Kratom has been of great benefit when it comes to opiate withdrawal. The herb has greatly aided in the minimization of the symptoms of opiate withdrawal. Opiate withdrawal symptoms manifest differently from one person to another. Nonetheless, there has been a lot of success stories from people who have benefited from using kratom. Are you wondering what the differences between kratom and opiates are? Or how kratom can help with opiate withdrawal? Below we will be discussing kratom vs. opiates.
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What Are Opiates?

Before we compare the two, you must first have an understanding of what opiates are. Most people are familiar with opiate addiction. Nonetheless, they aren’t aware of where it comes from. Opioids are simply a narcotic drug that acts as a depressant on the central nervous system. They come from opium which exists naturally in poppy plants. The most popular opiate is heroin. There are however other prescription drugs that also contain opiates. They include morphine, codeine, and fentanyl.

Opiates, when abused, can lead to addiction. Most people who are dependent on opiates find it difficult to stop using because of the withdrawal symptoms. Some might have severe withdrawal symptoms compared to others. However, opiate withdrawal does have the following symptoms.

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These symptoms may appear a day after one stops using opiates or within a week. The withdrawal stage doesn’t also have a definite period because people are different. During this period, it’s when people find it difficult to quit the urge of taking opiates. This is where kratom sweeps in. Kratom does a marvelous job at mimicking the role of opiates on the central nervous system. The advantage of kratom is that it has no side effects and it is legal unlike opiates such as heroin.

How kratom Works In Relieving Opiate Withdrawal Symptoms?

From the symptoms mentioned above, it is obvious that the opiate withdrawal stage can affect your health and general wellbeing. Most people who have gone through this stage can bear witness that it is not an easy one. But, it is doable. Kratom can help relieve most of those symptoms.

The kratom, also known as Mitragyna Speciosa works by acting on the opiate receptors in the central nervous system. By binding to these receptors, one feels relieved from the opiate withdrawal symptoms. These receptors respond to different types of opiates uniquely. Even though some researchers argue that kratom works similarly to heroin, we can’t ignore how helpful it has been in relieving opiate withdrawal symptoms. You should also know that kratom was used in SE Asia for thousands of years to alleviate most issues listed on the withdrawal symptoms.

A Comparison between Kratom and Opiates

As mentioned earlier, the reason why most people take kratom is that it can help relieve symptoms of opiate withdrawal. Despite this, kratom does act as an opioid. According to the FDA, kratom showed the ability to bind with the opioid receptors thus relieving one from the cravings of using opiates. Below is a comparison which will shed more light about kratom vs opiates.

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Side Effects

When you take a keen look at both kratom and opiates, you will be amazed to know that kratom has no harmful side effects. It is only known to cause euphoria when taken in large quantities. Unlike opiates which can lead to addiction, depression, anxiety and much more.

Legal Status

Most strong opiates are considered illegal in all countries. These include heroin. However, there has been an emerging trend where people are abusing prescription drugs that contain opiates. These are the likes of codeine and morphine. On the other hand, kratom is legal in the US and most of the other countries. The legal aspect of kratom shows that it contains medicinal properties and can help treat a couple of medical conditions.


Being a legal substance, kratom is available and can be purchased from shops or e-commerce sites. There are a couple of online sellers that sell and distribute kratom to people from different locations. However, because opiates are illegal, they are thus not available on the market. Drugs such as heroin are sold illegally, and if found selling or in possession, one can face jail time and high fines. It’s thus advisable that you refrain from abusing opiates such as heroin.


Most experts recommend kratom as a natural and safe way for a person to relieve themselves of opiate withdrawal symptoms. The plant grows wildly in areas of Southeast Asia. Most kratom vendors import raw kratom from Asia. They then purify and extract the useful compounds, package and distribute it. Illegal opiates, on the other hand, are manufactured by malicious individuals and are in turn distributed illegally. They are therefore not safe for consumption.

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Kratom strains That Are Ideal for Opiate Withdrawal

Having discussed how kratom can help relieve opiate withdrawal, it’s only best that you familiarize yourself with the different kratom strains that can help with opiate withdrawal. They include;

1. The Sumatra Red Vein

The Sumatra red vein has the potency and ability to quell down any opiate cravings that you may have. It also helps in offering a sense of calmness.

2. The Bali

The Bali is an excellent analgesic. It is perfect for those whose withdrawal symptoms entail headaches and other types of body pain. It also helps with insomnia.

3. The Maeng Da

The Maeng Da is the perfect strain for combating opiate withdrawal symptoms. Opiate withdrawal often leads to anxiety and depression which can lower your quality of life. The Maeng Da, however, helps in boosting mood and energy. You will thus be free from any depressive thoughts.

4. The Green Malay

When taken in smaller amounts, the Green Malay can help in boosting energy and providing a sense of relaxation. Moreover, its effects last longer and will keep you from most symptoms of opiate withdrawal.
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Final Thoughts

From the above article regarding kratom vs. opiates, we can conclude that kratom is better and less harmful. Both do provide euphoria, but, if you consider the addiction and illegality of opiates. Kratom stands out to be superior. If you decide to take kratom, make sure that you start by taking lower doses.