For centuries, humankind problems have solved by a cup of tea. Pouring a cup of tea or coffee is simply an icebreaker; it provides pleasurable anticipation of goodness, which is to follow. Initially, it was a medicine, but has grown into a favorite beverage it is in the present day. However, not everyone is a fan of coffee or tea. Yes! Not everyone. Some prefer herbal teas. These herbal teas outperform coffee or tea in one way or the other. Here we compare two of the known herbal teas: Yerba Mate and Kratom Tea.

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Yerba Mate Tea

Yerba Mate Tea, mostly the favorite drink among the South America natives, is the best drink for brain health though it’s relatively less famous whereas Kratom tea, consumed in south-east Asia, is wonderful for its energizing, refreshing, stimulating capabilities, and recreational benefits. The two herbal teas are traditionally daily dietary routine in their respective regions.

Effects of Yerba Mate Tea

Yerba Mate contains less caffeine as compared to coffee hence making it suitable for those who experience anxiety and jitters. A tea bag of Yerba Mate tea, which contains about 1-3 grams of the leaves, provides 30-40 milligrams of caffeine. This amount of caffeine can still offer a slight buzz, of course, without causing unsavory side effects.

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You can choose Yerba Mate as a stimulating beverage because it contains a variety of health-promoting compounds. These nutrients include antioxidants and minerals. The high content of antioxidants in Yerba Mate helps in promoting longevity, weight loss, reducing blood pressure. Yerba mate also contains saponins a concentration of restorative compounds.

According to a food sciences journal, Yerba mate is a strengthening tea with similar effect to coffee. It also has a more balanced amount of nutrients. The journal describes that Yerba mate tea is a non-alcoholic beverage with medicinal effects as well.

The benefits of Yerba Mate are:

• Offer protection against diabetes: the tea raises the level of insulin and reduces diabetes.

• Boost brain: Yerba Mate stimulates the central nervous system thus bringing energy and focus. It also reduces depression, improves memory, and protects the brain. Those who consume Yerba Mate also improve hypothalamus function, part of the brain producing and regulating body hormones.

Furthermore, studies show that Yerba tea reduces the length and amount of epileptic seizures.

• Antioxidant-rich: Yerba tea has a high antioxidant capacity and protects the DNA from radical damage. Studies also show that Yerba offers protection against breast and colon cancer. It’s reported that those who drink Yerba Mate tea are less likely to have breast and colon cancer.

• Weight loss: all along, the tea has been used to reduce weight. It reduces body fat and prevents weight gain. Yerba tea also helps the body to burn fats and curbs appetite. It also inhibits visceral fat, which collects on abdominal and along the waistline. Visceral fat can also surround vital organs such as the heart and liver thus contributing to heart disease and severe health issues. Nevertheless, with the use of Yerba tea, your body is cushioned against such conditions. It also protects the heart and benefits the entire cardiovascular system.

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How to make Yerba Tea Mate

Just like Kratom tea, Yerba tea is available in the form of tea bags and tea powder. There are varieties of ways you can prepare Yerba Mate tea.

  • One way is brewing like any other herbal tea or tea infuser.
  • It can also be prepared by using the coffee machine.
  • For better taste, buy Yerba Mate tea from a reputable brand.
  • You can also prepare a cup of Yerba tea by boiling holly tree leaves.
  • The tree naturally grows in most South American countries such as Uruguay, Paraguay, Brazil, and Argentina.

Kratom Tea

Kratom tea has its unique benefits; Kratom tea leaves have potent alkaloids embedded in it. These alkaloids are released much faster when exposed to heat. It also has a quick effect and can reach the bloodstream quickly. Kratom’s alkaloids are responsible for its impact and they are known to be opioid agonists. It’s reported that alkaloids have an affinity to bind to the opiates and works just like opiates thus increasing mental energy and cognition, which surges the levels of productivity to the maximum.

Furthermore, consumers report that tea is more stimulating than any other tea. With the consumption of Kratom tea, a euphoric feeling is created, which strengthen the brain and calms the nerves, and the mood-boosting effect is enhanced as well.

The benefits of the Kratom Tea are:

• Offers a solution for indigestion: Kratom tea can be a solution for you if you experience abdominal cramps or constipation. The tea also promotes food digestion, boost metabolism and prevents intestinal digestion.

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• It increases energy and has stimulating effects: you can drink Kratom tea if you feel tired or sleepy. The product also stimulates your mind.

• Relieves pain: if you have a headache, flue or body discomfort, prepare a cup of Kratom tea for yourself, as it will reduce your pain because of its pain-relieving effect.

Boosts your mood: the Kratom tea releases endorphins, which triggers the opiate receptors of your brain thus inducing a feeling of happiness and relaxation.

• By increasing blood flow and circulation, Kratom tea makes complexion fair, fresher, and rosy. Furthermore, Kratom’s nature of balancing the pH level helps in speeding up the healing of sun-damaged or skin dryness.

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How to make Kratom Tea

You can find Kratom tea in powder and tea bag form. You can consume about 2-4 grams per use. To achieve its maximum benefits, you can brew tea bag or Kratom powder in water and let it settle for some minutes before you sip. You can add honey, either cinnamon powder or lemon to enhance its taste. You can also make use of the coffee machine to prepare the tea.

So, which is the best herbal tea among the two?

When it comes to choosing the best herbal tea between Yerba Mate and Kratom, it’s important to understand the benefit or effect you would like to achieve. Yerba Mate tea has more health benefits while Kratom provides more recreational benefits.