The tolerance level of kratom means the use of higher doses of kratom, and then you are unable to come back to your low dose as your body becomes less sensitive to the kratom and to get the similar effects which you were getting earlier from the low dose, you will require higher dose now. It will also cost you more when you use a higher dose.
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Effects Of Tolerance

When Kratom Tolerance is ignored, development of withdrawal system occurs, and many adverse side effects caused due to it including toxic effects on the tissues of the body and in the end health of the user is at significant risk. Issues can be increased when tolerance to kratom makes you depend on that. The desire for kratom increases which cannot be fulfilled by a small quantity of kratom because a stage comes when it becomes a need for you and the demand can only be satisfied with the high doses as low dose would give you any effect.

Building Of Kratom Tolerance

Kratom tolerance is built in various persons in different ways as the characteristics are not similar in every person that is why for one person tolerance may be created by using 5 grams of kratom dose in one week and for another individual, patience may not form by using 1 gram of dose after every 2 days. So, while using kratom for any purpose, it is necessary for the user to judge in a right way that what concentration of the kratom his body can bear and then he should use it according to that.

Kratom And Magnesium To Enhance Kratom Effects

How To Get Rid Of The Kratom Tolerance

Some simple recommendations can follow which can give you benefits from the use of kratom and save from the losses it can produce due to the tolerance.

  • Try to change the strains of kratom for example if you use White Malay, change it to Red Thai or try to take the kratom in a different way like use kratom powder, then after some time, use the tincture. It will protect you from making a permanent habit of kratom, and in this way, you will get succeeded in avoiding tolerance.
  • It is not right to use the kratom for consecutive two days or more than one every three days. Avoid it.
  • Maximum use should be twice a week.
  • Never use another opiate with kratom as it will harm you and dependency can increase leading to more tolerance.
  • You should remember, or it is better to note the dosage you use so that you know that what amount of dose you are using and it should not exceed. You must know how much effective a particular dose is for you, you should be well aware of the habits of your body and how much effects for your body can remain positive and at what level your benefits from the kratom turned into negative effects.