While health experts continuously advise against excessive drinking and smoking, people may just have found a solution not to smoke but still enjoy what life has to offer. They are no longer interested in cigarettes that are quite boring and instead, can inhale substances that not only give pleasure but are also full of flavors.

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Kratom has become a must-have for anyone who values their physical and mental health, with its relaxation, energy-boosting, and pain relieving properties. However, users are not satisfied with taking it only as a powder in tea with potentiators, or as capsules. They have gone to the next level and now are using the Kratom powder in its vaporized form.

Whether they get the same effects is still a matter of debate but again, for anyone curious about how to make the e-liquid or e-juice behind the vaping hype, here is a guide and some more information that will help in settling on the preferred mode of consumption

Know more about Kratom vape juice

Vape juice is the liquid extract that one needs to fill an e-cigarette with to vaporize it. Vaping, therefore, means inhaling the vapor that the electronic produces. The e-cigarette is not the only device that serves this purpose; others include vape tanks, vape mods, hookahs, and large-scale vaporizers.

Vape juice comes in different flavors such as strawberry guava jackfruit, and also in natural herbs like Cat’s Claw and Rhodiola e-liquid.

The evolution of vaping has led many Kratom suppliers to experiment with vaping Kratom extracts, hence the Kratom vape juice. The fact that Kratom, though loaded with abundant alkaloids, has a bitter taste, users prefer to add some flavoring to the e-liquid and eliminate it.

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Where to buy Kratom vape juice

As much as people love Kratom products because of their many benefits, Kratom vape juice is not available conveniently in local shops. However, one can purchase it online though it is still not as prevalent as its counterparts, Kratom powder, and capsules.

Favorite vendors include Ark Smoke Shop which sells various Kratom juices with the Maeng Da Kratom liquid extract 2 Fl. Oz going for $24.99.

Another vendor is Holy Smokes which not only sells a similar amount of Maeng Da at the same price as Ark Smile Shop but also sells mods and vaporizers.

Making Kratom e-liquid

Finding a supplier of e-liquid may not be easy, but with the right ingredients, a person can make his or her product at home, creating a much cheaper option than buying.

Ingredients a person needs to make own Kratom e-liquid:

    • Distilled water
    • Vegetable glycerin
    • Propylene glycol


    • Mix the distilled water and vegetable glycerin, with propyl glycol, in the ratio of 1:3 respectively. Pour the mixture onto a container of Kratom powder or leaves.
    • Leave the container holding the mixture for about 4-6 weeks, with occasional shaking per week.
    • Once the prescribed time elapses filet the mixture using a cheesecloth. Put the filtered liquid in a jar for another week.
    • Pour the liquid that appears on top and leave the sediments in the container.

The Vape Kitchen

The Vape Kitchen is the pioneer in the market in offering Kratom e-liquid. They use 100% high-quality Kratom leaves to make the product, ensuring that the leaves are free from herbicides, pesticides, and hormones and instead add only food ingredients to their e-liquid.

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Another online store that strives to ensure users have great vaping experiences is KratomVapes.com. Since its establishment in 2016, it offers high-end products to business and individuals, in a variety of flavors. The store also encourages firms to purchase products in bulk through their unique pricing practice.

Kratom Wax

Adding to the Kratom range of products is Kratom wax which some consider as an alternative to vaping Kratom juice. It does not, however, have excellent customer reviews with some users terming it as ineffective and unbearable since the active ingredients in the product they believe burn when vaping the wax.

Kratom Vape Dabs

Whether one chooses to vape with Kratom wax or Kratom juice, vape dabs to use are available in numerous online retail shops.

One such shop is Vapes.com which not only sells the dabs but also does free shipping for goods worth over $150. Another company is Wellspringcbd.com which ships all orders, no matter the amount spent, for free. Some shops also offer discount coupon codes so a person should check for them and save some money.

Are vape dab coupons available?

Some retailers offer coupons while others do not. For instance, though Wellsprings cbd.com is a great supplier of vapor dabs, it does not offer discount coupons.

On the other hand, Redtailmonet.com coupon codes stand at 10 % while Vapes.com will allow a buyer to save up to 20% of the total price.

Making Kratom e-juice at home


    • Distilled water
    • Honey
    • Kratom powder
    • Flavored soft drink


  • Put warm water in a glass, filling it up to a third.
  • Measure 3 grams of Kratom powder, add to the warm water and stir
  • Put one tablespoon of honey into the mixture and stir
  • Add some more water as you stir
  • Finally, pour the flavored soft drink into the glass
  • The drink is ready and to enjoy the effects, drink quickly.
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How is safe vaping?

Everyone wants assurance that he or she is buying is safe for consumption. No one can ascertain the safety of vaping, because no research exists neither are statistics present. However, the safety in comparison to other smoked products like cigarettes, and in such a case, vaping is safer.

Besides, smoking also Kratom extracts is not as safe as vaping. Vaping has the upside of providing a user with extra pleasure and flavor in comparison to other products. All in all, without proof, safety might be questionable, but just like any other products, it is always advisable to be careful.

Parting shot

Kratom vape juice and Kratom e-liquid are the in-thing especially because of the health benefits that accompany it. Still, it gets absorbed into the system and may cause significant damage to the body. As with everything else, moderation is the key.