Kratom is one of the newest herbal drugs in the market similar to cannabis. Most of the users consider it as a source of energy. Some other users love Kratom related products as a result of their relaxing effects. Kratom products also find a wide range of use in pain relieving and works as a motivation for many.

Of the recent past few users are claiming that kratom is killing their testosterone levels gradually. As a result, this is undermining their sexuality. But does it kill testosterone? If you’re a male Kratom user and confused about the issue, then you have come to the right page.
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In this article, we shall discuss the fact if Kratom affects your sexuality as a man. We shall talk about when this is possible to happen and how you can play safe. Therefore, consider reading through the whole text for you to get properly educated about the issue.

Kratom-Opioid Confusion

The first mistake that you’ll make is to classify Kratom as an Opioid which is not the case. The two has similar effects but are not the same. As a result of the similarities in the outcomes, people always conclude that Kratom results in low testosterone levels. But what do we mean by the term testosterone?

Testosterone is a hormone secreted from the adrenal glands or testes for males. In females, it gets produced from the ovaries. It’s essential in that; it helps you maintain a healthy libido, muscle mass as well as the necessary levels of energy.

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When altered, low testosterone levels can negatively impact on your sexuality. In many cases, it results in sexual dysfunction as well as the loss of sexual desire. It also has some effects on your muscle mass, stress, and aggression. It’s a problem that highly associates with individuals who use Opioid and mostly relates to men.

Research shows that opioid affects the endocrine system and alters its normal functioning. In this way, related products result in reduced levels of testosterone production. Therefore, as a result of the confusion that exists between the opioid and Kratom, users wonder if kratom has similar effects.

Kratom Products and Testosterone levels

The impact of Kratom on testosterone levels is a question that many users need answers. From the studies, there is not enough proof that the product deserves to stay legal. And with many inconclusive studies, users continue to remain in confusion. A little confusion results in deep and detailed discussions. It’s in such discussions that users get misleading information about kratom.

Take an example, the site assumes that, from claims that kratom reduces testosterone, there are chances that it as well reduces libido. They also claim that it also reduces your body’s ability to build body muscles. It means that there are high chances of landing on misleading information about the issue at hand. But when can you experience reduced testosterone levels?

The truth is that the chances of a person suffering from reduced levels of testosterone as a result of depending on kratom are meager. Consider that, kratom users will rarely consider using kratom products to boost their sexuality. As a result, causing any damages to your sexuality as a result of using the product is also reduced.

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However, there are chances that the problem is likely to happen to you at low chances.

Therefore consider observing the two situations if you want to avoid such severe conditions.

Kratom Addiction

If you are a long time user of the kratom products, there are chances you’ll suffer from the issue. For you to avoid such instances of becoming a kratom addict, different brands will advise that you consider taking a break. It can be after a period of continuous use of the products.

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High Dose

Have you ever wondered why each of the brands you buy advertises on starting low and working your case up? Of course, no will be your answer. The reason why you need to start low is so that you avoid high doses. In this way, you’re capable of determining which treatment works excellently for you. Taking an overdose is one of the reasons you can feel reduced levels of testosterone.

Therefore, if you experience changes in your testosterone production, check if you have become an addict or using an overdose. It’s the Opioid similar properties of Kratom that makes it result in the issue when under the two situations. So then, is kratom safe for your testosterone levels?

Studies prove that Kratom products don’t have any hormone-related impacts. As a result, we cannot claim that testosterone levels have anything to do with kratom consumption. Since there is no relation between hormones and kratom, the claim is void, unless when under the above said situations.

If you read an article somewhere talking about kratom causing hormonal imbalance you now know better. Such claims have no proof, and therefore the use of kratom is safe for users.

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In summary

From the discussion above, you can see how mixed information can mislead you. The difference in people’s ideas is the main idea behind false ideas. However, the variation of impacts from the different kratom brands and dosage also contribute to the confusion.

So far, studies prove that there are no relationships between kratom usage and lowered testosterone production.

From the experts, they advise that you consider adapting to a small dosage. Starting low is always the best strategy for finding the dose that fits you perfectly. Also, you should consider having regular breaks to avoid becoming an addict. Also, if you’re experiencing reduced testosterone levels, you should consider refraining from kratom use.

Studies show that proper use of kratom will never affect your testosterone levels. Apart from the reduced testosterone levels, small kratom doses are not likely to reduce your libido or sex drive. Avoid bringing in the opioid-like properties of kratom by avoiding high doses.

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Final Verdict

You thought that kratom is killing your testosterone? If yes you were wrong. Kratom products are healthy and worth your cash. When used correctly and without forming an addiction, it’s safe for your health at the general. Don’t feel worried anymore; instead, enjoy the greatness of kratom products.