A small brand of Kratom was founded in 2018 by Martin Bravek, a sunshine state tattoo artist named Leaf of Life Botanicals. Mr. Martin lives in Dunnellon, a small city in Marion County, Florida.

In a recent interview, he explained how he first encountered Kratom. He said that he found Ketum suddenly when he was grappling with the high burdens of work. He said I was paying the price of sitting for 21 years like a contortionist while doing tattooing for many hours and a farmworker.

Then he found Kratom as an enhancer for working potential. Then he started his Kratom brand named “Leaf of Life Botanicals” After completing almost four years in the market, Leaf of Life Botanicals has become an established and trustworthy brand among Korth vendors.

 A Bird’s Eye On Brand

Leaf of Life Botanicals contains a wealth of effective and powerful strains of Kratom with various blends. This vendor deals with Kratom and provides other natural herbs like kava, Kanna, corydalis, etc. Leaf of Life Botanicals has a unique name and offers high and premium quality Ketum strains.

For the satisfaction of its customers, the vendor promised the product delivery exactly on time, so that the user can get the utmost benefit from it.

Leaf of Life Botanicals is one of those well-known brands that long-time Korth lovers dream about. This brand is a name of trust with idiosyncratic Ketum products, comprehensive information about lab testing, a good guarantee, and golden history of producing perfectly blended organic products.

Kratom For Sale

One specific point about this vendor is that it takes one step further by continually growing the best quality Korth leaves.

Leaf of Life Botanicals being an online store is amazing and exciting; you never know what you encounter next while shopping. It’s an awesome experience itself.

Another kind of commitment is the lab testing procedure of Leaf of Life Botanicals. Here all herbs go through rigorous analysis and testing; Mr. Martin personally supervises each step. If any sample is determined to be less than a requirement, he even destroys the whole batch. So you can do blind trust in the quality and preservation of 100% alkaloid contents of all herbal products.

Now we discuss some Pros and Cons of the product.



Satisfying lab testing

Accepts credit cards

Reasonable Price

In time, free shipping.

Durable packaging

Money-back Guarantee

Satisfying reviews

Superb Ratings

Accept Bitcoins


 No affiliation with AKA

No disclosure of third party labs

Range Of Available Kratom Strains And Herbals

Leaf of Life Botanicals provides a wide range of kratom strains and blends with other herbal extracts. Here we are going to give a brief description of available items by Leaf of Life Botanicals.

Primarily, Four Ketum strains are offered by the above vendor; these include Red, Green, White and Yellow strains.

Let’s have a look,

1: White Kratom Strain

White Ketum is named because of the white veins of leaves in the Kratom plant. Kratom plant normally starts growing with white vein; as it grows more, the color of the vein also changes.

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There are a total of nine types of white Korth available under this brand; these include,

2: Red Kratom Strains

Red vein Ketum is the one that contains red veins in the leaves of the Kratom plant. It is the most powerful strain because of its most potent effects.

There are a total of eight types of Red Kratom Strains available under this brand; these include,

  • Red Aceh
  • Red Maeng Da
  • Aceh Good
  • Red Bentuangie
  • Red Dragon
  • Red Bali Kratom
  • Red Enlightened
  • Red Borneo

3: Green Kratom Strains

Green vein Kratom is so named due to the presence of green veins in the leaves of the Kratom plant. Its properties lie between the Red and White Kratom.

Leaf of Life Botanicals offers a total of eight strains; these include,

4: Yellow Kratom Strains

Yellow vein Kratom strain is a form of the white vein whose color is changed during various drying techniques of the plant.

There are two products of yellow Kratom offered by Leaf of Life Kratom, these include,

Kratom Blends

Ketum blend is a mixture of 2 or more Kratom strains. These are mixed carefully and proportionally. This is usually done to enhance the health effects of Korth.

Leaf of Life Botanicals provides the following types of Kratom Blends,

Qualities Of Full Spectrum Isolate Extract (FSIE)

These are,

  • Pink Bunny Blend
  • Aceh Zen Kratom Blend
  • Pink Maeng Da Kratom Blend

Herbals Product

 Leaf of Life Botanicals also provides other natural herbs, which have premium quality and purity, these include,

  • Fiji Loa Waka Kawa (powdered form)
  • Kanna
  • Corydalis Extracts 20:1
  • Rhodiola Rosea 10:1

For detailed information about all products, please visit the official website of the Brand.

Quality Of Kratom

The remarkable point of the Leaf of Life Botanicals is that the vendor does not compromise on the quality of the whole range of products. We can see the customer reviews from the official website of Brand; It never disappoints its valuable customers. Users will also find each strain’s unique and pure taste with the richness of pure alkaloid contents.

The Company does not accept contaminated or impure Kratom from the farmers. It always checks the quality of Korth then takes it for further processing to make the required form. The Company does not compromise with the trust of its customer.

The third-party lab always does lab testing with the collaboration of the Company.

These are why Leaf of Life Botanicals provides 100% high and premium quality ketum products with good results and appreciative effectiveness.

 Payment Methods

Leaf of Life Botanicals offers several payment methods for the ease of their priceless customers. The accepted forms are as follows,

  • Credit card
  • Venmo
  • Cash app
  • Bitcoins
  • G pay
  • Green E. check
  • Coin payment

For customer care, the official website shows an option of “how to pay”. This page on the official website provides a complete guide of payment methods with a video tutorial.

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Leaf of Life Botanicals provides shipping of Kratom only in those areas and countries where Kratom is legal to use and sell. It does not ship Kratom to those areas where Kratom is illegal. The official website provides a list of those areas and countries where shipping is allowed.

Shipping is entirely free. The company mostly uses the USPS shipping method. Tracking Id of shipment and carrier details are sent to the user after order placement. So it becomes easy to track your order at any time or at any point.

If the customer is not satisfied with the order due to any reason, Company provides a 100% money-back guarantee.


After a long discussion, we can conclude that Leaf of Life Botanicals is the best choice for Kratom users among other Kratom brands in the market. Reasons are mentioned in detail. Now you can click a button on your mobile and enter the world of amazing Kratom products of your choice and desire.

Pure and premium quality Kratom with reasonable price, fast shipping, and best packaging and excellent customer support is provided by Leaf of Life Botanicals.