Regulations have always been made by the authorities of the United States which put restrictions on the substances that can be utilized for medical purposes and which can bring improvements in the medication processes. Marijuana was a remedy known as a pain killer which was outlawed by the government. Putting a ban on that and calling it an illegal compound was an influence that came from both political and financial reasons.

The step taken by the government was the result of an extreme exaggeration of things which were all a lie, a hype created by the media on behalf of the pharmaceutical corporations. These were lobbying to get their operations back on track which was disturbed because of this pain killer. Still, it is being tried very hard to take the legal status back for Marijuana. However,  the situation tells us that the next victim who will get a similar treatment would be kratom.
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Actions of Kratom

  • Till now, the studies regarding this herb have been very limited, but the researchers have so far found that it has both positive and negative effects depending upon its use. This substance comes from the Southeast Asian areas where the Mitragyna Speciosa tree grows. Its leaves are recognized as kratom leaves, which consists of naturally occurring compounds called alkaloids.
  • Various alkaloids with different qualities give varying results. But the real dependency of the positive or negative results is on the dosage that you use. Small dosages can be very useful and give you the same sedative effects as some strong narcotics can provide an excessive use of this medicinal could even be addictive.
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Positive Effects of the Herbal Remedy

  • Kratom has identified as an alternative to the addictive drugs to minimize their effects and help in their quick withdrawal. Cases of heroin and methamphetamine addiction have been resolved through its use and for those who now want to get rid of their dependency on the drugs, kratom is a solution they currently have.
  • Marijuana, which has been banned,  has also gotten an alternative in the form of kratom. It is an excellent pain killer and provides you relief from anxiety and depressing conditions.
  • This herb is mostly known and used for the enhancement of energy level, specially Maeng da kratom, and green Malay kratom.

Negative Effects

Although its use with small and reasonable dosages can be very effective, studies say that heavy dosage is not sufficient, and rather it can give a few harmful side effects as well. But a fortunate fact for the users is that these side effects are not as dangerous as some of the other drugs and they can be avoided very easily.

Obstacles for Kratom

The use of this herb can also block like what happened to Marijuana. The reason behind that is the disturbance in the business of the pharmaceutical companies who never want any herbal cure to be successfully used. But the particulars as mentioned above clearly show that it has more benefits than disadvantages. That is why we can say that it can be beneficial for the pharmaceuticals if it is acknowledged along with its effects.