Kratom is an evergreen tea belonging to the coffee family. It has for many years been used for medicinal and recreational purposes.

Kratom Colors 

Red Vein Kratom

  • These have veins and stems that are red. It is the most available and best-selling Kratom in the market. It is found in plenty in Southeast Asia. The red vein Kratom is suitable for beginners due to their pleasant calming effect. Other effects include positivity, peace of mind and a feeling of wellbeing.
  • People experiencing insomnia can get relief from this strain. The addicts of opium can use this to cope with the withdrawal effects.
  • The red vein Borneo and Thai have a sedative effect while the red vein Sumatra gives a stimulating effect. However, these results go hand in hand with dosage. A low dosage gives a stimulating effect while a higher dosage keeps you calm and sedated. Under this, we have the Red Thai, Pontianak Red Horn, the Red Vein Sumatra, and the Borneo Red.
    green malay kratomBuy Maeng DaRed bali kratom

White Vein Kratom

  • This has both the stimulating effect as well as the mood enhancing effect. The better the quality of the Strain results to more effect. However other qualities like tolerance and lifestyle of an individual. There are people trading coffees for white Kratom in the morning. This is because it contributes to alertness, cheerfulness and higher ability to concentrate.
  • This strain, however, can cause restless sleep thus necessary to combine it with a red strain for a better balance in an energy boost. Under this is the white strain Sumatra, Borneo White, and the Pontianak White Horn.
  • Kratom is different according to the strain and the vein color. This means it can come in red, green, white or yellow. The color of the vein determines the effects of the strains on your body and mind. It is possible to have different colors of veins which mean a blend in the results.
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Green Vein Kratom

  • This is in between the red and white vein Kratom. It is considered as a mild energy booster but with the potential to boost energy up. The green vein Kratom is used to treat discomforts and pain. It rarely leads to drowsiness. Just like the white vein Kratom, the green vein also increases alertness.
  • For a more sophisticated result, you can add red or white strains. When mixed properly, the stimulation effects of white strain and the sedative effects of the red strain can be minimized. The green vein strain can be used to conquer social fears such as opinions of others or fear. They can be taken during a night out since you get to bee-friendly, cheerful and talkative.


The different strains include:

1-low, 5-high    Energy    Pain relief      Mood       enhancement       Stimulating     Sedating      Relaxing
   Green    Malaysian         4         3            3          4           0           2
Green Borneo        4          2            3           3            0          3
Green Indo(supper)         3          4            3           3            0          4
Green Maeng Da         2          2            3           4            0           3
Green Bali          3          3            3            3             0           3
White Borneo          4          2           4            2             0          0
White Maeng Da          5          0            3           4             0          0
White Thai           4          1            3           4              0          0
White Magic          5          1            4           4              0           0
Red Bali          0          5             3            0             4          4
Red Maeng Da           3          4             2            0              1           3
Bentuangie          1          4              1            0              1          4
Chocolate           0           3              3            0              2          5
Gold Bali          0          4             3           0              5           4
Yellow Maeng Da          1           1             4            4              1          3
UnicornDust           3          3             4           3              0         3
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Some of the strains above are discussed below:

Thai Kratom

  • This is the most popular strain. It highly concentrated with alkaloids, for example, mitragynine. The alkaloids give you energy and the focus to perform activities for a long time. It can be used by people experiencing depression or fatigue.
  • Its veins are green and white which are responsible for the whole good mood and stimulation effect. Users become energetic, motivated, positive with more energy and productivity.

Maeng Da Kratom

  • This is also one of the most active strains of Kratom. It is made through selective pollination. The strain is highly concentrated with mitragynine. The effects include mood enhancement, pain relief, and high energy levels. Due to the grafting process that Maeng Da Kratom is made through, some people consider it genetically modified.


  • Borneo Kratom has the highest exportation rate. Borneo climate is diverse; thus there is a possibility of producing Kratom of more than one strain. The Kratom effects include euphoria, treatment of addiction, pain killing and acting as an anti-inflammatory.
  • The concentration of Borneo Kratom is 7 hydroxymitragynine, making it the best strain for sedation purposes. Its most popular vein color varieties are green and red.
  • Mote medicinal purposes include treating insomnia, managing chronic pain and also helping with opiate withdrawal. The green vein Kratom helps with relieving stress and anxiety while the white veins come in handy when going for the stimulating effect.

The Indo Kratom

  • This is Kratom from Indonesia. It has been grown for thousands of years, making it one of the top to find Kratom. Its side effects are minimal with over using only causing nausea and loss of focus feeling. The nausea is as a result of feeling wobbly.
  • This Kratom has a lower concentration of mitragynine compared to other Kratom. This makes it a good choice while looking for the relaxing effect or mood-boosting. The red vein Kratom gives the best pain relief effect that comes along with the sedative effect.
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The different ways that the Indo Kraton is grown gives rise to 3 variants

 Super indoThis has the relaxing and pain killing effect

Red Vein IndoThis is a powerful sedative and mood lifter.

White Vein IndoHas a very stimulating effect. Great pain reliever and energy booster

Bali Kratom

  • This is the most affordable Kratom. Its qualities include pain relief and weight loss. It should be taken in small doses since it can cause wobbles. Wobbles can also be minimized through mixing with another strain. After taking it, you could experience less or greater appeal.
  • Its green vein reduces anxiety and pain. The red vein strain is an excellent sedative as well as a pain reliever while the white strain is a superb calmer without the sedating effects.

Malaysian Kratom

  • Malaysia has a wet tropical climate that is most favorable for Kratom growth. It has evolved into a unique strain with its kind of effects. Its effects, however, depending on their usage. A minimal dosage gives a good energy boost while a high dosage has a sedative effect.
  • The stimulating effect is experienced before sedation. It means that the Kratom should be consumed in small dosages gradually until you find a sweet spot.

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