Kratom in Washington has been legal ever since it became a part of the union in 1889. There are no regions in the state that regulate or ban the herb. Therefore, throughout the Evergreen State, it is permissible to partake in Kratom.

With zero regulations in place, the citizens have tons of options to purchase Kratom in Washington. You can consider buying Kratom in Washington from a physical store if you don’t want to bother with the economies of other states.

Not only this, you can enjoy the kratom strains the moment you purchase and support your community. There are many more perks to doing business with brick-and-mortar stores. Here is a comprehensive list of the top-rated vendors of Kratom in Washington:

1) Xhale Tobacco

Location: 127 N 85th St, 98103

This is one of the premium smoke shops in Seattle and sells glass pipes, vape, smoking necessities, and CBD.

2) My Vape Shop

Location: 3188 NE Sunset Boulevard, Renton, 98056.

This store sells smoking and vaping supplies. Their stock is rich in Mitragyna Speciosa, vape flavors, glassware, and E-juices.

3) University Smoke Shop

Location: 4519 The Ave, 98105.

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University Smoke Shop is a versatile vendor selling the highest quality of E-cigs, cigars, Mitragyna, smoking necessities, and CBD.

4) King Smoke Shop

Location: 7758 15th Ave NW, 98117.

King Smoke Shop boasts various E-juices, smoking necessities, Mitragyna Speciosa, and vaporizers.

5) Seattle Organics Kratom Shop

Location: 13754 Aurora Ave N #A, 98133.

Phone Number: (206) 8805910

Business Hours: Mondays to Saturdays, 10 AM to 8 PM

If you want to enjoy a great variety of strains with competitive employees, this shop is the one for you. The highlight of this vendor is that they collaborate directly with the Southeast Asian farms, which is why customers can easily trust them.

No matter what strain you are hunting for, their inventory will have it for you. Plus, all the strains have been tested in labs. The staff is enthusiastic about guiding their customers.

6) Hotbox Smoke Shop

Location: 2100 N Northgate Way, 98133.

Phone Number: (206) 2575673

Business Hours: Open all week from 9.30 AM to 10 PM

This is an ideal haven that stocks all E-juices, cigarettes, shisha, vaporizers, E-cigs, Mitragyna Speciosa, cigars, and glass pipes.

The unique spot carries glassware from the top brands. Their workers offer quick and satisfying services. Tons of strains are stocked here.

7) Piece Of Mind Belltown

Location: 113 Blanchard St, 98121.

Piece Of Mind Belltown carries a wide range of smoking necessities, glass pipes, CBD, cigars, and Mitragyna Speciosa.

8) The City Smoke Shop

Location: 6301 Rainier Ave S #1, 98118.

This is a perfect place for buying Kratom in Washington, cigars, cigarettes, and hookahs.

9) Pipe Palace

Location: 1501 #404 LL, 98101.

Phone Number: (206) 6232698

This is one of the oldest established smoke shops in Seattle as they have been operating since 1969. They are popular for their great vape juices, CBD, Mitragyna Speciosa, and glass pipes.

This traditional shop carries a decent collection of strains and an expanding selection of accessories, which means you can buy something for yourself or anyone else. Moreover, as the workers are knowledgeable and super friendly, many love to visit, especially to chat with them.

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10) Sam’s Smokes Smoke Shop

Location: 4239 The Ave, 98105.

This smoke shop provides excellent deals on the fine selection of tobacco and smoking accessories. It’s a very simple and minimalistic shop where water pipes, hookahs, vaporizers, glass pipes, strains, and more can be found.

Don’t be fooled by their minimalism, as they are highly detail-oriented. You will end up being lost in their huge collection. But, on the other hand, people love how cheaply their items are priced and how knowledgeable their staff is.

11) Ballard Stop

Location: 2220 NW Market St, 98107.

Ballard Stop offers great discounts and premium quality inventory.

12) Crave Beer & Vape Smoke

Location: 3216 Rainier Ave S, 98144.

This flawless smoke shop sells vape flavors, electronic cigarettes, and Kratom. The decorations, space, and vibe inside are exemplary.

Their vape and beer are the most impressive. But unfortunately, only the green vein can be found in the strain variety.

13) Experience Craft Beer & Tobacco

Location: 1911 1st Ave, 98101.

This shop carries Mitragyna, cigarettes, hand pipes, cigars, local wine, craft beer, and a lot more.

14) Golden Smoke House

Location: 4203 Rainier Ave S, 98118.

Golden Smoke House is memorable in many ways, including exceptional customer service and the purity of its offerings. All the people that visit the store for the first time can not believe that the prices are real, as they are so low.

This is why some shoppers even proposed the idea of adding a tip jar. All the best brands of Kratom can be found on their shelves, and their strains are abundant. The owner does not care about profits much. Instead, he does everything to satisfy customers.

15) Anarchy Smoke Shop

Location: 17648 1st Ave S, Burien, 98148.

Anarchy Smoke Shop is rich in many items such as glass pipes, CBD, bongs, Mitragyna Speciosa, and vaporizers.

16) One-Stop Smoke

Location: 5901 24th Ave NW, 98107.

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Hailed as the best shop in Seattle, One Stop Smoke sells E-juices, CBD, strains, and vape coils at unrivaled prices.

17) The Greenroom

Location: 147 N Callow Ave, Bremerton, 98312.

