Kratom capsules and tablets are the easiest and most appealing ways to ingest Mitragyna Speciosa. These both are quite similar to each other. But if you are a Kratom connoisseur, you must be aware of the slight but important differences.

In today’s article, we will explain why each of these products is satisfactory. From differences and similarities to purity issues, we will explain everything you have to know. By the end of the article, you will be expert enough to decide which product fits you better. Let’s jump in!

What Are Kratom Capsules And Tablets?

Both caps and tablets are pills that include a pre-measured dose of Mitragyna. Similar to pills, both products are meant for oral ingestion.
But irrespective of the unavoidable similarities between them, capsules and tablets display many contrasts that make them more or less appealing for different users.

The biggest difference is the binding method – how the pills retain the pre-measured dose intact in a tight, easy-to-swallow form.

But many other differences are present too, and the total of these differences makes it obvious that Kratom capsules and tablets are unique beasts. So let’s go over the critical differences in this comparative analysis of caps versus tablets.

Binding Method

Kratom Capsules
 Binding Method

Kratom capsules
 are contained in thin gelatin shells, often known as gel caps. These shells are made of a big assortment of sizes and sources. The authentic sellers offer natural caps that are completely vegan with plant-based gelatin.

Due to this storage unit, it is not required to change the natural powder in the capsule in any way. Therefore, when selling a potent and pure pill, Kratom capsules are the best.

Bonus tip: 
You can buy Mitragyna powder separately and make your capsules. You can search for the DIY method on the internet.

 Tablet Binding Method

These are tiny pills made of raw powder and a binding agent. Both of these components are joined together with extremely high pressure. Separately, Mitragyna powder cannot compose its shape when it is pressed. 

But by applying enough pressure, the pure kratom powder can attain cohesiveness. However, it instantly dissolves after being exposed to minimal quantities of moisture, like the saliva in the mouth before swallowing.

The binding agent within the tablet is a unique additive whose responsibility is to boost cohesion and permit the joined pills to retain the shape until it gets digested (or otherwise be open to moisture for prolonged periods).

The most usual binding agents in tablets are written below:


● Starch

● Sucrose

● Microcrystalline cellulose

● Gelatin

● Polyvinylpyrrolidone


A Thing to note: A few vendors promise to sell completely pure tablets without any binding agent of any type. These promises should not be believed. Give utmost suspicion to these statements.

As previously mentioned, Mitragyna Speciosa powder is just incapable of holding its shape without any binding agent – similar to any other tablet in the market. Therefore, speciosa tablets have to be produced with a binding agent that categorically is not safe powder.

At best, these safe tablets could utilize another part of the ancient tree (whose leaves are grounded to powder) as a binding agent.

In this situation, the tablets would technically be completely pure. However, their purity and potency can be lowered due to employing unpleasant parts of the ancient plant.

The Conclusion On Binding Method – Kratom Capsules Win By A Long Shot

If you are searching for a natural and pure Mitragyna Speciosa experience, Kratom capsules are the obvious choice. Unfortunately, tablets depend on extra ingredients to maintain their bondage.

At worst, these could be artificial and nasty-tasting fillers that can be dangerous for your health. And at best, these are natural plant extracts that still dilute the purity and potency of the dose. But, opposed to all this, the vegan gel shells of capsules are positively superior.

Advantages And Drawbacks Of Kratom Capsules And Kratom Tablets

Kratom Tablets


  • Slightly quicker early onset of dosage.
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  • Generally unpleasant taste.
  • Binding agents lead to lower purity.
  • It takes a longer time to digest.

Kratom Capsules


  • A shorter waiting period.
  • Offers a more potent and purer dose of Mitragyna without any fillers or additives.
  • It is usually without flavors.


  • Slightly lesser initial onset.


Mitragyna Capsules Taste

This is a huge selling point of Kratom capsules. Relying on the category of gel caps employed, there may be a slight taste of something, but this can not be compared to the force of flavor you can get with powder or tablets.

