Two Kratom enthusiasts wanted to share their Kratom experience with the world and came up with Kratom One. When forming this company, their priorities included providing their customers with high-quality products at a low price and ensuring customer satisfaction. From this Kratom One review, you learn more about the company and its products. Kratom One is based in Santa Barbara, California, and dedicated to providing its customers with an unparalleled Kratom experience. The vendor has selected unique Kratom varieties from reputable suppliers to ensure their customers receive the highest grade product. Kratom One claims to offer 100 percent pure Ground Leaf Kratom with no additives or fillers.

Kratom One Website usability

Kratom One’s website has a good layout that works to the advantage of customers. The site displays several Kratom strains with prices from the least dose to the maximum dose. There is a review platform where new customers can read the experiences of previous customers to help them make informed decisions.

Unfortunately, the site does not provide customers with detailed information about the products they are selling. A new Kratom user, who does not know what to expect from a specific strain on the company’s site, will have to do thorough research from other sites about the product.

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Kratom One Products

Kratom One sells several Kratom strains that include:


Red horn Kratom

Red horn Kratom is a rare and incredible Kratom strain grown in

Similar to other red strains, the red horn is exceptionally potent.

  • A low dose of between 1 and 3 grams can last for close to 12 hours.

The strain is also among the carefully harvested Kratom stains to maintain its potency. The strain has healing effects when taken in a small dose.

Maeng da Kratom

  • Most vendors sell this strain of Kratom. Maeng da Kratom is among the most potent Kratom strains that boost the user’s energy for an extended period.
  • You can get any amount of this strain from Kratom One from the lowest amount to 2 kilos. You can also order all veins of Maeng da Kratom.

White fire Kratom

Premium quality Kratom

  • White fire Kratom is a unique and new strain of Kratom. Most experienced Kratom users who have used this strain claim that White Fire Kratom has uplifting and stimulating effects.
  • For Kratom users with an active lifestyle, this is the ideal strain. Kratom one ensures to sell its customers high-quality white fire Kratom to meet their needs effectively.

Bali Kratom

  • Bali Kratom is a perfect balance of energy boost and pain relief.
  • There have been reports that this strain helps users to deal with the effects of opiate withdrawal.

Super Green Malaysian (SGM) Kratom

  • Green Kratom strains such as SGM help combine the red strain effects like pain-relieving and sedative properties with the euphoria and energy boost properties of a white strain.
  • Due to SGM’s potency, its effects are long-lasting.
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Kratom One Pricing

Kratom One sells Kratom products at affordable prices. Each strain comes with various sizes starting from 100 grams to 2 kilos. Each strain comes with different pricing. Sourcing quality Kratom involves a lot of finances. The vendor has to take care of the

  • harvesting cost,
  • importation,
  • processing,
  • lab tests,
  • and safe and secure storage costs.

It is an expensive business to operate, so when you come across low-priced Kratom, it is probably not pure. This is a matter of concern when shopping for Kratom. Remember that in 2018, the US Food and Drug Administration recalled several Kratom brands because of a salmonella outbreak linked to Kratom. In April 2019, the FDA also issued a report concerning several brands of Kratom products that contained heavy metals. It is therefore vital to choose Kratom products and vendors carefully.

Kratom One Coupon codes and deals

Just like most Kratom vendors, Kratom One provides coupon codes online to its customers either directly from the company or through coupon follow. However, the codes do not last for an extended period and can stop working at any moment. As from November 2019, the following codes are still operational.

  • MUMS: 20 percent off
  • SPARTA1: 20 percent off
  • GOBBLE-GOBBLE: 25 percent off

Sometimes, Kratom One prefers lower case codes. For instance, if “GOBBLE-GOBBLE” does not work, you can try “gobble-gobble.”

Kratom One Shipping and return policies

Most Kratom vendors offer free shipping services, but some make it a customer’s responsibility. Shipping fees vary depending on the distance between the sender and the recipient as well as the package size. However, it is not clear if Kratom One offers free shipping, or it’s the customer’s responsibility. What’s clear is that it ships all orders on the same day if made before 3 pm from Monday to Friday.

Can You Snort Kratom?

kratom one Product

If the product you received is not what you ordered or is in bad shape, and you want a refund, there are a few things that most companies consider before refunding. If you tampered with the product package, or you took long to contact Kratom One, you will not be eligible for a refund.

Kratom One Consumer reputation

There are mixed reviews about Kratom One, but not all is bad. One of their customers claimed that he received contaminated Kratom from a company that made him lose trust in all vendors. However, when he ordered Kratom from this company, it restored his confidence with Kratom vendors. He promised to order products from the company in the future.

However, not all customers were positive in their assessment. Some previous customers of the company claim that its products are overpriced and ineffective. This is normal for any business. Some customers will be satisfied, and others will not like the company or its products.

Kratom One customer service

As mentioned earlier, there are no details about their shipping and return policy. The company does not share its contact info, which makes it suspicious since these things are necessary and essential in every site.

According to members of the Reddit forum, Kratom One generally offers excellent customer service. One of the members claims that the vendor is legitimate and has unique products. Another Redditor gave the vendor an A+ rating, saying that he cannot think of anything else other vendors do better.


Before buying Kratom, it is essential to do thorough research on the intended vendor. You should know in advance the company’s policies. However, based on this Kratom One review, it is evident that you can order Kratom products from this vendor.