerings, they’re mostly visited for Kratom. They test their strains, which means you can be certain about the quality.

Green Vein Malay and Red Vein Maeng Da are the most popular among their variety. The employees make sure that your visit is worth it.

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5) Lizard Juice CBD & Vape

Location: 8060 Philips Hwy #102, Florida 32256.

This one-of-a-kind store displays everything that can be expected from a top-rated vape shop. You can buy E-juices, CBD, glass pipes, tobacco, Mitragyna Speciosa, water pipes, and a lot more. But, unfortunately, you will be too confused about what to purchase!

Aside from maintaining their quality, the price range is competitive too. The staff is amicable and helpful, whereas the space inside is neat.

6) Jax Smoke Shop

Location: 12405 N Main Street #4, Florida 32218.

This can easily become your go-to solution for buying all your Kratom strains. They check all the boxes to determine that you visit them repeatedly.

Their variety of strains is exemplary, and the costs are reasonable. The best-sellers are Red Vein Maeng Da and Yellow Vein Vietnam. All the strains are shipped from Southeast Asian farms.

7) Sin City Smoke Shop

Location: 819 Lomax Street, Florida 32204.

The shop sells a bit of everything operating since 2010 for the city and surrounding regions.

They do not offer much variety of strains, but the quality is top-notch. In addition, their customer service is applauded consistently. The workers love guiding the customers, and the interior is immaculate.

8) Smoke-N-Vape

Location: 6733 103rd Street, Florida 32210.

As you can guess by their place name, this spot offers all the necessities for smoking and vaping. Plus, they sell the highest quality of CBD and Kratom.

There is nothing that can turn wrong by buying your strains here. The two best-sellers are Red Vein Bali and White Vein Sumatra. Their staff will make sure that you have a lovely time there.

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9) Joes Smoke Shop

Location: 5111 Baymeadows road #9, Florida 32217.

This exciting smoke shop boasts everything one may want. One of the market’s most affordable pricing can be found here, along with exceptional quality. Their Kratom is one of the best in the city.

The Red Vein Bali and Green Vein Maeng Da are the most sold strains. Their interior is decorated, and the staff is knowledgeable about everything.

10) Planet Smoke Shop

Location: 13947 Beach Boulevard, Florida 32224.

If you want the best deals in the city, look no further. With the highest quality, they can keep the costs quite low. Their collection of Kratom is impressive because they boast almost all the strains. Everything is lab-tested and pure. You will be treated with respect.

11) FLA Smoke Shop

Location: 850 Cassat Ave, Florida 32205.

Offering high-quality natural alternatives is the primary goal of this store. Their quality speaks for itself, and the community trusts their offerings.

The store’s size may be small, but it does not influence their quality. Some of their items can not be found anywhere else. Plus, their prices are highly affordable, and the staff is polite.

12) Jose Smoke Shop

Location: 5111 Baymeadows road #9, Florida 32217.

Jose Smoke Shop is the best idea if you want Mitragyna Speciosa in all forms and types. Their strains are lab-tested, boast high quality, and the staff is respectful.

White Vein Malay and Red Vein Bali are the most sold strains. People working at Jose Smoke Shop are friendly and accomodating.

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Other Places To Buy Kratom In Jacksonville

The following places sell reliable Kratom in Jacksonville:

  1. Mega Smoke Shop (7293-1 Merrill Road, 32277)
  2. MK Smoke Shop (8840-2 Atlantic Boulevard, 32211)
  3. New Leaf Vapor Company (4160 Southside Boulevard, Ste 6, 32216)
  4. New Start Vapor Co. (2467 Faye Road, Ste 3, 32226)
  5. Haze Vape & Smoke Shop (12041 Beach Boulevard, Ste #7 32246)
  6. CBD Cafe & Kava Bar (11018 Old Saint Augustine Road, Ste 123 32257)
  7. Up in Smoke and Vape Shop (3622 St Johns Ave, 32205)
  8. Tj Smokeshop (9551 Baymeadows road, S 25, 32256)
  9. Strange Clouds Smoke Shop (11757 Beach Boulevard, Ste #11 A, 32246)
  10. Smoke 1 Tobacco and Vape (1821 Parental Home road, 32216)
  11. Hydroponic Unique Goods (8622 Baymeadows road, 32256)
  12. Puff Signals Smoke Shop (1890 Kingsley Ave, Ste #117 Orange Park, 32073)
  13. 904 Smiles Smoke Shop (11925 Beach Boulevard, Ste #202, 32246)
  14. Blackhat Vapor (1188 Edgewood Ave S, 32205)
  15. FreshJax (9000 Cypress Green Dr, 32256)
  16. Smokers Bay (973 Atlantic Boulevard, 32233)
  17. The Glass Eye (1233 Lane Ave S, Ste #5, 32205)
  18. Trulieve Jacksonville Baymeadows (8355 Baymeadows road, 32256)
  19. Auntie Peaches (1831 N Pearl Street, 32206)
  20. Smokers Nation (14866 Old St Augustine Road, Ste #107 32258)
  21. USA Smoke Shop & Tattoo Supply (8595 Beach Boulevard, 32216)
  22. Big House of Vapors (5318 Normandy boulevard, 32205)
  23. Smokers Workshop (12961 N Main Street, Ste #204 32218)
  24. Dappers D’s Cigars (725 Skymarks Dr, Ste #3, 32218)
  25.  Smoke Sultan (1245 King Street, 32204)
  26.  Smokey Mountain (9842 Old Baymeadows road, 32256)
  27. Hoby’s Honey & General Store (11362 San Jose Boulevard, Unit 13, 32223)
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1) Can We Buy Kratom In Jacksonville?

Yes! Kratom in Jacksonville is highly accessible from vape shops, smoke shops, and herbal shops. Citizens are free to visit any store and purchase their favorite strains.

2) Is Kratom In Jacksonville Legal?

The only Florida state where the Southeast Asian herb is banned is Sarasota County, where you can not find any Kratom. But in all the other places in the state, including Jacksonville city.

Anyone can buy, possess, and use Kratom in Jacksonville and Floridaexcept Sarasota County. But still, you should be attentive to the news as anything can change at any time.

3) What Is The Best Place To Buy Kratom In Jacksonville?

There are tons of options for the enthusiasts of Kratom in Jacksonville residents. However, the SmokeBucks Smoke & Vape Shop is a small chain with a huge local following.