The internet is the major source of getting drugs, and we recommend you not use this source, as you will not know what are you getting and what can happen to you.

Kratom is available on the internet with its complete information. It is a psychoactive herb and is causing controversies in the United States.

Background Of The Herb

People chew the leaves of the plant, and the properties of the herb are similar to morphine, providing effects like euphoria and relaxation. Some cases of side effects have been seen very rarely, including hallucinations, psychosis, and convulsions.

Kratom has dramatized, and people even call it “herbal heroin.” In actuality, the herb is not how some people define it. Although the same chemical agonist is present in kratom that is found in morphine, no case of severe damage from an overdose has been found. Despite this, the herb is banned in Thailand and Malaysia where the plant is illegal.

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Sellers Will Not Make Any Suggestions

Different strains of the herb are available on Amazon, and one seller asked about the dosage and the ingestion method. The seller replied that he would recommend no particular dose and that the buyers should search message boards which can help them evaluate the various ways to use the herb and then select the most appropriate method for the results they want.

The only clear recommendation given was that new users experiencing the herbal cure for the first time should use the tea.

Kratom Tea

Tea is one of the most natural methods to use kratom. You need to boil water and brew a dosage. Various message boards can be seen along with websites which describe the consumption of the herb. Depending on the information, we concluded that get the sedative effects, 2 to 6 grams would be suitable. If 16 to 50 grams are used, then euphoria and itchiness will occur. So, 7 grams felt like enough.

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Personal Experience

A man shared his own experience with the tea with us. According to him, 10 minutes after the first few sips he felt his eyes and head getting heavier. That was a similar effect as when one has taken 2 anti-anxiety tablets. When another spoon added, this effect was all gone. These effects of calmness were there with no hallucination.

Anyone Can Sell Kratom To You On The Internet

The drug is not dangerous, but it is in the DEA’s list of concerned drugs. If we talk about the drugs available on the internet, then we can say that they cannot be believed. How can you know who is selling you something on a site and tells you the effects of the drug? The recommendation would be to view the message boards to learn about the correct dosage. Otherwise, you might use more than what is required, which could prove harmful and cause undesired effects.