Kratom is a popular supplement here in the US. It is used to treat a variety of conditions such as pain, anxiety, stress, depression and it also helps people cope with opiate withdrawal symptoms. Despite having originated from Southeast Asia, kratom did find its way into the western parts of the world. Its popularity is as a result of its many medicinal offers.

However, Kratom wasn’t welcomed in the US with open arms. Some legislators saw it as another drug that had come to replace the opiates syndrome. It received a welcome similar to that of medical marijuana. Some people are open to trying it out whereas others are against the idea of using kratom for medicinal purpose.

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This has greatly affected the legal status of kratom in most parts of the US. Do you live in Tampa, Florida and wish to know about its legal status in your location? This article will discuss the legal status of Kratom in Tampa and if you will be breaking any law when you purchase or use some kratom.

The Difference between Kratom and Illegal Drugs in Tampa

The main reason as to why a drug can be described as illegal is if it poses some risk to the user. For instance, consuming opiates can lead to addiction and health deterioration. When you take a look at a scientific analysis of kratom, you will notice that it is 100% safe for human consumption.

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The kratom supplement also shows no signs of addiction unlike illegal drugs such as opiates. There is, therefore, no reason for the herb to regulated or declared illegal in Tampa, Florida. Kratom can greatly help reduce Opiate withdrawal symptoms. This is one of the many reasons as to why Kratom is a popular supplement.

As you can see above, taking kratom poses no health risk or danger to the user. This is the main argument used by kratom legislators who are fighting for it to be legalized in areas such as Sarasota County.

What to Do The Tampa, Florida Laws Say about Using Kratom?

A lot of Tampa residents have taken an interest in Kratom because of its many health benefits. However, their biggest challenge is to go against the law. This is why most Tampa residents would like to know the legal status of Kratom in Tampa. A lot of confusion surrounds the legality of Kratom in Florida. Most people aren’t familiar with what the law stipulates.

This confusion is the main reason as to why most people are afraid of taking kratom in Tampa. However, by the end of this article, you will have a clear picture of what the Florida laws say about the legal status of Kratom in Tampa.

The Current 2019 Tampa, Florida Kratom Laws

As of April 2019, it is legal for you to buy and use Kratom in Tampa, Florida. To those who would wish to be a kratom vendor, you are authorized to do so provided you have the appropriate certification and documentation from the authorities. Note that, kratom is entirely legal in Florida except in Sarasota County. Therefore, you can buy kratom in Tampa and use it anywhere in Florida but not in Sarasota County. If found in possession or using kratom in Sarasota County, you could face criminal charges.

  • Ever since kratom found its way into Tampa, there have been numerous attempts to have it legalized. They have however been unsuccessful. Last year, there was an ongoing debate as to whether kratom should be categorized as a control substance. This wasn’t the first debate; there was another one in 2017 and 2016 which all didn’t succeed. The argument of the legislators proposed that Mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine are alkaloids and should be included in Florida’s controlled substance list.
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Could The DEA Impact Tampa’s Kratom Laws?

The Drug Enforcement Agency has always been against the legalization of kratom not only in Tampa but in all other states in the US. They argue that if used in larger doses, kratom performs similar functions to drugs such as opiates. And, should thus be declared illegal.

As at now, kratom is a popular herb that is served in kava bars in Tampa. These kava bars are a favorite hangout joint in Florida. Currently, kratom is being infused with the kava drinks that offer euphoric effects and pain relief to the users.

  • Kratom in Tampa can be bought from vape shops, convenience stores, local and online kratom vendors. More specifically here in Tampa, finding kratom is quite easy, since there are plenty of vendors.
  • A while back, the Food and Drug Administration popularly known as the FDA sent a medical, scientific report concerning the effects of taking kratom to the DEA. The report indicated that kratom should be categorized as a Schedule 1 drug. This is why the DEA is fighting to have kratom regulated by the government.
  • They intend to rank it alongside heroin and marijuana. However, according to statistics, it might take a while for kratom to be illegalized. There was a similar attempt by the DEA to illegalize kratom in 2017, but it was outdone by the massive public support of the herb.

Has There Been any Involvement by Tampa’s Law Enforcement with Kratom?

Back in 2015, Florida’s Department of Law Enforcement released a review of kratom stating that it does not pose any threat to the residents of Tampa. This indicated that Tampa’s law enforcement was supporting the use of the herb.

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Compared to other herbs or drinks like coffee. Massive usage of the herb is also likely to have repercussions. It is why users are asked to regulate their dosages. For instance, long term and heavy use of coffee could damage the liver or kidneys.

Ever since kratom was discovered to have the capabilities of fighting opiate withdrawal symptoms. Law enforcement in Tampa appears to be leaning towards supporting kratom use. There are also no restrictions by Tampa’s law enforcement agency regarding the use of Kratom.

5 Best Headshops to Buy kratom in Tampa

Now that you are aware of the legal status of kratom in Tampa. Here are the top 5 best headshops to buy kratom in Tampa.

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  • The reason why this joint is so popular it’s because their staff is quite knowledgeable on matters regarding kratom.

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  • Located in South Tampa, this headshop is the perfect store for folk who are new to kratom. The staff are quite friendly and will help pick the ideal strain for your condition.

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  • Indeed, this is the perfect place for you to buy kratom in Tampa. They are customer friendly and have quality kratom strains.
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Final Thoughts

As you can see above taking, purchasing or selling kratom is 100% legal here in Tampa, Florida. And since it is authorized, you can buy it from a variety of kratom outlets in Tampa. Alternatively, you can buy it from online stores and have it shipped to Tampa, Florida.