Kratom by itself was a controversial substance when it first debuted. The DEA wanted to classify it as a schedule 1 substance along with heroin, marijuana, LSD, and others. This means it was on the verge of becoming illegal which makes it all the more interesting to look into. A series of petitions, calls by Congress, and public demonstration later successfully overruled the decision. What exactly is Krave Kratom and how does it work?

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Who is Krave Kratom?

First things first, Kratom comes from a plant, Mitragyna Speciosa grown in South East Asian countries. Sometime back it was used by peasants and manual workers to boost their energy to cope with the heavy, difficult task. When Kratom surfaced in 1839 thanks to a botanist who worked in East India, it has ever since grown popular with its supply and demand steadily increasing.

Today, research is still being conduct on the full potential of the plant. Intuitively, the plant has found its way into the world. There were mixed feelings about it, but the storm has passed; more-less and manufacturers are producing it on a large scale. That’s where Krave Kratom come in.

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Thanks to Krave Botanicals, the substance is being used on a regular basis in the form of powder, liquid, and capsules. The most common form available is powder. Though the tree’s extract has had some successful application in the medicinal world with ailments such as a cough, anxiety, and opiate withdrawal, no scientific data is backing this up. Krave Botanicals stipulate that their products are not intended to diagnose or treat any ailments.

Products from Krave Kratom

The leaves from Kratom tree are dried before being ground into powder form. This increases the shelf life of the products. Krave Kratom delivers three varieties of the powder:

Krave Kratom Bali powder

Owing to the different strains of Kratom around the world, Krave Kratom produces Bali powder as one of its dominant varieties of powder. This is the most prominent type of Kratom powder in the world.

Kratom Gold Powder

This consists of a blend of five different strains of Kratom. The formula to this powder is exclusive to Krave Kratom. It is mostly praised for its high alkaloid content.

Krave Kratom MaengaDa Powder

This is the second most popular strain of Kratom in the world. The powder products from Krave Botanicals are available in three different quantities, 250 grams, 120 grams, and 60 grams. All their products are available on their website. From here you can opt for free shipping all over the world on all orders.

Quality of Krave Kratom Powders

As with the other stains of Kratom powder, there is no standard dose. It all boils down to your preference and experimentation to find your sweet spot. That said, a dose of 1-1.25grams of Kratom powder will give you a mild effect. 2-4 grams is considered moderate while 6 grams is a high dose likely to produce side effects.

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Some of the effects these powders include;

Krave Kratom Review products

Krave Kratom capsules

The capsules look like any other vegetable supplement in the market. Perhaps one of the reasons why most people opt to use them as opposed to raw powder. They are familiar and offer the convenience of an odor-taste free experience. It’s a more expensive way of buying Kratom. That said it worth noting that some strains of the powder are not sold in capsule form. The capsules come in 500, 300, 150, 75, and 30 counts. At 500mg per capsule, the casing is used to hold in the herbal product.

Quality of Krave Kratom Capsules

The capsules are powder carriers. The process used to make the capsule is the same except the blends. Nonetheless, there might be fillers or unnecessary additives that could be added to the capsules. How do you avoid this? Well, it’s as simple as this, use the right supplier. Of course, if the product price range is far below the standard one, then there is a high chance your product is contaminated.

Krave Kratom shot

Krave Botanicals also sell the extract in liquid form (Shot). The liquid is from the leaves of Kratom. This means that a lot of leaves are used to come up with a considerable amount of the liquid. The product is consumed using a dropper from the standard size 15ml sized bottle. Half a dropper is the optimum amount recommended for new users.

Quality of Krave Kratom Shots

Generally, the liquid Kratom is higher in strength. The effects last longer and produce a stronger effect. The Krave Kratom shot is mostly used to reduce pain after surgery or for chemotherapy patients. It is possible to develop a tolerance for the liquid and in the end an addiction. Withdrawal from the liquid Kratom has withdrawal symptoms similar to opiate withdrawal.

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Its effects include:

Discounts and Coupons


Type Product Quantity(count) Price

Capsules Bali Krave Kratom Capsules 30 $15.99

  • 75 $29.99
  • 150 $49.99
  • 300 $69.69
  • 500 $99.99

Gold Krave Kratom 30 $15.99

  • 75 $29.99
  • 150 $49.99
  • 300 $69.99
  • 500 $99.99

Powder Krave Kratom Bali Powder 60 grams $24.99

  • 120 grams $39.99
  • 250 Grams $69.99

Krave Kratom Gold Powder 60 Grams $24.99

  • 120 grams $39.99
  • 250 Grams $69.99

Liquid Krave Kratom Shot 15 ml $7.99


The effects of the Krave Kratom products differ characteristically of the strain, vein color, the region they were grown, and alkaloid composition. Some might excel at pain relief while others might suffice as stimulants. Therefore, where possible it’s better to try out the samples before ordering in bulk.

The MaengDa Kratom from Krave Botanicals is better used for therapeutic, chronic pain relief and as a mood enhancer. Bali Kratom, on the other hand, delivers anxiety relief, hunger suppression, euphoria, and relaxation. Finally, Gold Kratom offers great medicinal values.

That said, it’s hard to choose the right product without trying some of the samples. They offer trial packs which come with all capsules from Krave Kratom.

Coupons and Discount Deals

From their website, you can access all the discount and coupons promotion. For instance, you can get a 10% coupon with the code “KRAVE10” by visiting An exclusive deal from Krave Kratom, perhaps their signature deal is free shipping anywhere in the world. They offer an exclusive trial package with each strain of capsule for $4.99.

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By now you probably know what Krave Kratom is all about. Krave Botanicals being one of the leading manufacturers and distributors have been around for a while now and suffices to say they have revolutionized the use of the herb. There are numerous Kratom vendors in the niche, but one thing makes Krave Kratom un-matchable, quality assurance. Every capsule and grain of powder from Krave Botanicals is 100% organic. A trait Krave Botanicals pride themselves in.


You can contact Krave Botanicals through a ticket from their websites ‘Contact Us’ page. Their office phone number is 619-596-9600, and their email address is

How to place an order

All the Krave Kratom products are available on their website. You can personally go through their catalog and select the product of choice. Once selected the products are moved to your virtual cart. You will be prompted with a message similar to this one, “Success; You have added Krave Kratom Gold Capsules to your cart.”

Next, you will be asked for a coupon or gift voucher if you have one, enter the coupon code then checkout. If you are a new user, you will have to register a typical account with Krave Kratom. Later, your billing and account details, delivery details, delivery method, payment method and order confirmation will follow before your order is successfully placed. The period of delivery ranges from 1 week to a month depending on your location.

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Final thoughts

For their price, Krave Kratom products are worth a shot. Their products are certified and processed according to the industries standards. Despite their strains having different strengths, it is important to note that various factors determine how long the herb stays in your system. They include age, body fat, genetics, and food and water intake.