About The Vendor

It is a challenging job to find the right kratom vendor, you may find tons of vendors online, but it is tough for you to choose one because every vendor claims to be the best vendor in the market.

The best way to find the vendor of your choice is to go through different vendors, find the best one by going through the customer reviews on their website, and if you find them helpful in gaining trust, then buy from them. We are writing this masterpiece to help you out in finding the best vendor.

In this vendor review, we are going to talk about Kratom Infusion. In this article, you can see all the information about this vendor, from their product to shipping procedure. Their life span generally owes their mind-blowing endeavors to create tea powder finer, which numerous claim to do but few bother to undertake.

This article will look at why they are at best in the race when it comes to everyone’s favorites, Mitragyna herb. Keep reading this article to find more about this vendor.

Kratom Infusion

Kratom Infusion is located in New Orleans is a Louisiana city, Established in 2001. If you are a genuine kratom expert, then they claim that this company is for you. They constantly endeavor to discover the most high-quality all-natural herb by looking out only the excellent tree leaves agriculturists.

How To Get the Most Out Of Your Kratom Powder

They contribute an incredible amount of money, time, and exertion into developing tree leaf powder produced and dried under ideal conditions. They can guarantee their customers that they are offering tree left of the premium quality.

Kratom Infusion emphasizes that they offer only premium quality mitragyna speciosa, teas, and capsules. Surveys from previous clients verify this reality. However, upon first looking at their site, it shows that they run out of stock of all products. We hope that they restock soon to fulfill the requests of their faithful client base.

They are very transparent about their products, revealing their developing strategies, noticing their venture in drying covers and generators that guarantee that humidity can be obstructed.

They moreover make it clear that their kratom trees are developed a reasonable distance from waterways, so in the rainy season, they do not end up with soggy roots. With this seller, one can be guaranteed that they are getting what they are giving money for.

Third-Party Lab Test

A trait of a high-end and reliable Korth seller is that they confirm lab testing. Many sellers on the Ketom commercial center have tried all of their mitragyna strains by an impartial third-party lab office. Typically a guarantee that there are no cheap metals or other debasements within the kratom group.

While looking through their website, we found no confirmation that Kratom Infusion tests their kratom in any way. We discover this to be somewhat confusing, as they go on and on in their “About Us” segment that their speciosa is the leading and finest tree leaf powder one can discover anywhere.

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Need of confirmation of lab testing will keep numerous genuine kratom devotees from obtaining from a merchant, no matter how much incredible the ketom provider claims to be the best vendor in town.

Does Kratom Infusion Affiliated With AKA

Another way one can tell if a kratom merchant is on an equal level is to see if they are related to the AKA (American Kratom Affiliation). The AKA serves to guarantee that any merchant they work with entirely takes after their rules for GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice).

No place on their site does indeed specify the AKA. They are not to be found on the list of current AKA associates. Nor are they pending endorsement for the alliance. This may be another obstruction for those who are considering purchasing kratom from this seller.

Kratom Strains

As I mentioned earlier, they have a wide range of products on their website, but most are out of stock. Nevertheless, these are the items they have on their website:

Red Indo Maeng Da Kratom, Green Indo Maeng Da Kratom, Thai Maeng Da Kratom, Bali Kratom, White Indo Maeng Da Kratom, Cambodian Kratom, Malay Kratom, Sundra Kratom, Vietnam Kratom, Kratom sample packs, and Thai Kratom

On their website, they deal in 100% pure organic and natural Speciosa in different forms. They deal with white, green, and red Kratom veins, kratom extracts, kratom powders, and kratom capsules. They provide you with what you need.


This seller offers 28 grams for a more than sensible $8.99, with a korth kilo offering for an industry-standard $150. Nothing is incredible to report here, but it is undoubtedly a normal cost one can anticipate from a web kratom store.

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Customer Service Of Kratom Infusion 

You cannot find any physical address on their website or anywhere else, but you can find them around Louisiana. You can find their contact form from their site, through which you can communicate with them for any inquiry.

A few years ago, Kratom Infusion was known for its exceptional customer service. Following their customer reviews, we know that they worked very hard to meet the need of their clients.

We can only hold up to see if they are patching up their website or rebranding their item, as we could not reach out to anybody from this seller. It seems like the website is currently not responding to any query, and on the other hand, they seem to have a problem in restocking their items because all the items on the website are currently out of stock.

Payment Method 

You can make payment through a credit or debit card with a Visa or MasterCard logo.

Kratom Infusion Coupon Code      

This dealer has been available with many offers for the last few years, including 100 grams of stem and vein for just $90. A site-wide $30 Kratom Infusion coupon is available for a limited period.

Shipping Of Kratom Infusion 

There is not much information about the shipping procedure on their website. The only thing they mentioned on the top of their website is that they are facing a sudden spike of orders due to which customers can face delays in their orders. In addition, they state that you do not ask us about your order status. This will slow down the process only. The only thing they mentioned about their shipping is they will ship your product as soon as possible.

Kratom For Gyming

Some restricted areas do not ship their products, which they have mentioned on their website. Alabama, Indiana, Arkansas, Sarasota County (FL), Tennessee, and Wisconsin.

Return Policy

There is no such information on their website. We are not able to find anything about the return policy from their site.

Summary On Kratom Infusion 

According to their claim, they consider themselves the best speciosa vendor providing 100% organic tea powder. Still, Kratom Infusion was once known as a quality Mitragyna Speciosa seller, and it seems like they don’t keep up with their work and failed out.

We have no clue what they are up to; in the future, I am not sure whether they will attempt to remerge with the Ketom industry or not. However, you do not need to worry about your kratom purchase; many vendors offer premium quality mitragyna speciosa associated with AKA, tested from third-party labs, and sourced naturally.

Keep searching for the best kratom vendor. You will find the one who you are looking for.