Kratom Tablets Taste

Even if the addition of a binding agent does not bother you, the taste of Mitragyna tablets will make you pause. One of the most usual complaints that consumers express is that they dislike the raw powder’s earthy, unique, and bitter taste.

But tablets do not do anything to hide the taste. On the contrary, tablets offer a full-fledged and higher unpleasant flavor based on the binding agent utilized.

The only good news is that these tablets are not meant to be savored. Its undesirable taste will disappear fastly after you ingest it.

And similar to powder, many things can be done to mask the taste and make the tablets more pleasant. The correct taste combos can make all the difference.

The Conclusion On Taste – Kratom Capsules Take The Prize

Do you dislike the natural taste of Mitragyna Speciosa? Then, kratom capsules are an ideal option for you. These easy-to-swallow, thin gel caps are tasteless. They are perfect at hiding the grassy taste of the powder. But with tablets? You can not expect the same.

The Checklist To Buying A Quality Kratom

You will be given a complete sample of rich Mitragyna Speciosa taste, as there is no barrier between the powder and the user’s tongue.

Vendors can always mask the taste with the addition of more components, but this further dilutes the purity and potency of the dose.

Onset Time And Digestion

Kratom Capsules Onset Time And Digestion:

With caps, the user can expect it to take some more minutes before the stomach digests. This is because the gel caps demand some time to disintegrate in the stomach but do not delay the onset time by more than a few minutes.

Kratom Tablets Onset Time And Digestion:

The onset time of the tablet is faster than the capsules. The body can break down the tablet almost instantly after swallowing instead of dispersing the gel capsule.

But as compared to this, tablets require a long time to break down and absorb completely. This is because tablets are so thickly loaded – it demands time for the stomach to disintegrate the pill completely, so the surface area is considerably reduced.

From there, Kratom capsules win. As the powder within the gel cap isn’t pressed, it instantly breaks down after the gel cap dissolves. This quickly exposes the complete surface area of the powder, which significantly boosts the absorption time.

How Are Kratom Capsules Made?

These are made of powdered Mitragyna leaves usually cultivated in rainforests and farms. The promising retailers employ plants from Southeast Asian countries, where the soil and climate are perfect for growing premium quality Kratom.

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The leaves of grown Mitragyna Speciosa trees are afterward harvested and dried in a unique procedure that eliminates contaminants and boosts the alkaloid profile of the tree. Alkaloids are the active elements in Speciosa that offer their rare shade and smell.

Mitragyna Speciosa leaves are then properly ground into a powdered variant with the help of a machine specially designed for this task, ensuring that the final product boasts an ideal consistency. This fine powder is then packed into gel caps that can be consumed whenever you want.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1) What Are The Modes Of Taking Mitragyna Speciosa?

Tablets, capsules, powders, and extracts are the most demanding and common ways to take Kratom. The other methods are teas, tinctures, liquid shots, and blends.

2) What Are The Benefits Of Taking Kratom Capsules?

Most users choose capsules instead of tablets as these are more convenient to ingest and add to your routine.

You don’t have to measure your customized dose, and capsules are also adjustable for serving size. This is ideal for people who are experimenting with different kratom strains or beginners.

The bitter taste easily masks another perk of this ingestion mode. Busy individuals can take any capsule on the go.

3) How Can We Take Kratom Capsules?

After choosing a strain and product, it’s essential to know how to consume capsules. It is advised to start with a small amount of Mitragyna and work your way up if needed.

If you’re confused by a small dose, refer to your label’s suggested serving size. Leading manufacturers advise two to three capsules each day. For beginners, two capsules are a good start.

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4) What Are The Types Of Kratom Capsules?

There are tons of types and strains for you to try. Each category is distinct in its way. Most goods are sold in four primary varieties – white, gold, red, and green.

5) From Where Can We Buy Kratom Capsules?

If you are ready to try Kratom capsules, you can visit specialty, holistic, or herbal stores specializing in natural wellness items. Plus, there are tons of online retailers where you can place your order.