Kratom Krates Introduction

Kratom Krates is an established and qualified vendor of kratom products recognized by the American Kratom Association. It is an approved vendor of the GMP standards program. Kratom Krates was established so as to serve the need of not only having kratom that was priced reasonably but also maintains consistency in the quality of the kratom in the community. It is always difficult for one to identify which kratom is the best from the many websites on the internet and the many shops around. Kratom Krates was founded to make this easier for individuals. They never sell a strain to their customers that don’t meet the freshness and quality standards.

Kratom Krates mainly aims at providing wholesale kratom powder that is top-notch. At the same time, they always aim at maintaining the quality that is of the highest level and ensuring that the product is safe. It is never easy to find premium quality of kratom powder in bulk and on a regular basis and that is what makes Kratom Krates stand out from the rest. Their packages of kratom powder are usually fresh, clean and nice smelling.

The Kratom Krates website is mainly built around the customer. Their aim is to make it easy for customers to get the kratom powder in bulk wholesale. The website enables customers to search and purchase them smoothly. Through ideas from members on the website and reviews on the internet, the website has been made to offer relevant information to everyone.

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Kratom Krates Products

The special products are usually sold in wholesale. There are two types of these products namely;

Green Borneo

Kratom powder cases

These kratom powder cases are usually retail-ready. The kratom bags contain a back and front label with the FDA disclaimer on the back and proper weights on the front label. These products are not sold for consumption since they have been evaluated by the FDA. Some of the kratom powder cases sold by the kratom Krates vendor include;

  1. 50g Regular kratom powder retail case
  2. 100g Regular kratom powder retail case
  3. 250g Regular kratom powder retail case
  4. 500g Regular kratom powder retail case

All these kratom powder cases contain 30 bags each ready for re-sale and are easy to carry around by consumers. Their prices range from 360 dollars to 1260 dollars.

Kratom capsule cases

The kratom capsule cases are also retail-ready and each capsule bag is usually heat-sealed and comes with a matte package that allows for re-zipping. The kratom bags have an FDA disclaimer on the back label while the front label has the proper weights. The back label is made to be compliant with the Kratom Consumer Protection Act (KCPA) which prevents it from seizure in states where the KCPA has been passed. Some of the kratom capsule cases sold by the kratom Krates vendor include;

  1. 60 count kratom capsule retail case
  2. 120 count kratom capsule retail case
  3. 240 count kratom capsule retail case
  4. 480 count kratom capsule retail case
  5. K-Pack case

Each of the capsule cases contains 30 bags ready for re-sale while the K-Pack case comes in packs of 45, 90 and 135. The prices for capsule cases range from 495 dollars to 2,227 dollars while that of the K-Pack case ranges between 100 dollars to 300 dollars.

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Kratom Krates – Other available products

The following are some other products that consumers can find at the Kratom Krates vendor;Split half kilo

  1. White, red, green and yellow Maeng-Da kratom powder
  2. Green and red Borneo kratom powder
  3. Red and white Bali kratom powder
  4. Green Malaysian kratom powder
  5. Green Raiu kratom powder
  6. Red and white Bali capsules
  7. Red, white and yellow Maeng-Da capsules
  8. Red and green Borneo capsules
  9. Green Malaysian capsules
  10. Green Raiu capsules

Kratom Krates Payment Methods

After consumers have selected the products they would want to buy, they have to pay for them before they are shipped. Kratom Krates accepts different methods of payment but the most common and reliable ones are;

  1. Using BitCoins – this option of payment usually saves consumers money by getting a 10% discount. One needs to have a BitCoin wallet that is connected to a coin base account. It takes approximately 15 minutes for payment through this method to be received.
  2. Using COD payment – this is another payment option acceptable by Kratom Krates and it simply means collect on delivery. The customer is required to provide a cashier’s check or money order that is payable to their business name once their agent arrives at your home.
  3. Using eCheck payments

Once a customer reaches the payment options, he/she should select Green Money which is the eCheck provider for kratom Krates. One will need to enter his/her routing and account number before completion of payment.

Kratom Krates Shipping information

Kratom Krates uses the United States postal services (USPS) to deliver their products to the customers. The main types of service users are the first class mail which takes 1-5 business days for orders to be delivered, priority mail takes 1-3 business days while the priority mail express takes 1-2 business days.

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It is important to note Kratom Krates has no control over the speed of delivery of packages. Customers are able to track their orders once they leave the warehouse and estimate the time of delivery. Shipping is usually free on all orders done from the site while an extra cost is incurred on orders that customers need to expedite. Customers should also make sure that the address information provided is the correct one to avoid incurring costs once their orders are returned.

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Kratom Krates is a vendor that has built a great reputation in quality products over the years. The vendor is aimed at providing products that are top-notch and safe to its consumers. The customers are guaranteed value for their money since the products will satisfy all their needs completely. The fact that they value the opinion of their customers and other members makes it easy for them to understand what their customers expect from them. However, it is important for consumers to take care while using any of the kratom products.