The Greenroom boasts a huge following due to its reasonably priced bongs, high-quality CBD, glass pipes, and Mitragyna Speciosa.

18) Uncle Ike’s Glass And Goods

Location: 1400 23rd Ave, 98122.

Uncle Ike’s Glass and Goods provide a diverse variety of CBD, bongs, vaping supplies, and Kratom. They have both local and imported stuff in their inventory.

19) Spot Smoke Shop

Location: 526 1st Ave N, 98109.

This is another sacred spot that presents a high-quality stock of goods to fulfill customers’ needs and make them come back. They sell wine, hookahs, beer, glass pipes, Mitragyna Speciosa, and cigarettes.

Although their variety of strains is limited, you can purchase all the common ones. All the customers are satisfied with their services. The staff members offer important information to all shoppers, which is great for beginners.

20) My Vape Shop

Location: 3188 NE Sunset Boulevard, Renton, 98056.

This shop carries Mitragyna Speciosa, E-juices, CBD, vape flavors, and glass pipes at unbeatable costs.

21) Holy Smoke

Location: 1556 Olive Way, 98101.

Phone Number: (206) 3234659

Business Hours: Open all week from 10 AM to 12 PM

One of the main reasons why Holy Smoke attracts tons of shoppers is because their workers sincerely care for them, which shows through their work ethics.

The employees go above and beyond to display their commitment and make you feel at home. No one feels hesitant to ask anything. If you are a bulk lover, this is the cheapest shop in the region where you can purchase strains in bulk at one time.

22) Rising Sun Kratom, Java, And Kava

Location: 3320 California Ave SW #129, across Srivilai Thai, 98116.

Look no further if you want fresh, lab-tested, potent, and clean strains. Then, of course, shop any strain you like and enjoy delivery. But even with the high quality, the prices are reasonable.

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23) The Smoke Shop

Location: 9817 16th Ave SW, 98106.

If you want a decent variety and excellent quality of strains, shop here! But this is not the only reason why people choose to go here.

Their customer service is top-notch, and shoppers say they don’t get much attention from any other place. Most people find the prices to be affordable

24) K-Smoke Mart

Location: 11726 Aurora Ave N, 98133.

Phone Number: (206) 3617127

Business Hours: Open all week from 8 AM to 8 PM.

More Choices To Buy Kratom In Washington:

  1. Eastside Smoke Shop
  2. Sedated Smoke Shop Valley
  3. Tobacco & Vape Kings (1543 7th Street NW, 20001)
  4. M Street Glass & Vape (1821 M St NW, Fl 2, 20036)
  5. Embers (1821 18th St NW, 20009)
  6. Blue Nile Botanicals (2826 Georgia Ave NW, 20001)
  7. Exotic blooms
  8. FunkyPiece Smoke Shop & Glass Gallery (2116 18th St, 20009)

How To Find High-quality Kratom In Washington?

Ask Around

One of the most dependable sources of information, particularly when dealing with local stores, is asking your friends and contacts in the same community as you.

If you know someone who is a user of Kratom in Washington like you, ask them where they get their strains from. There is a high probability that you will be given a deep insight into the best places.


This is an amazing resource to locate credible diners and eateries in your vicinity. However, most people don’t know that Yelp can also guide you to find the nearest local smoke shops.

Using Yelp is a perk that you can surf tons of reviews left by customers. This can help you to know the reliability and authenticity of the place.

Google Maps

Another excellent online resource to discover local Mitragyna-selling stores is Google Maps. Just like Yelp, you can find different smoke shops. But you won’t find as many reviews.

Yellow Pages

As a last option, you can also know local businesses that stock Kratom. But the only downside is that there are no reviews on this platform, which is a risk.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1) Is Kratom In Washington Legal?

Yes, citizens can sell, purchase, and possess Kratom in Washington without any obstruction. This wonderful herb is legal in all regions of Washington, including prominent cities, like Everett, Seattle, Tacoma, Spokane, and Olympia. There are also no restrictions on age and packaging.

2) What Is The Legal History Of Kratom In Washington?

Mitragyna Speciosa is known for suffering legal disputes throughout the United States. But fortunately, Washington is one of the states that have not posed any issues regarding the herb. As a result, there have been no discussions to impose any ban, and lawmakers have left everything on the citizens to decide what they want to do with Kratom.

If the State of Washington had previously outlawed this ancient plant, there would be an archive of the bill or some news reports.

Generally, even when a bill fails, it is likely to discover an archived version of the introduced law. This means that the state has never introduced a bill to restrict Kratom in Washington.

3) Is Kratom In Washington Classified?

Washington has not made much noise regarding the herb. Till now, there have been no talks about classifying the herb. This means that Kratom in Washington is not present on the list of Controlled Substances with other harmful drugs.

This is a positive aspect, and the Washington residents hope that the state will choose to regulate the industry instead of banning it.

4) Is Kratom In Washington Famous?

Definitely! There is a home for Mitragyna Speciosa in this state. Kratom in Washington can be observed in smoke shops, speciality shops, vape shops, and many other local stores throughout the state.

Plus, Kratom in Washington does not receive much press, which is not prominent.

5) Will Kratom In Washington Be Banned In The Future?

No. There are no discussions of imposing a ban on Kratom in Washington as of writing this. Instead, lawmakers will likely adopt the Kratom Consumer Protection Act rather than putting the herb on the Controlled Substances list.